What is ASRS Racking?

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Automated Storage and Retrieval System, also named AS/RS system, is a new type of warehouse racks emerged in logistics and warehousing, it is the use of AS/RS warehouse high-level rationalization, access automation, operation simplicity, but also the current high level of technology is a dense storage mode of high warehouse racks. Its main body consists of racks, aisle stacking cranes, into (out of) the warehouse workbench and automatic transport into (out of) and operation control system; where the racks are steel or reinforced concrete structure of the building or structural body, the racks are standard size cargo space, aisle stacking cranes through the aisle between the racks, to complete the work of storage, retrieval of goods, in its management using computers and bar code branch.

Components of the automated storage and retrieval system(AS/RS) are composed of


racks are indispensable components of each type of storage rack, mainly for the storage of goods in the steel structure; in the form of welded racks and combined racks two basic forms.

2)Pallet (cargo box)

In fact, the pallet is quite common, its use is also quite a lot, it is mainly used to carry the goods apparatus, so also known as work station apparatus.

3)Aisle stacker

Lane stacker is used for automatic access to goods, if the structure is divided into a single column and double column two basic forms; according to the service, the model is divided into straight, curved, and transfer car three basic forms.

Mracking AS/RS customer case

4) Conveyor system

Conveyor system is the main peripheral equipment of the ASRS racking systems, mainly used to be responsible for the delivery of goods to the stacker or from the stacker to move the goods away; in which there are very many types of conveyors, common roller conveyor, chain conveyor, lifting table, distribution car, hoist, belt machine, etc.

5)AGV system

AGV is an automatic guided vehicle, which can be divided into induction guided vehicles and laser-guided vehicles according to its guiding method.

6)WCS automatic control system

WCS automatic control system is to drives the automatic control system of the equipment of the automated stereo warehouse system, which mainly adopts the field bus mode as the main control mode.

(7) WMS information management system

WMS information management system is the core of the fully automated warehouse system, which can be networked or integrated with other systems (such as MES and ERP systems, etc.).

The advantages that the AS/RS occupy compared to the traditional racks are as follows.

  1. It establishes a unified asset database, which provides a reliable basis for the entire supervision of assets.
  2. It is an important symbol of a modern enterprise, while facilitating the overall optimization of the system and improving production and logistics management.
  3. It facilitates the formation of a quick and easy logistics system, thus improving enterprise production management, while also reducing the inventory capital backlog.
  4. It can improve space utilization, reduce storage land and save land investment costs.
  5. The height of the racks is not limited by the height of the warehouse and can be designed in the form of a rack building.
ASRS manufacturer
ASRS manufacturer

(5) all adopt the automatic/semi-automatic identification method to improve the accuracy of inventory and operational efficiency.

(6) automated storage and retrieval system can reduce labor intensity, improve the working environment of workers and reduce labor costs.

7) realizing real-time management of storage materials in the transfer process.

8) when using the AS/RS warehouse racking system can be clearly seen, it not only accelerates the pace of access to goods, but also improves the production efficiency.

Design of ASRS racking

Stereo warehouse racks design steps, generally divided into the following steps.

(A) collect and study the user’s original information, to clarify the objectives to be achieved by the user, where the original information is also included.

1. clarify the process of automated storage and retrieval system and upstream and downstream articulation.

2. logistics requirements: logistics requirements include the upstream into the warehouse of the incoming warehousemen, the downstream transfer of the outgoing volume, and the required warehouse capacity.

3. Material specification parameters: mainly contains the number of material varieties, material packaging forms, outer packaging size, weight, preservation methods, and other characteristics of other materials.

4. the site conditions and environmental requirements of the AS/RS.

5. the functional requirements of the warehouse management system for business users.

6. other relevant information and special requirements.

ASRS design
ASRS design

When all the original information is collected, this information can be calculated when the design of the relevant parameters required, the parameters required to include.

1. the need for the entire warehouse area of the total number of in and out requirements for statistics, that is, the warehouse flow requirements.

2. the requirements of the external dimensions of the goods unit and its weight.

3. the number of bins required for the warehouse storage area (rack area).

4. Combined with the above three points also need to determine the storage area (rack factory) racks of the number of rows, columns, and aisles number of other relevant technical parameters.

(C) reasonable arrangement of the overall layout of the AS/RS systems and logistics map

Generally speaking, the AS/RS warehouse includes inbound temporary storage area, inspection area, palletizing area, storage area, outbound temporary storage area, pallet temporary storage area, unqualified goods temporary storage area, and miscellaneous areas. Of course, in the planning, a AS/RS warehouse does not necessarily have to be planned into each of the above areas, it requires us according to the user’s process characteristics and requirements to reasonably divide the areas and increase or decrease the area. At the same time, but also reasonable consideration is the flow of materials, whether the material flow is unimpeded will directly affect the capacity and efficiency of the ASRS warehouse.

To know the rack design is an important element of AS/RS design, and ASRS manufacturing accuracy, installation accuracy requirements are relatively high, the equipment, manufacturing process requirements are strict, it will directly affect the utilization rate of AS/RS warehouse area and space, and Mracking introduced a fully automatic imported even punching even rolling rack column cold-forming production line, the use of finite element simulation analysis, combined with our The company nearly 20 years of experience in the construction of ASRS warehouse racking systems, dedicated to creating a rigorous and suitable high-quality ASRS warehouse racking system for customers.

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