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Mracking manufacture and sell heavy duty shelving in a variety of sizes. We can make the most suitable heavy duty shelving for your warehouse according to your requirements, we also provide free drawing design, click the “Quick Quote” button below to get a quote for heavy duty shelving immediately.

Additional information

L*D*H (mm)

2500*120*45mm, 2700*1000*3000, customizable


Blue, Orange, Customizable


4Layer, 5Layer, 6Layer

Load Capacity

1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg, Customizable


10 sets


about 125-155 kg



Estimated Delivery Time

10-15 days

What is heavy duty shelving?

Heavy duty shelving refers to the shelves used for placing goods in the warehouse, commonly used in industrial warehouses, the maximum load-bearing capacity can be up to 2500kg per pallet, making full use of the storage space, and the maximum height can be up to 40 meters or more.

Free design drawings for you

Layout plan

If you send us the dimensions of your warehouse, our professional engineers will design an accurate drawing for you.
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Three-dimensional view

The thickness of the materials used, the size of the racks, the number of levels, and other parameters will let you confirm.
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Our engineers can also produce renderings and installation step-by-step drawings to facilitate the installation of your racks.
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Heavy Duty Shelving Installation

1: Prepare the materials needed for installation, columns, beams, spanning beams, planks, steel plates, safety pins and so on.
2: Assemble two columns into one column group.
3: Hang the crossbeam in the two columns and insert the safety pin.
4: Test the stability of the assembled rack.
5: Move into the correct position and start to use.

The Main Production Process Of Heavu Duty Shelving

Punching Process

Punches run the length of the hanging plate at standard intervals where the cross beams are connected, most of them are 50mm or 75mm pitch.

Rolling Process

Steel coil through the rolling equipment to form the upright and beam, beam usually have P beam and interlock beam, upright usually have diamond hole and teardrop hole.

Welding Process

Through welding, the hanging plate and beam; upright and footplate are closely connected together, which effectively strengthens the stability of the rack structure.

Spraying And Baking Process

Polish the product after welding, then use electrostatic powder spraying technology on the surface, and finally use the high-temperature baking process to ensure a smooth surface.

Packaging Process

Finally came to the last step. After the production of the product is completed, we usually package the exported goods to avoid long-distance transportation damage and seawater erosion during shipping.

Our products are packaged in the following ways

Air Bubble Film
Air Bubble Film
Pallet Packaging
Pallet Packaging
Wooden Case
Wooden Case
Carton Box
Carton Box

What you want to know about heavy duty shelving

10 sets. Usually, heavy duty shelving products are large in size and it is not cost effective to order too small a quantity as the shipping cost will be very expensive. However, if you have a freight forwarder in China, or if you purchase other products from our company, such as structural steel mezzanines, the shipping costs will be manageable, in which case we will not set a minimum order quantity for you.

1: strong load-bearing capacity, heavy-duty shelving general load-bearing 500-5000kg/layer, to meet the majority of warehouses require racking load.
2: more cost-effective, most do not know how much they need to load-bearing shelves, often buy cheaper light duty shelves, the last load-bearing also need to spend more money to buy heavy-duty shelves.
3: long service life, heavy duty shelving material is thicker and larger, not easy to break.
4: easy to install and dismantle, only two people can be successfully installed.

About 3000-4500kg.

Heavy-duty shelving has a very high load-bearing capacity and can meet the vast majority of warehouse use because it is made of thick and large materials that are not easily broken.

About 15-18 days.

In order to meet the different needs of different customers, all of our heavy duty shelves are customized, there is no stock inside the warehouse, so after the customer orders we need to buy the material and then production, generally this process is about 15-18 working days, that is to say, do your goods need about 15-18 working days.

Yes,we do.

Because it is not excluded that some complex projects need to be installed on site, so we provide installation services to all our customers, but the prerequisite is that the customer needs to come out and return to the airfare, wages, as well as food and housing.

If customers think it is expensive, you can find workers in the local installation, our side to send engineers to guide the installation.

Goods to do a good cycle of about 15-18 working days, after the goods are done you can contact the freight forwarder booking, find the most suitable time for loading, but there may be because of uncontrollable factors can not be out of the goods, such as the crazy rise in shipping costs of this case, your goods can be parked in the warehouse of our company for a month, but after a month, you need to look for the outside of your side of the warehouse to store, and so on the cost of sea transportation to a controllable range before shipping.

Yes,we do.

Our heavy-duty shelving products warranty period is one year, any problem within one year we will unconditionally help and solve, after one year problems need to charge a fee for after-sales service.

Q235B cold-rolled steel.

All of our shelves are made of Q235B cold rolled steel, this material is durable and long-lasting, does not rust, the difference between heavy duty and light duty is that the thickness of the material is not the same. The columns of heavy-duty shelves are generally around 90*65*1.5mm, subject to customer demand.


Mracking’s heavy duty shelving raw material is made of high-quality Q235B cold-rolled steel produced by the Baosteel brand, which has high hardness and toughness and strictly complies with international quality standards in terms of safety and integrity. Our engineers will set the appropriate rack height according to the type of goods to be stored, and with different rack protection facilities to minimize the safety hazards arising from design defects. From the production of racking columns and beams to the production of racking accessories, Mracking has a complete production line with controlled delivery time.

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