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China is the largest exporter of warehouse racks in the world.

As you can see from the Chinese customs data, the export value of warehouse racking products has been growing continuously, even though there was a short decline(due to trade wars and epidemics), the export value of warehouse racking products from China still broke the record in 2021.   

China main warehouse rack market
China’s main warehouse rack market

Here is my introduction to the top ten brands of warehouse racking manufacturers in China, which hopefully will help you source the best racking products from China at a good price.

1. Guangdong Xinmiao Storage Equipment Co. Ltd.

Location: Dongguan

Company Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale


Number of employees: 93

Main products: Light and medium duty racks, heavy-duty racks, mezzanine racks, AS/RS, cantilever racks, steel structure platforms, drive-in racks, mold racks, etc.

Other products: workbench, mobile cabinet


Mracking is one of the first companies to pass the ISO9001 quality management system certification in China, and also one of the 3A credit enterprises in China. As one of the first racking manufacturing plants established in China, Mracking racking has a place in the freight storage industry. Our original partners established their own racking companies all over the country and became a top ten presence in the industry, such as LIJIN racking, ANMEI racking, etc.

Mracking racks are most famous for cantilever racks, both in structure design and quality, which can hardly find any comparable rack manufacturing company in the world, and we have exported to the United States and Europe many times and received good comments from our customers.

Mracking and the world’s top 500 famous electrical appliance manufacturer “Changhong” cooperated an H steel mezzanine project more than 50,000+ square meters. This cooperation shows Mracking’s strong ability in production and also reflects Mracking’s strong ability in handling large orders. I am happy to say that we have built a great reputation and customer base that has led us to success. With my experience, we have managed to increase our sales.

2. Guangdong Lijin Storage Equipment Co. Ltd.

Location: Dongguan

Company Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale


Number of employees: 65

Main products: Warehouse racks, mezzanine racks, cantilever racks, drive-in racks, etc.

Other products: mold racks, mobile cabinets

lijin rack
lijin rack

They design and install storage solutions for customers in many industries, including retail, manufacturing, distribution, and engineering services. As a full service provider of storage solutions, they can assist with the design, selection and implementation of storage layouts.

All of the products they sell meet internationally recognized safety standards. We understand the importance of providing high quality products at competitive prices, and we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best products available.

3. Dongguan Anmei Storage Equipment Co. Ltd.

Location: Dongguan

Company Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale


Number of employees: 85

Main products: mold racks, mezzanine racks, pallet racks, cantilever racks, etc.

Other products: Workbench, Trolley

anmei rack
anmei rack

They have been in this field for over 15 years, fantastic! Before that they have been focusing on domestic trade in China and finally achieved the top 10 in the industry with annual sales of over 100 million.

Now, they want the world to hear Anmei’s voice. We see that today there are also many warehouse racking factories and wholesalers in the international arena. However, most of them are still stuck at the level of craftsmanship of many years ago.

In fact, the production equipment of warehouse racks has been upgraded in recent years, and we expect that Anmei’s advanced technology can inject fresh blood into this market.

4. Guangxi Guichang rack Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Location: Guangxi

Company Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale


Number of employees: 35

Main products: Warehouse racks, mezzanines, steel structure platforms, etc.

Other products: supermarket shelves

guichang rack
guichang rack

Guangxi Guichang rack Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Ltd. was established in 2015, they rely on quality products and services to quickly become the leader of this industry.

They have a professional team and are a professional racking system manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales.

They always take the concept of “advanced technology, professional design, practical function, high quality, sincere communication and mutual benefit” to provide the best service for new and old customers at the most favorable price.


Location: Qingdao

Company Type: Sales, Wholesale


Number of employees: 71

Main products: medium duty racks, boltless racks, ladders, carts, etc.

Other products: Bookracks

bluehill rack
bluehill rack

The main markets of Qingdao Blue Mountain Technology Co. Ltd., Ltd. are Europe, North America and South America.

They used to be a top 10 supplier of Praktiker racking and now ship a large number of storage racks and trolleys from Vietnam to the US market.

With 4 automatic pultruded fiberglass rail lines and 33 roll forming lines, they are known for their fast delivery. With the rapid increase of more and more e-commerce customers, their business will grow further and faster.

6. Guangdong Xieda Logistics Equipment Industrial Co. Ltd.

Location: Foshan

Company Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale


Number of employees: 45

Main products: Warehouse racks, supermarket shelves, supermarket carts, etc.

Other products: shopping baskets

xieda rack
xieda rack

They mainly deal with supermarket type shelves, such as gondola racks and carts. Their main markets are Southern Europe and North America.

Their annual revenue is up to USD 1 million. They have good service and form of interaction with customers. Their goal is to build permanent good relationships so that their customers can come back to them and buy more of their great products.

They have two product lines with a high total output. Their company has been around for quite some time; therefore, whatever they do, they are experts.

7. Suzhou yukang storage logistics equipment Co. Ltd.

Location: Suzhou

Company Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale


Number of employees: 22

Main products: Light racks, angle steel racks, supermarket shelves, etc.

Other products: shopping baskets, carts

yukang rack
yukang rack

With more than seven years of experience, Suzhou yukang storage logistics equipment Co. Ltd., LTD. is able to guarantee customers the quality standards of their products, no matter how much they produce. They are proficient in making light-duty racks; they will meet all your requirements.

They also deal in home-use racking to make your home look less crowded. Suzhou yukang storage logistics equipment Co. LTD. is remarkable in what it does. They have beautiful angle steel racks that will make your home look beautiful. The surfaces are all treated with electrostatic powder coating, which is more friendly to the environment.

8. Dalian Huameilong Metal Product Co. Ltd.

Location: Dalian

Type of Company: Manufacturing, Sales, Wholesale


Number of employees: 116

Main products: Pallet rack, storage cage, mesh, etc.

Other products: steel pallets, carts

huameilong rack
huameilong rack

Established in 1993, they have a modern office and factory of 15,000 square meters and can supply nearly 1,000 tons of mesh products per month.

Their company has sheet metal, tube bending, cutting, punching, and electronically controlled multiple convex welding machines to manufacture parts and other finished products. They are able to meet the needs of almost every type of decorative and functional powder coating, and all of their production and testing staff are highly trained. Only the highest quality products pass their rigorous grading process. Prompt service, high quality products and competitive prices have earned them a high reputation among their customers around the world.

Since the establishment of their foreign trade department in 2004, they have accumulated successful export experience in the North American, European, Australian and Japanese markets. They not only value their existing achievements but also keep developing new technologies and products to meet different needs at different levels, which is why their enterprise has been one of the tops of this industry for a long time.

9. Cangzhou Longway Imp&Exp Co. Ltd.

Location: Hebei

Company Type: Sales, Wholesale


Number of employees: 33

Main products: Metal products, machines, etc.

Other products: working tools, etc.

longway company
longway company

Cangzhou Longway Imp&Exp Co. Ltd. is a trading company that wholesales metal products and all kinds of machines. They mainly sell light-duty racks and machinery equipment.

They get these products from other manufacturing companies. Their duty is to trade wholesale all over the world. Their products are really good and valuable.

10. Nanjing Jiangrui Racking Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Location: Nanjing

Company Type: Manufacturing, Sales, Wholesale


Number of employees: 132

Main products: Various types of warehouse racks, automated three-dimensional warehouse systems, etc.

Other products: mezzanine, etc.

jracking rack
jracking rack

Nanjing Jiangrui Racking Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and export of material handling equipment and systems. Since its establishment in 2004, the company has rapidly developed into one of the industry leaders in material handling equipment and storage systems.

They offer a wide range of products to meet all your order fulfillment and material handling needs. Whether you want to fill an entire warehouse or need a single piece of equipment, they have a solution for you, thanks to their network of dealers around the world.

Their mission is to assess your company’s needs and concerns through courteous service to determine what is important to you and your employees. Based on what has been done and seen in similar situations, provide recommendations and work with you to determine how to meet your exact needs. They can save your company hard-earned money.

Final Thoughts

From the information above, we can tell you that it is vital to know some of the best warehouse racking wholesalers in China so that you can know that your needs will be adequately addressed and met.

If you need more information, check out the websites of these rack companies. You can find all the wholesale information about warehouse racking on these websites.

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