The advantages of shuttle racking.

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With the development of enterprises, storage is a problem that needs to be solved, and enterprises need advanced and comprehensive storage equipment to keep up with the development of enterprises. If there is a rack that can achieve both intensive storage and enable automation of the storage process, freeing up manpower and improving efficiency …… then operating costs will be significantly reduced, shuttle racks are just such storage equipment.

radio shuttle pallet storage rack
radio shuttle pallet storage rack

In terms of its structure, it has the characteristics of a through rack with numerous similarities. It is so-called because the shuttle is one of the core component devices of the entire storage system.

Radio shuttle racks are largely similar to through racks, and through racks are typical dense storage racks. On its basis, we have improved and developed it from scratch to form a dense rack that can be stored automatically, and the selective pallet rack can be continuously stored and placed in sequence, with a depth of about 10 cargo spaces.

drive in pallet rack system
drive in pallet rack system

Shuttle racks are basically made up of customized pallet shuttle, rack systems and supporting forklifts and other organic components, forming a high-density automated storage system. If you feel that the automated three-dimensional warehouse is more costly, this is a better rack system to replace it.

The radio shuttle rack opens the storage rack to automation mode. It is the perfect combination of shuttle trolley and rack system and is a set of storage, sorting and integration of high-end storage equipment.

It is specifically by two standard guide rails wear to the end, smooth surface for trolley driving. The AGV trolley is free to travel through it, and the goods arrive at the predetermined location instantly with a key start. One cart can be used on multiple racks, making it economical and cost-effective. In both ambient and cold storage, the utilization rate of the warehouse is over 80%.

And in the whole radio shuttle rack, can not be separated from the pallet shuttle with this kind of machinery, without them, this rack system can not be normal operation. A pallet shuttle is mainly composed of the car body system, conveying device, addressing device, rail system, safety protection device, electrical device and pallet shuttle scheduling management, etc. The complex and highly coordinated working of various components ensures the efficient operation of the whole cart. The cooperation with top domestic automation equipment manufacturers allows for a better match and optimal performance of the pallet shuttle and the rack.

shuttle car
pallet shuttle

The advantage of using shuttle racks is to largely reduce the human operation link, which largely reduces the operating cost of enterprises in the long run. Just put the goods on one end of the rail, the rest is left to the pallet shuttle to do, if you need a higher level of automation needs, you need to optimize the design and installation of some auxiliary devices on this basis.

Shuttle racks feature advantages

1, You can use radio to remotely control the operation of the pallet shuttle, and multiple aisles can share a pallet shuttle to reduce the waste of resources.

2, Shuttle racks can be used together with forklifts to reduce or avoid slight damage to the rack.

3, In terms of storage capacity, it has this higher storage advantage than heavy-duty racks, push-back racks and gravity flow racks. Space utilization is more than 80%.

4, The biggest advantage of radio shuttle racks or their automated storage mode, is inventory pickup is fully automated!

5, Flexible mode of operation, access to goods can be first-in, first-out, or first-in, first-out.

Ordinary pallet rack can only meet the first-in-first-out or first-in-last-out single access mode, while the radio shuttle rack can be to both access modes.

radio shuttle pallet rack
radio shuttle pallet rack

6, High safety factor, reduce the collision between the rack and forklift, improve safety productivity.

Shuttle racks have a very stable structure. In addition, shuttle trucks access the goods inside the racks, and forklifts only need to operate from the outside. avoids the collision of forklift to the rack, thus ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

7, The number of goods. Pallet shuttle racking each track can do 35 cargo depth, while other racks one-way out of the warehouse, generally controlled in 7 cargo depth, but only two-way out of the warehouse can do more cargo depth, but also control in 14 cargo depth or so.

8, space utilization. Shuttle rack tracks are designed side-by-side, can be made into many rows, and can do more depth of cargo space than other racks to reduce the forklift channel, space utilization is naturally high, the ordinary heavy-duty rack space utilization rate of 30% to 35%, drive-in rack space utilization rate of 60% to 70%, while the radio shuttle rack space utilization rate of up to 80% or so.

9, Goods management. Pallet shuttle can be based on the inventory, finishing and other instructions, the pallet of goods on the track to organize and count, greatly reducing management costs, the key also ensures the safety of employees, is the new choice of pallet goods storage.

10, Operating cost aspect. Although the cost of pallet shuttle racking is higher than the general rack, but is significantly lower than the automated storage and retrieval system, more cost-effective, in all walks of life can be effectively applied. And from the current use of the situation, its cost investment is still worth it, after all, shuttle racks reduce more than half of the staff, labor cost savings, and work efficiency have also improved.

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