What is a steel mezzanine?

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For the current situation of high land rental prices, how to place as many goods as possible in a limited space is a problem that many warehouse businesses consider. Well, we can see that with the development of the times, the use of steel has become very common, and the structure made mainly of steel is the current warehouse is one of the most important types of the building structure, will be favored by more and more enterprises. Now let Mracking rack take you to know the steel mezzanine used by many enterprises!

What is a steel mezzanine?

Steel mezzanine, is a working mezzanine, is generally a mezzanine structure made of H-shaped steel, usually made of H-shaped steel and steel plates, such as beams, uprights, plates, and other components, the mezzanine is usually composed of steel plates, main beams secondary beams, uprights, inter-upright support, as well as ladders, railings, etc.; the parts are connected with welds, screws or rivets, etc., that is, they belong to the fully assembled structure, and the design is also more flexible.

steel mezzanine floor system

Steel mezzanine features.

So for the structure steel mezzanine, what are the characteristics? Now take Mracking steel mezzanine as an example, to show the specific characteristics of Mracking steel mezzanine:

1. steel mezzanine has a fully assembled structure.

2. for the steel mezzanine, its design is very flexible.

3. the steel mezzanine has characteristics that can be designed according to different site conditions and conform to the site.

4. the functional requirements for the use of steel mezzanine greatly meet the logistics requirements.

5. steel mezzanine is more widely used in modern storage.

6. The locking device between the plate and the floor is locked, the floor is flat, the integrity is strong, the bearing capacity is strong and uniform, and the cost is suitable.

Steel structure mezzanine detail

The working principle of Mracking steel structure mezzanine rack.

The steel structure mezzanine is to send the goods to the second or third floor by forklift or the ladder of the lift and then transported to the designated position by trolley or hydraulic tractor. Compared with the reinforced concrete mezzanine, this kind of steel mezzanine is fast in construction, moderate in cost, easy to install and dismantle, and can be easily used on the ground with novel and beautiful structures.

Mracking steel structure mezzanine racking role.

Steel structure is mainly used for the load-bearing skeleton of heavy workshops, plant structures subject to dynamic load, and large-span structures such as warehouses, high-rise, and super high-rise buildings. From there, it can also be concluded that it is a better solution to the utilization rate of small spaces, and is widely used in warehouses with high inventory but small areas and space height restrictions at the same time. Steel mezzanine is usually built on the existing workshop (warehouse) site and then a two or three-layer steel structure mezzanine, the use of space from one layer into two or three layers so that space is fully utilized. The first floor can put the goods, and the upper floor can be office or put the goods, which increases the storage area and the utilization rate of the warehouse.

What is the difference between steel structure mezzanine rack and the loft rack we normally use?

The difference between the steel mezzanine and the attic shelving mezzanine is that the mezzanine racking are mainly supported by rack below, and the space between the rack and the rack is connected to the floor, which can be used to put goods; the steel structure mezzanine has no shelf support below, relying on the uprights and main beams to support gravity, and the space below and above can freely put rack, which can also be used for office, and the steel mezzanine is equivalent to double the use of space.

steel mezzanine

The design requirements of steel mezzanine.

1. in the design of the steel mezzanine structure must determine the plane size of the mezzanine structure, steel mezzanine height, span, and upright arrangement in addition to meet the use requirements, the arrangement of the beam and upright should also consider the location of the equipment load and other large concentrated loads on the mezzanine and the hanging of large diameter industrial pipelines.

2. the design of the steel mezzanine must meet the requirements of process production operation and ensure the clearance for passage and operation.

3. in the design of the steel mezzanine, the general net height of the passage should not be less than 1.8M.

4. the steel mezzanine of the mezzanine should generally be set around the protective railing, the height of the railing is generally 1M.

5. when the mezzanine height is greater than 2M, should be set under the protective railing height should be 100-150MM skirting board.

6. mezzanine should be set for the up and down passage of the ladder, the width of the ladder should not be less than 600MM.

7. The mezzanine structure should be economical and reasonable. The arrangement of the upright and the main beam should be adapted to its span. When the span of the beam is larger, its spacing should also be increased. Make full use of the permissible span of the paving slab and arrange the uprights reasonably to get a better economic effect.

steel mezzanine drawing

What favorable conditions can Mracking steel structure mezzanine create for enterprises?

One, the steel used in the steel structure mezzanine itself has its own characteristics of high strength, light weight and high stiffness, which is mostly used in the construction of large span and super high and super heavy buildings.

Second, for the material of steel structure, it has homogeneity, belongs to the ideal elastomer, more in line with the general engineering mechanics requirements, is one of the few ideal building materials; Third, the material of steel structure mezzanine has homogeneity, belongs to the ideal elastomer, more in line with the general engineering mechanics requirements, is one of the few ideal building materials.

Third, the material of steel structure mezzanine has good plasticity and toughness and can have large deformation, so it can bear the dynamic load well. It can meet various needs in warehouse storage.

Fourth, for the steel structure mezzanine, its construction period is short, generally speaking, a three hundred square meters of construction, only five people, from construction to decoration in just one month can be done. It can be said to save cost, save time and save labor.

Fifth, the high degree of industrialization and mechanization of steel construction allows for specialized production, improving efficiency and reducing construction difficulties. It fits well with the high speed and energy-saving society at this stage.

warehouse steel mezzanine

In daily work, how do we go about maintaining steel structure mezzanine?

1, when using the steel structure mezzanine, be sure to set the load limit sign.

2、The shelving point and the upper tie point of the steel structure mezzanine in Mracking must be located on the building, and must not be set on scaffolding and other construction facilities, and the support system must not be connected with scaffolding.

3、The concrete beam plate of the shelving point of the steel structure mezzanine shall be buried and connected with the bolts of the mezzanine.

4、The horizontal angle between the steel wire rope and the mezzanine shall be suitable for 45 degrees to 60 degrees.

5、The beam and upright of the upper tie point of the steel structure mezzanine shall be tested for tensile strength to ensure the safety of the building and the mezzanine.

6、steel structure mezzanine should use the card ring, shall not make the hook directly hooked mezzanine hanging ring.

7, steel structure mezzanine installation, steel wire rope should use a special hook to hang firmly, take other ways when the snap shall not be less than 3 piece, building sharp corner mouth around the wire rope should be lined with soft cushion, steel structure mezzanine outside the mouth should be slightly higher than the inside.

8, steel structure mezzanine must be set up on the left and right sides of the fixed protection railing and hung with a dense safety net.

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