Mracking Drawing Design

A good project starts with accurate drawings

Mracking has a professional design department. Our engineers will arrange the layout rationally according to your warehouse structure, bypass the obstruction of fire hydrants, walls and columns, and create the maximum value from the limited space.

xinmiao cantilever racking design

Why custom warehouse rack design

When you want warehouse shelving to match your warehouse or storage needs, custom warehouse shelving is your best choice, with precise drawings to ensure that custom warehouse shelving fits your warehouse.

Mracking design drawing reference

Malaysia steel platform


According to the size and structure of your warehouse, our engineers will reasonably design the placement of the racks.


Three-dimensional drawings

Taking into account the size and load of your pallets, we will design the dimensions of the racks in a targeted manner for your confirmation.

Malaysia steel mezzanine3


After confirming the layout and size of the shelves we will make a rendering for your final confirmation and then start production.

Consult your warehouse storage solutions experts for a free design drawing

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