Warehouse Storage Solution Project Cases

Malaysia mezzanine floor

Malaysia mezzanine floor case

When designing the mezzanine floor, considering that the customer has a motorized forklift to lift the pallets, we reserved the loading port at the second floor parapet to replace the cargo lifting platform, so that the customer can access the cargo through the motorized forklift with the pallet truck.

Japan structural steel mezzanine case3

Japan structural steel mezzanine case

Japanese customers are very strict about quality, and before mass production our customer asked a professional testing company to conduct a load-bearing capacity test to ensure that the load-bearing capacity can reach 1000kg per square meter, and there is no doubt that we passed the test.

USA Shuttle Racking Case1
United States

USA Shuttle Racking Case

Since the racks were not very tall and only had two levels, only two shuttle cars were needed to save costs. A few days ago, the customer told us that the storage efficiency of the warehouse had increased by more than 60% after using the shuttle racks, and praised us for our considerate service.


Singapore Medium Duty Storage Racking Customer Case

The customer uses plastic boxes to store a variety of product parts, although the load-bearing capacity requirements are not very high, but the number of storage, and the need for manual access to the goods, so we designed the customer three-column adjustable medium-sized shelves.

structural steel mezzanine project

World Brand Top 500 Changhong H Steel Mezzanine Case

This is a steel mezzanine case of our cooperation with “Changhong Electric Appliance”, which is one of the world’s top 500 brands. We have made 8 steel mezzanine for Changhong with a total area of more than 50,000 square meters.

Malaysia steel mezzanine

Malaysia Client H Steel Mezzanine Case

This is a H-steel mezzanine project from our Malaysian client. We recommended H-steel mezzanine due to the client’s large load-bearing and span requirements, and the warehouse area was doubled by building the mezzanine.

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