What are all the ways to remove rust from storage racks?

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What are the main reasons for rusting racks?

1. Heavy duty racks raw materials are not qualified.

This accounts for a large reason, because the cost of steel will affect the rack price, so some rack manufacturers will reduce the number of steel racks to reduce the total cost of racking projects, there are some rack manufacturers who use cheap and poor quality small rolling mills made of the thin plate to produce racks; these two poor quality methods produced by the heavy duty racks with poor surface density, corrosion resistance is weak.

2. Spraying process problems.

Heavy-duty rack spraying process often requires the following steps: rust removal, degreasing, phosphate treatment, water cleaning, drying, electrostatic powder spraying, hot melt, curing, etc. These steps in each process processing must be very good control, some warehouse rack manufacturers will want to reduce the rack cost by reducing the process, and shortening the processing time, this will make the product quality not guaranteed, the safety of the product itself will also become low.

selective pallet rack
selective pallet rack

Storage racks rust removal methods are the following three:

1. You can use the impact of high-pressure water jets plus the abrasive grinding role with the role of water sledding to destroy the rust and coating adhesion to the rack steel. Features are no dust pollution, no damage to the rack steel, greatly improve the efficiency of rust removal up to 15m2 / h or more, rust removal quality is good. However, the rack steel plate after rust removal needs to be painted with a special wet rust removal coating, which has a greater impact on the painting of general performance coatings. Otherwise, the rack steel plate is easy to anti-rust.

2. You can use hydrochloric acid to scrub the rusty part, wash off the rust and then use paint to paint on. Be careful not to rust storage racks soak in dilute hydrochloric acid for too long, otherwise the surface rust layer of the storage racks will be removed after the reaction of the substances inside.

3. Chemical rust removal is mainly the use of acid and metal oxide chemical reaction, so as to remove the shelf material rust products on the metal surface of a rust removal method, which is usually called pickling rust removal, can only be operated in the workshop.

drive in racking
drive in racking

What problems need to be noted in the existing rust removal?

1. Be careful, not to rust racks in dilute hydrochloric acid soaking time too long, otherwise will be put into the material and the reaction at the end of the surface in addition to rust removal. For example, iron will rust.

2. You can use a small electric or pneumatic rust removal above the rack. This method is mainly with compressed air or electricity, assembled with the appropriate descaling device, reciprocating motion or rotary motion, to adapt to a variety of Xinmiao rack rust removal requirements. Such as angle grinding machine, wire brush, wind-powered needle cleaning teeth machine, pneumatic shovel tooth type rotary scaling, belongs to the semi-mechanized equipment, lightweight, mobility, can thoroughly remove the surface of the rack on the rust, old coating, efficient than manual rust removal much better, up to 1 – 2 square meters / h, but the disadvantage is that can not remove the oxide skin, surface roughness is small, can not achieve the amount of surface treatment quality, low efficiency of the injection molding process.

3. Must pay attention to the environment in the warehouse, not too wet, to maintain ventilation, chemicals prone to corrosion to use special shelves. Rack rust removal can only play a certain relief, and can not fundamentally solve the problem of rack rust. So we should focus on the prevention of shelf rust, and the elimination of rack rust as a supplement. The main material of the rack is steel, the surface treatment is not good is easy to rust, or racks do not know how to protect the process will also cause rust.

4. Waterproof moisture, keep dry in the open storage of metal materials and equipment, the main should prevent precipitation (rain, snow, fog, frost, dew, etc.) direct erosion, good under the mat on the cover; deposited in the shed of metal materials should mainly prevent leakage and driving rain; metal warehouse should be kept dry. Its relative humidity should be controlled below the critical humidity, to achieve this purpose can be a combination of ventilation, sealing, moisture absorption and other methods.

5. Try to avoid the impact of harmful gases as mentioned before, harmful gases have a direct impact on metal corrosion. Harmful gas is mainly industrial waste gas, so the material warehouse in the city, it is difficult to avoid. However, some measures can be taken to reduce the degree of harm. For example, the material warehouse, especially the open-air yard, should be with the industrial waste gas factories, workshops, railway lines, boiler rooms, baths, etc., to maintain a certain distance, the warehouse should have a good seal, the material storage place should be in the harmful gas source upwind, etc.

6. Dust control to improve the health of metal materials on the dust, will accelerate the corrosion of metal, so both the warehouse, shed, and material storage, should pay attention to dust control and dust removal. Dust prevention is mainly through thatching and sealing of the materials, while dust removal should use dust collectors. In addition, material stores should be kept away from ash, coal and sand storage yards. The ground should be hardened and the depot area greened within the material plant area to prevent dust from rising. Garbage and debris should not be piled up in the depot area to keep the depot clean and hygienic.

storage racking system
storage racking system

7. Avoid the sharp change of temperature in the depot The change of temperature in the depot directly affects the saturation humidity of the atmosphere. If the temperature inside the library drops suddenly, there is a possibility of dew condensation. Should try to reduce the temperature difference between inside and outside the library and the temperature difference between day and night in the library. Especially in winter, when the heating temperature is high during the day and drops at night without heating, condensation can easily occur. In addition, in winter, the metal materials or equipment outside the library. You should choose the time when the temperature difference between inside and outside the library is small to enter the library. Otherwise, the temperature is very low for metal materials in the warehouse and the temperature is relatively high for air contact. The possible phenomenon for the packaging of instruments and equipment, into the warehouse can be placed for a period of time, to wait for the temperature of the equipment and the temperature inside the warehouse is close to, and then disassemble. The racks are durable iron products by grinding, But many iron products that are used for a long time will rust, once rusted, iron will be corroded, and it is easy to break down. Most Warehouse racks are made of cold rolled steel casting.

These are just some simple methods, in practice, you can choose the right role according to their actual situation, the above methods are applicable to warehouse racks, supermarket shelves, metal surface rust prevention treatment for various occasions. Anything will slowly undergo some chemical or physical changes over time, not to mention that we are still using them all the time. For example, storage racks, especially steel racks can rust after a long time of use. Steel racks rust because of the oxidation of steel caused by the chemical reaction phenomenon, this reaction phenomenon can constitute serious damage to the interior of the racks, just like the good wood through the termite erosion will eventually collapse. Therefore, for the safety of the racks, it is vital to carry out the necessary rust removal measures.

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