What is drive in racking and how to use and maintain it?

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Drive-in racking is also called drive through racking or corridor racking, which can be used for forklifts (or unmanned trucks with forks) to drive into the aisle to access the goods; except for the cargo space close to the aisle, it is usually recommended to have no more than 7 cargo space depths for single-sided pickup because the forklift needs to enter the interior of the racking to access the goods; furthermore, in order to improve the running speed of the forklift, the guiding track can be configured according to actual needs. Compared with the bay rack, the utilization rate of the storage space of drive-in rack (through rack) can be increased by more than 30%. Drive-in racks (through racks) are suitable for storing goods of small variety and large quantity and are also widely used in wholesale, cold storage and food and tobacco industries.

Drive-in racking system design is the most critical factor to determine the quality of rack, in addition, the material of rack, production process, production equipment, fixtures and electrostatic spraying, etc., will directly affect the quality and grade of rack. Therefore, the first thing to consider is that if you use quality rack, you must choose a good shelf manufacturer. xinmiao storage shelving center since its inception has become a set of professional commercial facilities and storage industrial equipment manufacturing manufacturers, since its inception has always focused on storage and logistics equipment, workshop workstation apparatus production, service and research and development. Has served nearly a thousand enterprises, involving supermarkets, shopping malls, factories, storage markets and other industries. And the production and manufacture of storage racks and storage equipment and storage accessories have been put into use by many enterprises at home and abroad.

drive in racking
drive in racking

The structural characteristics of Xinmiao drive-in rack are as follows.

(1) The through racking belongs to the full plug-in assembly structure, and its column pieces are assembled structure. Generally speaking, the total depth of the racking in the wall area is best controlled within 5 pallet depths, and the total depth of the racking in the middle area that can be accessed from both sides is best controlled within 10 pallet depths, which can improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift access.

(2) On the support rails, pallets can be stored in the direction of depth, and the number of pallet positions are placed in order, which can improve the density storage rate.

(3) The goods access will be from the same side of the rack so that the access mode of first storage and then retrieval can be carried out, while counterbalanced and forward-moving forklifts can easily drive into the middle of the rack to access the goods without taking up multiple aisles.

(4) The structural parts of drive-in rack (through rack), bull legs and bull leg rack are all made of integral stamping/rolling technology, so that the technology has the characteristics of strong load-bearing capacity and also can play the role of beautiful appearance of goods.

(5) The stability of the drive-in racking system is weak in all kinds of rack, so the rack should not be too high, can be controlled within 10m; in addition, the system also needs to be equipped with a pulling solid device, such systems rack are densely arranged, the space utilization rate is very high.

(6) The goods can be deposited and taken out from the same side, or deposited from one side and taken out from the other side.

(7) drive-in racks are more suitable for storing large quantities and fewer varieties of goods.

chile drive-in-pallet-racks
chile drive-in-pallet-racks

How to use drive-in racks correctly?

Xinmiao drive-in shelving has been put into a number of large enterprises used, and can also be seen drive-in shelving to bring high economic benefits to the enterprise, and then we pay attention to not only this one, but we also need to pay attention to how to better use drive-in shelving, so that the economic benefits reflect the maximum. So how do we use Xinmiao drive-in shelves correctly?

(1) In order to better use the drive-in shelves, it is necessary to pay attention to the design of a new warehouse or renovation of an existing warehouse, to review the characteristics of the system applied in the warehouse research, for example, want to make the drive-in shelves in the smallest space to achieve maximum storage capacity, then you need to choose both reasonable and economic logistics solutions.

(2) When using drive-in racks, loading and unloading from one side are required, and this mode of accessing goods can effectively improve time efficiency and work efficiency.

(3) Drive-in racking is a kind of continuous whole racking that is not divided by aisles, so it is necessary to store pallets in the direction of depth on the support rails, and they need to be stored closely, which can make high-density storage possible.

drive in rack system
drive in rack system

How to maintain the xinmiao drive-in rack in the process of use?

(1) cleaning, cleaning is the most basic and daily, daily cleaning can be found in time after the shelf through external collision shelf mechanics deformation can be timely replacement of safe and stable shelf parts, in the spirit of safety first guidelines, in the cleaning process in time to find safety hazards, timely processing, to ensure safe and efficient storage rate.

(2) correction, the need to use professional horizontal three-dimensional positioning tools, and then accurately record the shelf state, and then effective correction, so as to ensure that the shelf carrying capacity and safety.

(3) Need to strictly implement the rules of safe use, not to exceed the load limit, not to exceed the line position, not to exceed the storage density, to ensure the safety performance of the storage process.

(4) to pay attention a little, the maintenance cycle is usually one year.

(5) daily to maintain more fasteners loosening and tightening of the determination, the determination of the vertical column, the determination of damaged parts and other conventional content, when there is a column hit bending (broken) need to carry out the overall measurement, and then according to the measurement data for system maintenance.

drive in rack factory
drive in rack factory

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