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Automated storage and retrieval system (AS&RS) Warehouse solutions were grouped by rack system, logistics system, Electrical control system and Tunnel stacking forklift. Automated storage and retrieval system adopts the top-ranking integration logistic concepts, through the following cooperated operation: advance control, highway, communication and information technology for finish the cargo destined self-motion, fast and accurate, high efficient unloading.

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what is automated storage and retrieval system (asrs)?

ASRS is an automated storage and retrieval system consisting of a racking system and a computer system. asrs generally has a dozen or even dozens of levels, and can complete automatic access to unit goods under the control of a computer system. asrs is mainly composed of high-rise racking, pallets (bins), aisle stacker cranes, conveyor systems, AGV systems, automatic control systems, inventory information management systems (WMS), etc. asrs can greatly improve storage space and storage efficiency and reduce inventory backlog. Learn more about what is asrs?

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Installation of ASRS

This is the ASRS automated storage and retrieval system project we did in Tondo, Manila, Philippines in 2020, covering a total area of 7500 square meters, with a height of 25 meters, a total number of 34,256 pallets and a total cost of $400,000+

The Main Production Process Of ASRS System

Punching Process

Punches run the length of the hanging plate at standard intervals where the cross beams are connected, most of them are 50mm or 75mm pitch.

Rolling Process

Steel coil through the rolling equipment to form the upright and beam, beam usually have P beam and interlock beam, upright usually have diamond hole and teardrop hole.

Welding Process

Through welding, the hanging plate and beam; upright and footplate are closely connected together, which effectively strengthens the stability of the rack structure.

Spraying And Baking Process

Polish the product after welding, then use electrostatic powder spraying technology on the surface, and finally use the high-temperature baking process to ensure a smooth surface.

Packaging Process

Finally came to the last step. After the production of the product is completed, we usually package the exported goods to avoid long-distance transportation damage and seawater erosion during shipping.

Our products are packaged in the following ways

Air Bubble Film
Air Bubble Film
Pallet Packaging
Pallet Packaging
Wooden Case
Wooden Case
Carton Box
Carton Box

what you want to know about automated storage and retrieval system

In terms of specific structure, the automated storage and retrieval system(ASRS) mainly consists of the following parts.
1. Racking: steel structures used to store goods. At present, there are mainly welded racks and combined racks in two basic forms.
2. Pallet: used to load the goods apparatus, also known as work station apparatus.
3. Aisle stacker: equipment used for automatic access to goods. According to the structure form is divided into single upright and double upright two basic forms; according to the service mode is divided into straight, curved and transfer car three basic forms.
4. Conveyor system: the main peripheral equipment of ASRS system, responsible for transporting the goods to the stacker or from the stacker to remove the goods.
5. AGV system: that is an automatic guided vehicle. Its guidance method is divided into inductive guidance trolleys and laser guidance trolleys.
6. Automatic control system: drive the automatic control system of the equipment of the ASRS system. At present, the use of field bus mode is the main control mode.
7. Storage information management system: also known as the central computer management system. It is the core of the ASRS system.

Application areas of automated storage retrieval system(ASRS):

1. Pharmaceutical production

2. Automobile manufacturing

3. Machinery manufacturing

4. Electronics manufacturing

5. Tobacco manufacturing and so on.

The ASRS racking system is an important part of the rapidly developing modern logistics system. It improves the space utilization rate, generally speaking, the space utilization rate of the asrs racking system is 2-5 times that of the ordinary warehouse. And its use can help us save land, reduce labor intensity, but also improve the level of warehouse automation and management, reduce storage and transportation losses, effectively reduce the backlog of working capital, and improve logistics efficiency.

The ordinary warehouse is the goods put on the ground, or put on selective pallet racking, rack height is usually designed below 7 meters, by the manual use of forklift in and out of the warehouse.

ASRS system goods are placed on high racks, the height of the racks is usually designed below 22 meters, under the control of software, by the lifting equipment automatically in and out of the warehouse.

As the variety of goods stored in the ASRS system is subject to certain restrictions, the longer and heavier bulky goods and the requirements of special storage conditions of goods must be set up in a separate storage system.

Raw material storage: small temporary storage around the production line for storing spare parts, raw and auxiliary materials, and semi-finished products, and picking them out automatically according to production orders. The use of the ASRS racking system can meet the requirements of multi-variety, small-lot and high-efficiency material access within a limited space to ensure the uninterrupted production of the production line.

Finished product storage: ASRS racking systems provide batch storage of goods in pallets. It can solve the caching demand from the completion of packaging off the line to the loading of the goods, and realize the whole unmanned operation.

Logistics center storage: The logistics center uses vertical storage for bulk storage of whole cases, and can pick out and ship directly upon receipt of whole case orders.

1. The first need to detect incoming goods, it can detect the presence of objects, but also in the ASRS automated storage and retrieval system can play a role in starting the signal.
2. ASRS system in the reading of information about the goods is very important to know the bar code of the goods, QR code or RFID chip, in order to ensure the correct flow of goods.
3. The use of stacker trucks loading, in order to avoid irreversible damage to the goods or shelves, the need to use sensors to monitor the state of the goods in the stacker trucks.
4. Detect the size of incoming goods.
5. Safety protection.
6. Detect the rack occupancy and sense the exact position of the goods in the auto stack.
7. The stacker crane must be accurately aligned with the racks.
8. Use photoelectric sensors to monitor whether the goods are protruding.
9. Use stacker crane positioning and optical communication to guarantee the effectiveness and reliability of the operation of the ASRS racking system.
10. AGV carts are collision-proof.

The ASRS racking system price needs to be calculated by combining various parameters. Due to the number of devices and the complexity of the ASRS system warehouse design, the price of the entire automated storage and retrieval system varies considerably. Depending on the size of the project, the price can range from $16,000 to $160,000, depending on the design.

In ASRS racking system, there are no hard and fast rules for pallet size, and the ASRS system manufacturers can design the rack size according to your requirements. If it is a general-purpose ASRS racking system, it may be designed with standard pallet sizes as half or whole multiples. Standard pallet sizes are 1200 x 1000mm and 1100 x 1100mm.

1. To confirm the ASRS system and upstream, and downstream articulation of the process.
2. To confirm the maximum amount of upstream into the warehouse and the maximum amount of downstream transit out of the warehouse and the required warehouse capacity.
3. The number of varieties of materials, packaging, outer packaging size, weight, preservation and other characteristics of other materials.
4. The site conditions and environmental requirements of the ASRS automated storage and retrieval system.
5. The user’s functional requirements for the automated storage and retrieval system.
6. Other relevant information and special requirements.

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