How Much Does A Mezzanine Floor Cost?

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Having a mezzanine floor is one of the best ways you can increase the storage of your warehouse. It is also a cost-effective solution for a warehouse that wants to increase its storage. Today we will discuss in great detail, “How much does a mezzanine floor cost?”

Using the mezzanine floor also gives an excellent viewpoint to look over the entire warehouse. This increases the safety of the goods and the workers in the warehouse. Companies all over the world use the mezzanine floor as an effective solution to increase space in the warehouse.

Now, let’s come to the definition of the mezzanine floor. In simpler words, A mezzanine floor is an elevated floor or platform. This floor or platform is placed between the ground and the ceiling. Mezzanine floors can be used in a warehouse for multiple purposes.

The English word “Mezzanine” comes from the Italian word “Mezza.” “Mezza” means the middle of the half. A mezzanine floor can be made of wood, concrete, steel, etc. Generally, steel is used to build mezzanine floors for the warehouse. To learn more about the mezzanine floor please read what is a mezzanine floor.

How Much Does A Mezzanine Floor Cost
How Much Does A Mezzanine Floor Cost

In our today’s article, we will explain the following topics:

This article will be especially beneficial for the following group of people:

  • Warehouse owners and managers who want to know about the mezzanine floor cost.
  • Warehouse owners who are searching for a company to buy mezzanine floors from.
  • People who want to know about the mezzanine floors.

What Are The Factors That Impacts The Mezzanine Floor Price?

The price of a mezzanine floor depends on many things. Mezzanines are built on demand, thus the particular specifications and accessories will affect the cost. Now, we will discuss some factors upon which the cost of the mezzanine floor depends:

Mezzanine Floor Types

There are various mezzanine floor types that are available for a warehouse. Each of these mezzanine types has some specific characteristics. A brief discussion on some of the most famous types of mezzanine floors is as follows:

Mezzanine Floors System

steel mezzanine floor
mezzanine floor system

The components of a mezzanine floor system include:

  • Beam and the support beam.
  • Upright group.
  • Handrails and stairs.
  • Steel plate/plywood board over the ground.

The mezzanine floor system can be of two layers, three layers, and more. If you add elevators to this mezzanine floor system, its productivity will increase. However, adding an elevator will also increase the cost.

A mezzanine floor is one of the cheapest types available for a warehouse.

Structural Steel Mezzanine

structural steel mezzanine
structural steel mezzanine

A partial-level intermediary floor of a building, typically between the ground level and the roof, is a structural steel mezzanine. Beams and columns made of structural steel make up the structural framing.

The steel used to construct structural steel mezzanines is generally of very good quality. This heavy-duty steel is hard enough to withstand machinery for handling and storing equipment.

These mezzanines are heavier than roll-formed mezzanines. For stores and companies with big, open production areas, structural steel mezzanines are indeed a preferable choice.

The mezzanine is supported by structural steel framing. Structural steel mezzanines are costlier than most other types of mezzanines.

Mezzanine Racking

mezzanine racking
mezzanine racking

It is a mezzanine floor that was built using the system of storage rack as its main structural support. Both rack and mezzanine systems can use this kind of mezzanine. As a consequence of that, this type of support structure utilizes more space and is not too costly.

A multi-floor layer mezzanine structure may be integrated into the rack system by manufacturers of shelving and racking. These aid in enhancing the storage area’s functionality. Additionally, it makes inventories easier to access.

The price of the mezzanine rack is in the middle category. Neither, it is as cheap as the mezzanine floor, nor it is as costly as a structural steel mezzanine.

Cantilever Mezzanine

cantilever mezzanine
cantilever mezzanine

Compared to other types of mezzanine systems, it is a new type of mezzanine system. The cantilever mezzanine is very easy to install. This mezzanine is well-known for its ability to store materials that are longer in size, which include,

  • Pipes.
  • Plates.

Mracking is a professional mezzanine floor manufacturing company that is based in China.

Four types of mezzanine floors that were mentioned above, you can buy them from Mracking. Generally speaking, it is cheaper to buy mezzanine from China because of cheaper labor in China.

Here we have given only a description of a few types of mezzanine floors. “mezzanine floor design guide” also gives a detailed explanation of various types of mezzanine floors.

Installation Of The Mezzanine Floors

Installing mezzanine floors require specific knowledge, skills, and tools. It’s best to install warehouse mezzanine floors with a professional installer. If you hire a professional mezzanine floor installer from a third party, it will cost a good amount of money.

So, if you hire a professional installer, the overall cost of the mezzanine floor is as follows,

Mezzanine floor cost + third-party installer cost

However, some mezzanine floor manufacturing company offers installation along with their mezzanine floors. The companies that offer the installation usually charge a little amount of fee. But their installation fee is much lower compared to any third-party installation.

So, if the mezzanine floor manufacturing company offers installation, the overall mezzanine floor cost will be less. But if the mezzanine floor manufacturing company doesn’t offer installation, the overall mezzanine floor cost increases. To simplify, it can be written as follows,

The cost of the overall mezzanine floor is higher when the manufacturing company doesn’t offer installation.

If you would like to learn more about mezzanine floor installation related issues, please read our other article “Mezzanine Floor Installation Guide“.


Shipping impacts the price of the mezzanine floors. If the shipping costs go higher, the overall cost of the mezzanine floor increases. However, if you order mezzanine floors in huge quantities, the shipping cost decreases to a large extent.

The Size Of The Mezzanine Floors

The size of the mezzanine floors also impacts the cost of it. If two mezzanine floor has

  • Same quality materials.
  • Same components.
  • Same Floor weight capacity.

Still, the price of these two mezzanine floors can be different. Usually, when the size of the mezzanine floor is larger, the overall price goes down. But if the size of the mezzanine floor is smaller, the cost per sqm. increases.

This happens because the mezzanine floor manufacturer’s production cost reduces if you order large size mezzanine floor. Also, there is a benefit to larger floors due to economies of scale. The columns and major beams were shared as the mezzanine floor expands once it passed the initial bay.

Flooring Type

There are usually two types of flooring. Plywood and steel panels. Using plywood or steel panel in a warehouse has particular advantages and disadvantages.

Plywood Flooring

wood plate
wood plate

Plywood flooring is very cheap. In addition, it is very easy to install too. However, there are some disadvantages to installing plywood in a warehouse.

Plywood flooring is not moistureproof. It is less durable compared to steel panels. In terms of fire resistance, there are two types of plywood. Fire resistant and non-fire resistant.

So, if warehouse owners buy plywood flooring, they should ensure that they are buying fire-resistant plywood. If warehouse owners buy non-fire-resistant plywood, it will be risky for the safety of the workers and goods.

Steel Panel Flooring

steel plate
steel plate

Installing steel panel flooring in the warehouse can be an excellent decision. Steel panel flooring is durable compared to plywood flooring. It is also fire-resistant. So, installing steel panel flooring ensures more safety for the workers and goods in the warehouse.

After this discussion, we can compare the advantages and disadvantages of plywood and steel panel flooring. For long-term planning, using steel panel flooring will be the best option for a warehouse. However, steel panel flooring is much costlier compared to plywood flooring.

Composition Of Mezzanine Floor

The composition of the mezzanine floor plays an important role in its price. Mezzanine levels are usually installed with the following things:

  • Staircase.
  • Beam.
  • Handrail.
  • Pallet gates.
  • Elevator.
  • Flooring.

The cost of your project will be influenced by these things, building control, and your needs. Conveyors and other ancillaries may also significantly affect the price of the project.

Floor Weight Capacity

Another thing that affects the price of the mezzanine floor is the floor weight capacity. Understanding the slab’s construction is essential for designing the mezzanine floor. It is necessary to estimate the slab thickness and the floor weight capacity in particular.

This knowledge is crucial. Since it enables the mezzanine floor manufacturer to efficiently build the column grid, it affects the price. The cost of the mezzanine floor increases with the number of required columns.

Material that weighs 200 kilograms per sq.m has a different thickness than material that weighs 1000 kg per sq.m. As a result, the price is completely different.

Besides these things, there are also some other things that impact the mezzanine floor cost. For instance, installing a mezzanine floor in an open space is quicker than doing so in a congested, active warehouse.

The cost increases if it is installed in a busy warehouse since labor and equipment costs will go up. If weekend work is necessary, the price goes up as well.

Mezzanine Floor Cost Per Square Meter.

Mezzanine floors are custom-built in general. Depending on the needs of the warehouse owners, mezzanine floors in the company are manufactured. We will give you some professional data upon which you can find out the cost of the mezzanine floors:

Mezzanine Floor

200 kg mezzanine floor approximately costs $ (25-35) / sqm.

300 kg mezzanine floor approximately costs $ (40-50) / sqm.

500 kg mezzanine floor approximately costs $ (55-70) / sqm.

If you order 200 kg and 50 sqm. Mezzanine floor, the approximate cost will be = $25* 50 = $1250.

Mezzanine Racking

200 kg mezzanine racking approximately costs $ (65-75) / sqm.

300 kg mezzanine racking approximately costs $ (80-100) / sqm.

500 kg mezzanine racking approximately costs $ (90-110) / sqm.

If you order 200 kg and 50 sqm. Mezzanine rack, the approximate cost will be = $65* 50 = $3250.

Structural Steel Mezzanine

500 kg structural steel mezzanine approximately costs $ (80-100) / sqm.

1000 kg structural steel mezzanine approximately costs $ (100-120) / sqm.

1500 kg structural steel mezzanine approximately costs $ (110-140) / sqm.

If you order 500 kg and 50 sqm. structural steel mezzanine, the approximate cost will be = $80*50 = $4000.

So, this is an overall estimation of the mezzanine floor cost. The cost of the mezzanine floor may go up depending on the specific requirements of the consumers.

How To Buy A Cheap Mezzanine Floor?

Buying a cheap mezzanine floor with good quality helps the business to cut its cost. Now, we will discuss some tricks and techniques to buy a cheap mezzanine floor:

Buying From China

Buying a mezzanine floor from China is one of the best strategies to buy cheap mezzanine floors. The living cost and the labor cost are much lower in China, unlike many other western countries.

So, the production cost of the mezzanine floor is also lower in China compared to many western countries. China has a huge demand for mezzanine floors inside their country.

So, Chinese manufacturers can produce huge quantities of mezzanine floors at a time. This huge manufacturing capacity helps them to buy raw materials at a cheaper price. The production cost also cuts down a lot as a result of the bulk manufacturing of products.

So, we can understand that China has many competitive advantages when manufacturing mezzanine floors. These advantages help China to sell their mezzanine floors at a much lower price than western nations.

So, if you are a warehouse owner you can buy cheap mezzanine floors from China.

Previously Used Mezzanine Floors

Some warehouses have a very limited budget. They can’t afford to buy new mezzanine floors. For these warehouses, buying a used mezzanine floor is a great option. However, there are some limitations to buying a used mezzanine floor, which include,

Not Custom Built

Mezzanine floors are generally manufactured keeping in mind a warehouse’s specific needs. A mezzanine floor built for a warehouse may not serve the specific purpose of another warehouse.

Used Mezzanine Floors Are Always Not Available For Sale

Mezzanine floors can easily sustain 20-25 years. So, warehouses generally don’t sell their used mezzanine floors except for a few circumstances. So, even if warehouse owners want to buy used mezzanine floors, they may not find them.

Before buying used mezzanine floors, warehouse owners should make sure they had checked their condition of it.

Buying Mezzanine Floors From Sale

Sometimes a mezzanine floor may offer sales to their customers. However, sales like this are also not available all the time of the year. The products that are sold on sale are also not customizable to meet the specific demands of the warehouse.

So, buying from China can be the best decision to buy cheap mezzanine floors for a warehouse.

The Reasons To Buy Mezzanine Flooring From Mracking.

Here are some of the benefits for which you should consider buying mezzanine floors from us:

High-Quality Materials

The durability of mezzanine floors depends on high-quality materials. If you have mezzanine floors built from low-quality materials, they may not last long. In addition, a mezzanine floor made from low-quality materials is a danger to the safety of the warehouse.

Keeping your warehouse’s safety in mind, the mezzanine floor built by Mracking is made of steel produced by Baosteel. All the steels have passed the relevant certifications, and the strength and toughness of the steels are in accordance with international standards. 

Budget-Friendly Mezzanine Floors For The Warehouse Owners

We offer budget-friendly mezzanine floors to our customers. Unlike many companies, we don’t charge excessive prices from our customers. In our quotation form, the quantity and cost of each component of the mezzanine floor are clearly listed, so you can use it as a reference.

We know for any business to become successful, it is very important to limit their spending. If a business will cut their cost while increasing efficiency, the business is on the road to success.

So, the warehouse owners can buy the mezzanine floors from Mracking. It will help them to get durable mezzanine floors at an affordable price.

Innovative Team Works In The Construction Of Mezzanine Floors

We have an innovative team that works in the construction of mezzanine floors. Our talented team members ensure that you get the mezzanine floor suitable for your warehouse.

steel mezzanine structural design
steel mezzanine structural design

Faster Delivery Time

We ensure faster delivery time to our customers.  Generally, we deliver the mezzanine floors to our customers within 25 days.


Mracking offers amazing customizability for its customers. Customers can customize the following things of mezzanine floors:

  • Length, dimension, and heights of the mezzanine floors.
  • The load capacity of the mezzanine floors.
  • Color of the mezzanine floors.
  • Weight and volume of the mezzanine floors.
  • Layers of the mezzanine floors.  

Warranty Assured By Mracking

Mracking provides 20 years of warranty service. The terms and conditions of this 20 year of warranty service are as follows:

  • The mezzanine floor should not be overweight.
  • No human damage has occurred.

This warranty service offered by Mracking makes it exceptional among many manufacturing companies.

In very rare cases, it may happen once in a while that you may face quality problems. If you face quality problems with our mezzanine floors, you can return them to us. Also, Mracking offers the exchange of mezzanine floors for free if there are any quality problems.

So, these are the benefits we offer to our customers. If you have any more questions about the mezzanine floor cost, please contact us via the form below.

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