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L*D*H (mm)

1000*800*840, 1200*1000*890, 800*600*640, customizable


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1000kg, 1500kg, 500kg, Customizable


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What is a collapsible wire container?

Collapsible wire container, also called wire mesh container or storage cages, is a very important class of logistics container in storage and transportation, with the advantages of fixed storage capacity, neat stacking, storage at a glance, easy inventory count, etc., while also improving the effective utilization of storage space. Collapsible wire containers can be freely folded, when not used can also be folded for storage, saving warehouse space. Learn more about what is a wire container?

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Installation of wire container

The storage cage can be folded freely and can be folded and stored when not in use, saving space in the warehouse. In addition, the product is durable, easy to transport, and can be reused, which can effectively reduce the manpower consumption and packaging costs of warehousing companies.

The Main Production Process Of Wire Container

Punching Process

Punches run the length of the hanging plate at standard intervals where the cross beams are connected, most of them are 50mm or 75mm pitch.

Rolling Process

Steel coil through the rolling equipment to form the upright and beam, beam usually have P beam and interlock beam, upright usually have diamond hole and teardrop hole.

Welding Process

Through welding, the hanging plate and beam; upright and footplate are closely connected together, which effectively strengthens the stability of the rack structure.

Spraying And Baking Process

Polish the product after welding, then use electrostatic powder spraying technology on the surface, and finally use the high-temperature baking process to ensure a smooth surface.

Packaging Process

Finally came to the last step. After the production of the product is completed, we usually package the exported goods to avoid long-distance transportation damage and seawater erosion during shipping.

Our products are packaged in the following ways

Air Bubble Film
Air Bubble Film
Pallet Packaging
Pallet Packaging
Wooden Case
Wooden Case
Carton Box
Carton Box

What you want to know about collapsible wire container

Collapsible wire containers have the advantages of fixed storage capacity, neat stacking, clear storage, and easy inventory counting, and also improve the effective utilization of storage space. In addition, the product is durable, easy to transport and reusable, which can effectively reduce the labor consumption and packaging costs of storage enterprises. This product can be used not only in factory production workshops, but also in supermarkets as display promotions and storage, and can be used outdoors. The improved cages can be placed on selective pallet racks, assembly lines, and also stacked: cages with wheels can be easily and quickly turned around in workshops, and cages with PVC plates or iron plates can prevent small pieces from leaking out.

There are three kinds of wire mesh containers commonly used: the first is with wheels collapsible wire container used for turnover, the second is with feet collapsible wire container can be stacked up can be placed on the racks, the third is with wheels with feet wire mesh container. Cages commonly used standard specifications are: L800 * D600 * H640 / L1000 * D800 * H840 / L1200 * D1000 * H890, more other specifications can find Mracking customized.

  1. Made of high quality steel by cold rolling and hardening welding, high strength and large loading capacity.
  2. Uniform specifications, fixed capacity, easy to store goods at a glance, easy to inventory.
  3. Galvanized surface, beautiful and anti-oxidation, long service life.
  4. Adopt international standards, that can be used with containers, effectively improving space utilization.
  5. Can be stacked four layers high with each other to realize three-dimensional storage.
  6. Surface environmental protection treatment, health immunity, turnover, storage and recycling are not polluting the environment.
  7. With forklifts, lifts, cranes and other equipment can be efficient operation.
  8. Folding structure, low recycling costs, is an alternative to wooden packing boxes.
  9. Wheels can be installed at the bottom, so it is extremely convenient to turn around inside the factory.

The main parts of collapsible wire container are divided into mesh manufacturing and chassis manufacturing.

The mesh is made of raw material Q235 or Q195 cold rolled steel wire drawing treatment into 5.8 or 6.2 wire diameter more than fine wire, then cut into various lengths, after welding machine, manufacture into semi-finished mesh. Most of the mesh is galvanized, but there is also plastic spraying treatment, rust resistance galvanization is better than plastic spraying. The diameter of the wire diameter is an important parameter for carrying.

The base plate is made of raw material sheets processed by bending machine, the sheets are often 1.8 and 2.5, then cut and welded manually into channels. The layout of the chassis is an important parameter of the load-bearing.

There are 2 kinds of bottom mesh and bottom channel steel welding, one is manual welding, which can’t guarantee every contact point welded on; the other is full welding technology commonly used by domestic enterprises, each contact point of channel steel and mesh is through machine welder, the bearing capacity is stronger.

Finally, the mesh and chassis are assembled by spring and return buckle.

The main raw material of collapsible wire container is high wire drawn into a strong steel wire, the general wire diameter is 4.8mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 6.4mm. mesh spacing is generally 50 x 100, 50×50, the bottom of the collapsible wire container is welded with U-channel steel, U-channel steel is cold-rolled strip mill rolled from the bottom four feet using The bottom four legs are made of stamping pieces, generally the forming piece is 2 pieces of stamping pieces, and then 2 pieces of stamping pieces are welded together. The height of the feet of the wire mesh container is generally 100, there is also 120mm height.

Collapsible wire container is designed to provide convenient access at any time, in the stacked storage, you can open the small door at any time to deposit or take out items, eliminating the trouble of turning over the warehouse. And folded storage, greatly saving space. Unfoldable wire mesh container because of the special reinforcement treatment, so the load-bearing capacity is larger, generally can be stacked more layers.

Traction wire container is the storage container left and right position plus traction device, generally coupled with casters, wire mesh container front and rear connection, can be convenient in the ground more smooth site free flow.

Caster wire mesh container bottom with wheels, generally two universal wheels, two with brake wheels, flexible and lightweight operation, more suitable for production workshops.

Heavy duty wire container is a special container developed by the wire mesh container according to customer demand, using angle steel and rectangular tube welded together, compared to ordinary containers, with large load-bearing, solid structure, etc., using plastic spraying treatment.

Folding wire container is also called storage cage; it has the advantages of fixed storage items, neat stacking, storage at a glance, easy inventory count, etc., and also improve the effective utilization of storage space. In addition, the collapsible wire container is durable, convenient transportation, can be reused, can effectively reduce the storage enterprise’s manpower consumption and packaging costs.

With the rapid development of modern industry, the functions of collapsible wire containers are becoming more and more extensive. Improved collapsible wire container can be placed in the warehouse, assembly line, can also be stacked; wire mesh container with wheels can be convenient and fast turnover in the workshop, more can be installed on the cage traction, attached to the front of the traction machinery, so that the cage connected to each other as a small train freely shuttle between the warehouse plant: with PVC plate or iron plate storage cage can prevent small pieces of leakage: network distance increased collapsible wire container can be placed in cartons or light items It avoids the damage to cartons and products by using pallets, and increases the stability and integrity of products in the process of transportation and storage.

1. The container specifications are uniform, the capacity is fixed, and the appearance of the cage is galvanized or sprayed (the color of the container spraying can be produced according to customer requirements).

2. Collapsible wire container storage goods at a glance, each wire mesh container can be numbered, easy to warehouse inventory.

3. The container can be stacked up to four layers high, to achieve three-dimensional storage of the warehouse, saving space.

4. Collapsible wire container with forklift, lift, crane and other equipment, can be used for transportation, handling, loading and unloading, suitable for logistics in all aspects.

5. The collapsible wire container is made of strong steel bar spot welding, and the bottom of the collapsible wire container is reinforced by U-shaped channel steel welding, which makes the structure stronger. The container is easy to operate, widely used, and has a long life. It can also be modified for other appliances. (e.g.: add wheels to the bottom feet).

  1. material up to standard can not say that the wire mesh container is qualified, mesh and Collapsible wire container base welding must be welded firmly, mesh each wire intersection to be welded, there can be no desoldering, leakage of welding, collapsible wire container base must be full welding, so as to ensure the strength.
  2. The overall collapsible wire container is basically high wire + channel steel, high wire material determines the overall strength of the storage cage, generally speaking, manufacturers need to provide high wire material report, large steel plant high wire is generally better than the small steel plant material, collapsible wire container bearing a large part of the channel steel above, so the thickness of the channel steel determines the collapsible wire container bearing can meet the standard.
  3. Collapsible wire container surface galvanized thickness of not less than 8um, bright surface, no spots, and collapsible wire container surface without scratching hands and other phenomena. Collapsible wire container is widely used in manufacturing enterprises and large storage supermarkets in a wire mesh container, it is widely used in raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products of temporary storage, transportation, classification and storage. Collapsible wire container is also a special form of packaging, with a similar role to the pallet, but its steel material and mesh, three-dimensional structure and other features determine the collapsible wire container can be three-dimensional loading and unloading, storage and transportation tools, but also can be used as a logistics crate, but also as a sales tool. The function of collapsible wire container has been deep into the production, circulation, consumption fields, through the temporary storage, packaging, handling, storage, transportation and other aspects, throughout the whole process of logistics.

Collapsible wire containers can be widely used in various industries: die-casting, forging parts, auto parts, motorcycle parts, hardware stamping parts, engineering machinery parts, metal products, pipe fittings, gears, building bathroom parts, lighting, furniture, toys, postal logistics, pharmaceutical logistics, super, catering, food, agricultural and sideline products, etc.

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