How to choose the applicable warehouse storage racks?

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With the continuous development of the storage rack industry, more and more industries and enterprises have used the selective pallet rack, and more and more enterprises have entered the storage industry. The storage rack is an indispensable storage device in the logistics industry. It is based on the six basic functions of packaging, transportation, loading and unloading, sorting, and information management. At the same time from the use of modern commercialization, the rack is one of the main facilities of storage, it can be said that the rack is an essential part of modern industrial warehouse, logistics center, distribution center.

What are the functions and characteristics of warehouse storage racks?

  1. warehouse storage racks are generally three-dimensional structures, which can make full use of warehouse space, in order to improve the utilization rate of warehouse capacity, to expand the storage capacity of the warehouse;
  2. storage racks in the storage of goods is convenient, can achieve first-in, first-out, high-quality selection ability, smooth inventory turnover;
  3. the goods in the warehouse racks, can make the staff at a glance, easy to count, division, measurement and other very important management work;
  4. At the same time, storage racks also meet the needs of storage and centralized management of large quantities of goods and a wide variety of goods, and with mechanical handling tools, storage and handling work can also be orderly;
  5. generally in the use of storage racks, the goods stored in the racks are not extruded, the material loss is small, can completely ensure the function of the material itself, and reduce the loss of goods in the storage link;
  6. Warehouse storage racks also ensure the quality of stored goods. Measures such as moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-theft and anti-damage can be taken to improve the storage quality of materials.
  7. At the same time, storage racks can also meet the management needs of modern enterprises with low cost, low loss and high efficiency of the logistics supply chain;
  8. For the rack, it has a large bearing capacity, not easy to deformation, reliable connection, easy disassembly and assembly, diversified performance;
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From the above performance of logistics storage racks, we can see that storage racks play a huge role in the development of the modern industry. With the development of modern industrial civilization, the structure and function of storage racks are constantly improving.

But with the improvement of use, we will more or less encounter a lot of problems. What should we pay attention to when purchasing logistics storage racks? What do we need to pay attention to when choosing storage racks? Now let Mracking answer your questions!

How to purchase the applicable warehouse storage racks?

We need to have a basic understanding of the requirements of the warehouse storage rack system, that is, it usually includes: Warehouse floor plan, unit (packaging) of the specifications of the goods, characteristics, weight, and the unit pallet of the specifications of the goods lift and load, and the access mode (access mode generally has three models, namely, artificial access, mechanical access, automatic access) and access equipment, storage requirements, outbound frequency of requirements, the management system requirements, control mode, etc., These are all things we need to know.

The purchase process of logistics storage rack system mainly includes Buyer request warehouse racks system – rack supplier for type selection, design and optimization, rationality, optimization degree evaluation, bid – supplier – make a contract – racking system detailed technical design, system manufacturing (preparation, processing, surface treatment, packaging, etc.) – rack system installation acceptance. The proportion of installation services in procurement is relatively large. According to the purchasing characteristics of logistics storage racks, Mracking advises users to pay attention to the following problems:

A. Selection of rack types for logistics storage
When choosing the type of logistics storage racks, we must choose the rack form of our warehouse according to the specifications and characteristics of our own goods, so as to improve the utilization rate of racks and improve the efficiency of warehouse use. It is recommended that users consult warehouse rack manufacturers when designing warehouse systems.

B. Storage rack construction period
Generally speaking, most storage racks are customized, so customers need to reserve time for design, production, transportation and installation when purchasing racks. It is recommended that customers communicate with rack manufacturers in advance to determine these times and then arrange them reasonably according to their own time needs.

C. On-site conditions of storage racks
Now many projects in the civil construction are still in the construction of the need to enter the installation of warehouse racks, but in fact, when the installation conditions do not have the need to enter the construction of racks, which often causes the rack construction period can not be controlled, and the quality of rack construction can not be guaranteed. A good construction environment is an important guarantee of product quality and time limit.

D. Excellent quality storage racks
Users often think that the rack is relatively simple because the material of the rack should not have a problem for steel, but when we choose, we will often consider the cheaper price. However, in fact, steel also has a certain strength limit, if exceeded, storage racks will still collapse. In the world, there have been many cases of rack collapse due to insufficient materials, which not only bring huge economic losses to users but also cause serious personal casualties.

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What do we need to pay attention to when choosing warehouse storage racks?

Here, Mracking also provides some simple judgment methods for users who buy or use racks, hoping to help users choose racks:

01 Storage rack materials
The main cost of storage racks generally comes from raw materials. At present, when users buy racks, they usually mention the use of Q235 steel or the same type of high-quality steel, but in the actual supply, poor suppliers often provide low-price and low-quality small steel mills with inferior steel. For this user can be discriminated through the following methods: First of all, can ask the supplier to provide the corresponding steel warranty, through the telephone warranty to confirm whether the supplier has purchased this batch of materials; Secondly, the mechanical properties of steel can be tested by authoritative detection institutions, but generally speaking, the yield strength of high-quality Q235 materials of large steel mills is often not less than 275MPa, and the tensile strength is often more than 400MPa.

02 Steel quantity for rack
Some manufacturers will generally use steel on the issue, although we look cheaper, but the price itself is not cheap. And some manufacturers will mislead users through the following means, look together: the first point: put forward to the customer column front wider, column strength better point of view, in fact, such a point of view is misleading users to ignore the size of the width of material thickness, column side. In most cases, the force on the column is mainly related to the cross-section area of the column. In general, the influence of section shape should be considered only when the column may have stability problems when the unit member is long (the height is too high). Second point: the thickness of the material will generally be in accordance with the standard 10% under the limit of deviation to the user. In fact, the steel manufacturing technology deviation of the current large steel mills is very rare, if a large number of steel in a project appear in this situation, the structural stability of the whole rack will be greatly affected. Users can directly request the manufacturer to provide the warranty, and the mechanical properties and chemical composition of the material at the same time, and compare with the warranty.

03 rack structure components
In some complex structure of the rack structure, some manufacturers will in order to reduce costs, in the user is more concerned about the main material (such as beams, columns) to meet the requirements of the material, and in the user ignore other structural materials to reduce some structural components (such as connectors, pull rod). In fact, these structures are important components to ensure rack strength, stiffness and stability. The reduction of these materials will also lead to the overall strength of the rack can not being guaranteed, especially racks with seismic requirements. In order to enable users to buy products with guaranteed quality, users can require manufacturers to provide rack mechanics calculation reports. Of course, some manufacturers will submit false reports to customers in order to obtain orders. Customers can find authoritative third-party accounting institutions to screen.

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Finally, we appeal to all rack manufacturers to strictly control the quality, so that our customers can choose like Mracking, which has passed a rigorous examination and has a variety of storage rack certificates and advanced rack production equipment.

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