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To understand the cold storage racks before, we need to know what is cold storage? cold storage is mainly civil cold storage, assembled cold storage and cold storage with a rack structure. Unlike normal racks, the racks used in cold storage have special requirements on steel material, load and rack span design. It is mainly used to store dairy products, aquatic products, meat, medicine and other items that require low-temperature storage, and the temperature of cold storage is generally between -10 degrees and -30 degrees. In order to meet the special requirements of fresh food, the cold storage will be equipped with an ozone generator, humidifier and other auxiliary equipment. Cold storage requires adequate insulation and air tightness. It is also because of the relatively low temperature that the requirements for racks are higher. For example, there are special requirements in the selection of materials and anti-rust coating, usually, the surface treatment of cold storage racks is the relatively strong corrosion resistance of high-quality polyester epoxy powder material, and what kind of racks should be used depends on the structure of the cold storage and what items are stored. So for large cold storage shelves can achieve automated access to goods? Is it more practical compared to traditional racks? The face of such confusion can be Mracking storage racks to answer for you one by one!

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The minimum cold storage racks can withstand how many degrees of low temperature?

Cold storage is generally divided into room-temperature cold storage and low-temperature cold storage. The temperature of room-temperature cold storage is generally around 0-6 degrees, and low-temperature cold storage is generally around -20 degrees. Because the low temperature is different, the material and process requirements for racks are different. And not the lower temperature is more conducive to the preservation of goods. Generally speaking, the material of low-temperature cold storage racks is Q235D or better Q235E is good, in this regard, it is best to let the factory personnel according to your cold storage and the actual situation of the stored items and set.

Cold storage special racks in the manufacture of materials have any special requirements?

For cold storage professional racks because of high-temperature requirements, there are certain requirements in its manufacturing material, Mracking on the clear requirements, cold storage shelves compared to conventional racks, whether in the manufacturing process of the materials used or in the post-processing, have certain special requirements. Cold storage racks in the material must be used for toughness, ductility and other good steel. Of course, in ultra-low temperature cold storage, the requirements for the manufacture of materials will be more stringent. In fact, both to adapt well to the cold storage environment and to carry the goods on the racks, generally used carbon steel Q235DQ235E and other materials, such high-quality steel can basically meet the needs of manufacturing cold storage shelves. Of course, the choice of a reliable quality steel manufacturer is more important.

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How to choose the racks for cold storage?

In fact, for low-temperature freezer racks, different cold storage needs to choose different types of cold storage rack, but the specific choice of what kind of racks, also requires comprehensive consideration of a variety of factors, such as the variety of goods stored, the specifications of the goods, storage density, access methods, cold storage structure and so on are required to take into account. Cold storage is always in a humid environment, so the design of cold storage shelves is also different from ordinary racks. The first is the rack corrosion resistance, which also needs to be strictly required and controlled, when the choice of cold storage shelves in the first selection of materials, choosing the quality of steel with corrosion resistance, and also need to choose the appearance of the steel processed with high-quality powder. Here, Mracking storage racks also remind us that, because the steel in a low-temperature environment will have a passivation phenomenon, generally speaking, after welding the workpiece will decline in a low-temperature environment, so the choice of materials should also be considered. If the rack selection is carried out, it is best to use a rack with high corrosion resistance like Mracking rack for the following reasons.

Mracking storage racks added Al, Mg, Ni, Cr and other alloys of special steel, and a certain range of Al, Mg, Ni, and Cr content increases so that the steel plate than the general plate corrosion resistance increased by several times more than ten times. Furthermore, the surface treatment of anti-corrosion racks plays a pivotal role in the whole production process, Mracking anti-corrosion racks in the pre-processing treatment, processing equipment debugging, post-processing treatment, surface passivation treatment, coating methods are through layers of strict control to ensure the anti-corrosion performance of the racks, and for the problem of sealing the coating, but also the use of high corrosion-resistant coating secondary coating process, which greatly improves the sealing of the coating is greatly improved. As well as the final installation process, the use of anti-corrosion accessories and daily maintenance after use also ensure the corrosion resistance of the racks. Mracking anti-corrosion racks are of various types, generally made after corrosion treatment, sanding, pickling, phosphating, plastic powder spraying, etc. It provides cross-beam racks, shuttle type, bracket type, through type, etc. Anti-corrosion racks with such anti-corrosion raw materials not only have better corrosion resistance, but also play a special role in the hazardous waste treatment industry, which can greatly reduce hazardous waste It can greatly reduce the input costs of enterprises, but also reduce the management and time costs brought by the replacement of racks to enterprises.

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The large cold storage racks can be automated access to goods?

Cold storage, whether it is food or other storage, most of them are using through racks and heavy-duty racks. These two types of racks are the most suitable for cold storage because of the high load-bearing capacity requirements of cold storage goods. The goods in the cold storage basically need to be carried on pallets, and the goods with pallets need forklifts for handling operations. Therefore, the distance between racks and racks is limited, which can only allow forklifts to enter and exit and cannot be turned, so large forklifts cannot drive in normally. Only electric small forklifts can be chosen. When using forklifts, it is also necessary to pay attention to the anti-skid of tires and prevent frost on the ground of cold storage (professional cold storage is dehumidified), so anti-skid is very necessary. Electric forklift trucks, because of the limited power and forked cargo weight amount, the working time will be long, the personnel operating the forklift trucks, also need to do a good job to keep warm. The cold storage operation environment is special and caution is a must for rack installers and cargo handlers.

What are the main types of cold storage racks commonly used at home and abroad?

In terms of the current from the major enterprises and different industries, the most commonly used cold storage rack at home and abroad are drive-in racks; press-in racks; electric mobile racks; shuttle racks; gravity racks.

Mracking storage racks as a professional manufacturer of cold storage racks, the following will give you a specific explanation of fresh cold storage -25 degrees below freezing storage freezer racks! What to pay attention to during the handling of a low-temperature cold storage rack? In this way, it will allow everyone to use low-temperature cold storage room racks in the usual use of more convenient operation operations.

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The characteristics of low-temperature cold storage racks are as follows.

(1) assembly structure: in fact, the assembly structure is also a major feature of the cold storage racks, cold storage racks belong to the fully assembled structure, which can be randomly combined with racks and equipped with equipment, and then a point is that it can be disassembled at will any combination, while the combination of rack structure is extremely fast and simple.

(2) technology: for cold storage racks, technology is particularly special, its surface treatment is generally polished, surface rust removal, oil removal, electrostatic powder spraying and other processing technology, while according to customer demand for color spraying treatment, it also has a beautiful color, not easy to oxidation, easy to clean and other advantages.

(3) Laminate: for cold storage racks, laminate has two aspects of wood and steel plates to choose from.

(4) low-temperature racks hole distance: this aspect is mainly for the height of the column, low-temperature racks column height with every 50mm can be adjusted at will hole distance operation.

(5) cold storage racks rack material can be cross-sectional optimization, and storage low-temperature storage racks belong to the unit price characteristics, and then there are a variety of pipe options, while its forward bearing capacity is strong.

(6) Application and investment: cold storage racks, in terms of capital investment are still relatively small, and these cold storage racks are generally widely used in factories and other storage needs industries.

(7) cold storage rack price: the price, is also a problem faced by many customers, and storage low-temperature storage racks wholesale price, according to the goods’ high and low conditioning layer between the use.

Cryogenic cold storage racks handling process to pay attention to what?

a. Cryogenic freezer racks in the handling process, first of all, we must fully estimate the weight of the goods, so that you can quickly find good handling stress points, handling can be done according to the force when the goods are stacked high or too heavy, you need to seek help from others, so as to avoid muscle damage to staff or other safety accidents

b. Cryogenic freezer racks when encountered in heavy or metal items and sharp glass and other items handling, the operator must wear gloves.

c. Cryogenic freezer racks in the handling operation, pay attention to the strength of the problem, in the handling process need to pay attention to reasonable force, the air is strictly prohibited to throw the operation while paying attention to prevent the goods have fallen phenomenon.

d. Cryogenic warehouse freezer racks need to do a good job of counting and checking the arrival of goods at the destination.

e. Low-temperature storage freezer racks need to do a good job of handling protection, that is, the need to do a good job of wrapping the goods and low-temperature cold storage shelves protective film, ties and so on.

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What is the difference between cold storage racks and ordinary racks in production?

Cold storage racks are generally manufactured using high-quality raw materials and innovative technology (good technology reflects environmental protection, no paint loss, and no rust)

1. spray baking paint process: construction of non-polluting to the environment, non-toxic to humans; coating appearance quality superior art, adhesion and mechanical strength; spray construction curing time is short; coating corrosion and wear resistance is much higher.

2. Shot blasting process: this process can better remove the rust and splash on the surface of the components; at the same time when a certain degree of uneven effect is produced on the surface of the components, and this process can better increase the adhesion of the coating.

3. Real material: Mracking uses cold-rolled steel, which is sturdy and durable, and also has the ability to bear weight and resist pressure.

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What are the bases needed for the planning and design of the frozen racks?

1. the structure type and operation mode of the cold storage.

2, to determine the size of the cold storage and the general arrangement of the warehouse, the division of the area.

3, to understand the way the goods are managed, which can use the ABC classification management analysis method.

4、Determine the form, size and weight of the cargo unit.

5、Determine the type and parameters of mechanical handling equipment.

6、Planar planning of the system.

When we design the cold storage rack, there are four major bases to pay attention to.

1. force constant load: constant load refers to the self-weight of the structure of the cold storage rack itself, connecting the weight of the C-beam and room frame, purlins, room frame, roof panels, and wall panels.

2. Vertical impact load: refers to the impact load generated by the stacker crane when storing goods.

3. Live load under force: Live load refers to the weight of goods and pallets resting on the cold storage rack, and also involves the snow (rain) load of the roof.

4. Seismic crack: according to GBJ11-89 “building seismic design code”, generally take the seismic crack level of 7.

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The above introduces the selection of cold storage racks and the problems to pay attention to in the process of use, if you have any other questions, please send an email to, the first time we receive the e-mail will contact our engineers to answer for you.

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