What are the causes of deformation and displacement of storage racks?

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The industrial industry has very wide use of storage racks, and wants it to become more durable, in addition to the daily maintenance, the first production of product quality will also affect the use of racks. If the storage racks use for a period of time after the deformation displacement, which is the cause of what?

Rack bending deformation reasons:

  1. Goods not stored according to the requirements of the weight: after each storage rack is designed, rack manufacturers will be marked the rack weight range, if the actual storage of goods, is more than the rack load, or violate the rack safety principles, it may cause rack folding deformation.
  2. The use of defective raw materials: some unscrupulous businessmen in order to save costs, storage racks using defective steel to process the production of racks, although the thickness of the same size, its bearing capacity is not up to the requirements, perhaps a short time may not see any problems, but a long time to use down, safety issues are not guaranteed. If there is a serious fracture phenomenon, it is likely to smash the warehouse staff.
  3. Forklift collision many times: in some large racks warehouses, forklift handling pallet goods is not a normal thing, but due to the carelessness of the forklift driver, even if the racks have been reasonably set up with anti-collision corner guards and guardrails, forklift collision with the racks is still no way to avoid, quality racks for a short time may not occur folded deformation, over time, will certainly appear bending deformation phenomenon.
  4. Production link is not fine enough: heavy-duty racks according to the characteristics of the storage unit assembly equipment added such as: partition, steel plate (wooden plate), wire mesh decking, storage cage rails, drum racks and other functional accessories to meet the different unit assembly equipment form of goods storage. Some rack manufacturers are not rigorous in all aspects of production, a small detail is not handled well may also cause the rack folding deformation, such as splitting the size of the hole punching is not accurate, the installation of the raw pull may lead to rack tilt, in such cases of storage of goods, maybe uneven stress caused by rack bending deformation, or even rack plate, upright fracture.
  5. Natural factors. Weather temperature, humidity and other factors can affect the quality of racks, racks are in the steel surface to do surface technology treatment, a long time or too wet, it will slowly rust, corrosion, which not only affects the appearance of the racks beautiful, will also lead to rack deformation.

Storage racks folded deformation what to do?

Once the rack folding deformation, the user should promptly contact the warehouse rack manufacturer, if the rack quality problems, should know how to defend the right to claim from them, if the rack bending deformation is caused by their own improper use, you should let the rack manufacturer timely replace the rack bending deformation parts to ensure the safe use.

The main cause of rack deformation know, then how to use the correct warehouse racks to avoid deformation?

  1. The design of rack specifications, should take into account the use of requirements, equipment, loading capacity, material supply and installation conditions and other factors.
  2. The dimensional tolerance, deformation and clearance of the rack should be in line with the relevant standards. (The allowable deflection of the upright is 1/1000, and the safety factor is 1.95; the allowable deflection of the beam is 1/200, and the safety factor is 1.65).
  3. The correct use of racks, put the goods according to the loading capacity of the racks to put the goods, do not overweight storage. Avoid collision between forklift and rack, configure anti-collision protection corner, anti-collision bar and other anti-collision equipment.
  4. The ends of each beam of heavy duty racks must be equipped with locking devices, so that the beam can be firmly fixed on the upright to prevent from being separated by an upward external force. To ensure that the beam and its locking device (the joint, in use should regularly check the normal operation of the beam lock or tightening of the screws and nuts, timely replacement of damaged devices.
  5. The installation site needs to be flat without ground depressions, unevenness, etc., rack upright feet should be correctly fixed in the concrete foundation, heavy duty racks need to install the pull-out screws, and the ground is closely connected to play a fixed rack with.
  6. The settlement value of the warehouse rack foundation should be strictly controlled to ensure the normal use of the rack structure. Non-integrated warehouse racks in the design should pay attention to the separation of rack foundation and building roof upright foundation, to prevent the force of the warehouse rack structure leads to damage to the building.

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