What to pay attention to during the transfer of cold storage racks?

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We all know that the cold storage is a low-temperature refrigerator, and it is mainly used to store dairy products, aquatic products, meat, medicine and other items that require low-temperature storage, and also to know that the temperature of the cold storage is generally between minus 10 degrees to minus 30 degrees. It is also because the temperature is relatively low, so the requirements of the racks are relatively high. For example, there are special requirements in the selection of materials and anti-rust coating, usually the surface treatment of cold storage racks is the relatively strong corrosion resistance of high-quality polyester epoxy powder material, and what kind of racks should be used depends on the structure of the cold storage and what items are stored.


At the same time, it should also be recognized that in today’s status quo, the most selected and most commonly used cold storage are through racks and shuttle racks. From the daily sales data of storage racks, we can clearly see and analyze that the use of through-racking in cold storage is not as much as beam type, but higher than other types of racks. When the goods encountered are single species items, the storage density is relatively large, then the through type and shuttle type is a very good choice. But the specific choice of what kind of racks, also need to consider a variety of factors, such as the variety of goods stored, the specifications of the goods, storage density, access, cold storage structure and so on are required to take into account.

So what to pay attention to during the transfer of low-temperature cold storage racks?

First of all, let’s understand the characteristics of low-temperature cold storage racks, as follows.

(1) Assembly structure: assembly structure is a major feature of the cold warehouse storage racks, cold storage racks belong to the fully assembled structure, which can be randomly combined with racks and equipped with equipment, and then a point is that it can be disassembled at will any combination, while the rack structure combination is extremely fast and simple.

(2) Technology: for cold storage racks, technology is particularly special, its surface treatment is generally polished, surface rust removal, oil removal, electrostatic powder spraying and other processing technology, while according to customer demand for color spraying treatment, it also has a beautiful color, not easy to oxidation, easy to clean and other advantages.

(3) Plates: for cold storage racks, the laminate has two kinds of wood and steel plates to choose from.

(4) Low-temperature racks hole spacing: low-temperature racks have every 50mm and 75mm hole spacing can be adjusted at will, but the specific use of which upright will need to be designed according to the height of the racks, and loading capacity.

(5) Cold storage racks rack material can be cross-sectional optimization, and storage low-temperature storage racks belong to the unit price characteristics, and then there is a variety of pipe aspects can be selected, while its load-bearing capacity is stronger.

(6) Application and investment: in terms of capital investment is still relatively small, generally widely used in factories and other storage needs industry.

(7) Price: varies according to the customer’s racking needs and the local price of raw materials.

radio shuttle pallet rack
radio shuttle pallet rack

Rack transfer handling is a big project, first to the site for dismantling, and then transported to the new site, the key is to match a variety of parts to adapt to the new warehouse situation and meet the new storage needs of customers. So what to pay attention to in the process of low-temperature cold storage rack handling?

(1) cryogenic cold storage racks in the handling process, the first thing to fully estimate the weight of the goods, so that you can quickly find a good handling stress points, in handling can be done according to the force, when the goods are stacked high or too heavy, you need to seek help from others, so as to avoid muscle damage to staff or other safety accidents.

(2) When handling heavy or metal objects and sharp glass and other items, the operator must wear gloves.

(3) in the handling process need to pay attention to reasonable force, strictly prohibit the air throwing operation, and pay attention to prevent the phenomenon of falling goods.

(4) Do a good job of counting and checking when the goods arrive at the destination.

(5) the need for goods and low-temperature cold storage racks to do a good job of wrapping protective film, and tying straps.

custom drive in rack
custom drive in rack

Racks after the transfer of installation considerations.

(1) First of all, before the storage racks have not been transported to the installation site, the need to plan the installation site and clean up, as far as possible to set aside the storage racks placement area.

(2) After the storage racks are transported to the site, choose a suitable site for storage, storage in accordance with the order of storage racks installation parts yard.

(3) The installation process to clean up the dismantled packaging materials and scrap in time, and try to keep the installation site tidy.

(4) Storage racks installation process, pay attention to the ground level, if there are potholes, must maintain the stability of storage racks, to avoid storage racks storage danger.

(5) The installation of completed storage racks in accordance with the previous site design place, in the handling process, pay attention to lifting light to avoid damage to the storage racks and paint loss.

(6) Storage racks after the installation is complete, and then the installation site for a detailed inspection, the possible danger to do early exclusion. If necessary, the storage racks can be cleaned again.

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