What is a wire mesh container?

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Wire mesh container is a standard logistics container, used to store goods in a mesh structure of the metal cage, with storage capacity fixed, stacked neatly, storage a look, easy inventory count and other advantages, but also to improve the useful utilization of storage space. Widely used in hardware, auto parts, machinery, bottle embryo and other industries, mainly used in warehouse storage, logistics turnover, online applications, workshop assembly, transportation, moving and unloading, etc.

wire mesh container
wire container

Wire container components and their roles:

Pins: solid pins that can ensure the wire container in the storage stack when the safety of the buckle, but also to ensure a variety of different states under the smooth switch to store materials.

Pressure welding: to ensure the strength and durability of the storage cage storage and stacking.

Cage feet: special cage feet structure in accordance with the mechanics, easy to place and stack in three dimensions and forklift, pallet truck, storage cage dolly handling and loading and unloading.

Anti-slip block: it not only strengthens the strength of the cage but also ensures that the upper layer of the cage does not slip forward when stacking to ensure safety.

U-shaped steel: wire container bottom used to ensure the load-bearing capacity and solidity of the warehouse cage.

Strengthening hinge: strengthen and protect the role to prevent the storage when taut open.

Spiral hinges: make the warehouse cage fold when not in use and also do not take up space.

custom wire container
custom wire container

Wire mesh container structure advantages:

  1. The special design of stacking bowl feet, special tooling stamping, large bearing capacity, and stable and reliable stacking.
  2. The front can achieve half-open or full-open, convenient access to goods when stacking.
  3. Side mesh steel plate combined structure, reduce the weight and cost.
  4. The bottom beam connection is easy to run automatically on the conveyor line.
  5. Bottom four-way fork structure, convenient for forklift and pallet truck handling requirements.
  6. Surface spraying treatment is beautiful and durable.
  7. Specifications and sizes can be customized according to your actual load-bearing items.

Wire mesh container structure advantages of application advantages:

  1. Loading stacking: loading work state, can achieve four layers of three-dimensional stacking, full use of space, and reduce the footprint.
  2. Convenient folding: when empty, no need to remove any parts, four sides can be flexibly folded and put flat, convenient storage.
  3. Empty box stacking: when stored empty or transported for recycling, folded and then stacked with each other, saving logistics costs, and foot column design, to avoid mutual crushing and deformation.
  4. Wire mesh container is widely used in shopping plazas, food, auto parts, engineering machinery, hardware, medicine, three-dimensional storage, packaging, delivery, turnover, stacking, supporting, export, export and other industries.
  5. Wire mesh container storage at a glance, easy to manage, uses international standards, can be used with the container, and can make full use of the container space, so as to effectively reduce the transportation costs of enterprises.
warehouse wire container
warehouse wire container

Already know what is the wire container, the next to understand the wire container spraying process.

A brief introduction to the spraying process: spraying is a technology to deal with the metal surface, compared to the painting process.

  1. The cost is lower than the same effect of the painting process.
  2. Simple operation, low technical requirements, easy to operate.
  3. The strong adhesion ability of the coating, high corrosion resistance and anti-drop ability.
  4. The production process is pollution-free and harmless to the human body, which is a green environmental protection process.

Therefore, more and more companies and products are choosing the spraying process. Spraying technology is called electrostatic technology, its working principle in layman’s terms: the electrostatic generator to generate negative high voltage, the use of corona discharge so that the powder coating adsorbed on the storage cage mesh, and then heated so that the powder melted, in the natural cooling, so that its surface to form a hard film coating.

wholesale wire container
wholesale wire container

The advantages of powder coating for storage cage:

  1. Energy-saving: can reduce 30% of energy consumption.
  2. High value: according to their own requirements, you can choose not to use the color of the paint.
  3. Low scrap rate: spraying wire mesh container before curing, can be repainted twice.
  4. The high utilization rate of paint: paint utilization rate can reach more than 95%, and the powder will be recycled and can be used many times.
  5. Efficiency: wire mesh container powder coating is a one-time film, that can improve productivity by 30-40%.
  6. Less pollution: compared to paint, spraying wire mesh containers without organic solvents volatile, does not contain paint coatings in toluene, xylene and other harmful gases.
  7. coating film performance: one-time film thickness can reach 50-100μm, its adhesion, corrosion resistance and other comprehensive performance indicators are better than the painting process.

The role of electrostatic spraying on the surface of the wire mesh container:

  1. After electrostatic spraying, the surface is resistant to wear and tear and high-temperature resistance.
  2. After electrostatic spraying, the surface has an insulating layer and is resistant to radiation.
  3. After electrostatic spraying, the surface is corrosion-resistant, has anti-air oxidation, and has good sealing.
  4. Can repair the old wire container, so that the surface can be “reborn” and extend the service life.
  5. After cold galvanizing electroplating spraying, the surface salt spray test of the wire mesh container can reach 72 hours.
  6. After using electrostatic spraying, it can make the cage have different colors, which is convenient for the classification management of products and make the cage have a high value.
wire container
wire container

Wire container in the use of what issues need to pay attention to?

  1. Galvanized wire container maintenance work needs to be away from the wet environment, in use, pay attention to forklifts do not hit the cage structure, wire container is generally no cover, so the warehouse racks are not designed too high, so as not to accidentally fall off small pieces of goods.
  2. In the purchase of a wire container price is by no means the primary factor, quality should be the primary criteria for the purchase of enterprises, the purchase of a wire container needs to be based on their own needs, combined with the actual production, try to choose the standard wire mesh container specifications size, which can save a lot of non-standard size costs.
  3. Equipped with wheels and wheels are related to the load-bearing cage, wheels installed in the lower side of the cage, if the weight of the wheels can not reach the wheel may not turn, wheel bearing damage, wheel and cage link rod fracture and other problems, so equipped with wheels need to buy good quality wheels.
  4. Wire container around and the bottom in addition to the basic structure welded solid, the other with a spring plus latch links, convenient wire container.
  5. Wire containers can be used normally for about 7-8 years, wooden boxes, cartons, etc. need to be replaced within a short period of time, and the continued replacement is within the cost of the increase.
  6. Wire containers are placed to avoid the direct sunlight outside the window.
  7. Warehouse rack using wire containers, then generally have to change the four legs of the cage into the legs of the racks, easy to get on the warehouse rack.

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