What you need to pay attention to when customizing cantilever racks

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Cantilever racking, which consists of base, arms and columns, can be either fixed or mobile. Cantilever storage racking can store long materials, plates, ring materials, pipes or irregular goods. This type of racking is usually used in the machinery manufacturing industry and building materials supermarkets, etc. After adding shelf on the racks, it is especially suitable for warehouses with small space and low height, easy management and wide view, and higher utilization rate compared with ordinary racks; cantilever racks have the advantage of single and double arms, which can store more pipes, wood, long objects and other similar products. For storing some heavy, scattered or other special products, the more ideal solution is to use cantilever storage racks. If you want to place round items, you should put a block at the end of the arm to prevent it from slipping. Of course, cantilever racks can be lifted by crane, and can also be operated by side forklift or long material stacker.

cantilever racks
cantilever racks

The cantilever rack can be single-sided or double-sided. Cantilever storage racking has a stable structure, good load capacity and high space utilization. Cantilever racking column mostly adopts H-beam or cold-rolled steel, cantilever adopts square tube, cold-rolled steel or H-beam, cantilever and column adopt plug-in or bolt connection type, base and column adopt bolt connection type, base adopts cold-rolled steel or H-beam. Cargo access is carried out by forklift, traveling crane or manually. The height of the rack is usually within 2.5 meters (up to 6 meters if the goods are accessed by forklift), the length of the cantilever is within 1.5 meters, and the load per arm is usually within 1000 KG. According to the load-bearing capacity, it can be divided into three types: light-weight, medium-weight and heavy-weight.

Cantilever racking features

(1)Only applicable to long strip or long roll goods storage.

(2)Need to cooperate with handling equipment with wider fork spacing, such as side forklift with larger fork spacing.

(3)the height of the racks is limited, generally below 6m.

(4)low space utilization, about 50%-60%.

(5)Storage type: long strips and long rolls.

warehouse cantilever rack
warehouse cantilever rack

Advantages of cantilever racking

1、Cantilever racking composed of cantilever on the column, the base can be fixed or moved.

2、According to the load-bearing capacity of the racks, they can be divided into three types: light-weight, medium-weight and heavy-weight; they can be selected.

3、According to the structure form of racks can be divided into both single sided cantilever rack and double sided cantilever rack, with clear classification.

4、Adjustable columns can be used to adjust the spacing between the base according to actual needs.

5、The surface of the rack adopts epoxy tree finger powder electrostatic spraying treatment with strong rust resistance, and its appearance is also beautiful and environmentally friendly.

6, can ensure that the storage of goods can maintain a certain quality, can effectively prevent moisture and damage.

We can give the arrangement of suitable racks according to the weight, use and shape of goods, such practice can save space and also reduce unnecessary labor output. The columns of heavy duty cantilever racks are made of H-beam or cold-rolled steel, which are solid and flexible, and bring great convenience to the process of transporting goods nowadays.

Mracking cantilever racking drawing
Mracking cantilever racking drawing

How to access the cantilever racking?

Cargo access is mainly carried out by hand, crane or forklift. The height of the rack is usually within 2.5 meters, but if the goods are accessed by forklift, it can be up to 6 meters or more, and the length of the cantilever is limited to 1.5 meters. Cantilever storage racks can improve the utilization of space, so that the warehouse material management is standardized and more standardized. If matched with stacker cranes or forklifts, it can not only improve the efficiency of material circulation, thus reducing storage and transportation costs and increasing economic benefits, but also greatly improve the mechanization level of material circulation, reduce labor intensity and improve labor conditions.

So what are the main points to note in customizing cantilever racks?

01 Selection of raw materials

According to the characteristics of enterprise products to select the appropriate steel, both practicality and economy should be considered. The selection of raw materials must take into account: what type of steel to use, how thick the material is, how much weight it can bear, whether the steel is qualified, whether there is an insurance company guarantee, etc.

02 Storage goods characteristics

The shape and size of the stored goods determine the standard of the rack; the weight of the stored goods determines the strength of the rack; different storage methods, such as pallets, cages or single products, determine different types of rack selection; in addition, we must also consider the growing needs of the enterprise in the next two or five years.

03 rack style

Usually the rack manufacturer will help the enterprise design the rack style according to the practical needs of the enterprise and the situation of the warehouse: the effective height under the beam should be considered when choosing the rack to determine the height of the rack; the orientation and size of the beam are also taken into consideration, in addition, the levelness of the ground, fire prevention facilities, lighting facilities, etc. need to be considered.

cantilever rack
cantilever rack

04 Access frequency, access method

Although the storage density of some types of racks is high, but the amount of incoming and outgoing storage is not high, suitable for low-frequency operations; incoming and outgoing storage volume and access methods of goods is an important considerations in the selection of rack forms.

05 rack color difference

If you do not see the rack objects, ask the manufacturer to produce the rack is not according to the image production, there is no photo skills, or lighting problems and color differences, try to ask the manufacturer to provide samples of objects.

After using Mracking cantilever racks, how will companies maintain them?

(1) anti-pressure: different specifications and models of storage racks are all based on the load and manufacturing, so the net weight of goods placed on the storage racks must be within the storage rack load, so the warehouse goods manager is best to get a good load check mark on the storage racks, while the bottom of the racks should follow the principle of light weight: that is, bottom heavy, top light.

(2) anti-collision protection: most of the most easily damaged racks are the channel and corner columns, these columns are usually deformed by forklifts, which rack suppliers according to the different racks, channel width and means of transport with the appropriate anti-collision column, in all access points should be installed anti-collision guardrail, the installation of isolation piers to maintain the storage rack risers have a very critical role.

3)Provide for experts to use propulsion trucks: especially in heavy machinery and high-rise rack warehouses must be equipped with power propulsion trucks, the use and operation of propulsion trucks must be operated by licensed persons in charge; most of the deformation of rack risers is caused by non-designated personnel using trucks, in addition, it is best to customize the rack beams to yellow for easy identification of truck operators.

Mracking cantilever racking design
Mracking cantilever racking design

4)Protect from moisture, sun and rain: Although rack columns and beams are metal steel with painted surface, they may rust for a long time after being exposed to moisture and sunlight, thus affecting their service life. There are many plates of rack boards, and the location by the window is most prone to rain, and when it rains, the plates will deform and float.

5)Specify the rack use system: different warehouses, different goods, each warehouse racks have different ways of use, so the warehouse manager should establish a rack use system so that each rack user can learn and comply, which is the ultimate way to achieve the goal.

(6) Specify the standard cardboard size and delivery size: the length and width of the commonly used plywood specifications are between 0.8m and 1.2m, for example the length of the heavy beam rack beam is generally 2.5m, according to the width of the two plywood design, if the cardboard used is not standard or the size of the goods placed on it exceeds 1.2m, the goods will be stuck or pulled hard when placed on the rack and may hit the column.

How much does it cost for a company to purchase a set of cantilever racking?

single sided cantilever rack
single sided cantilever rack

In essence, we have to analyze the costs and then add the manufacturer’s profit to arrive at the price. The specific need to consider the following aspects of the calculation.

1. Material cost

Cantilever racks use steel, the cost is steel, and we know that the price of steel is fluctuating with the market, if you buy cantilever racks may wish to pay attention to the price of steel at the time.

2. Production cost

Another is the production cost of cantilever pipe rack, you can simply do an estimate based on the local labor costs.

3. Logistics cost

According to the distance from the manufacturer to the construction site of the rack, plus the weight of the rack even if the estimated logistics costs.

4. Installation cost

Cantilever racks need to be installed, and it is necessary to do the installation of the construction team to ensure the quality, this cost can be estimated according to the local labor costs.

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