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Pallet rack inspection checklist

To help you conduct your own rack inspections, discover rack components that need attention, and increase warehouse safety, we’ve put together this free pallet rack inspection checklist template.

Use this pallet racking systems inspection template to:
● Consolidate a list of rack repairs needed in your warehouse.
● Record the location of the damage and a description of the issues on a detailed inspection sheet.
● Specify whether the rack needs repairs done to the uprights, braces, beams, anchors, etc.
● Define a priority level for each issue

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At Mracking, all our inspections are performed by trained Engineers. Let a third-party expert come in and inspect your racks. Compare the reports with your own findings, then make an informed decision on appropriate next steps. To make sure your racking assets are safe and well maintained, and that your workers are not exposed to unnecessary hazards, have your storage systems inspected regularly, by a qualified expert.

Our check points
Appearance inspection
Beam hanging test
Thickness test(mm)
Length test(mm)
Loading capacity test
Error Control Standard
No burrs, cracks, tear and chipped finish
≤0.1 mm
≤ 1.0 mm
± 100KG


We randomly sample the finished products and selected some for quality testing, the test results include size, thickness, surface treatment, chromatic aberration and load bearing are in line with our expectations, we will check each batch of goods before shipment to ensure that the goods are intact when they reach our customers.

quality test3
quality test2
quality test1

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