Advantages and Cost Analysis of Using Pallet Storage.

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The warehousing sector is getting modernized and evolved drastically for increasing the efficiency of warehouse storage. Today we will discuss in great detail pallet storage in this article.

For storing or packaging, pallets are a very efficient logistics component. They are very common in the storage industry.

Pallet storage has a solid platform that can carry extensive loads. There are many kinds of pallets in the industry that can help to transport and store products in large numbers. They can be used in different styles and capacities, such as-

  • Roto-molded pallets
  • Board pallets
  • Injection molded pallets
  • Double face pallets
  • Double wing pallets
  • Stringer pallets
  • Solid deck pallets

Each of these pallet types has a unique application in the warehouse industry. Some of these pallets are stackable and some of them are expandable. In this article, we will discuss the following things about pallet storage racking:

What Is Pallet Storage?

Pallet storage refers to a method of storing goods or products on pallets in a warehouse or distribution center. This is a common method used in logistics and supply chain management to efficiently store and move large quantities of products.

In pallet storage, products are stacked on pallets and stored on shelving and racks. The pallets can be moved using forklifts or other material handling equipment, making it easy to retrieve products when needed. Pallet storage is often used in conjunction with other storage methods, such as manual storage or automated storage, to optimize warehouse space and improve inventory management.

Pallet storage can also be a cost-effective way to store goods, as it allows for high-density storage and efficient use of warehouse space. Additionally, pallets are a standardized form of packaging, which simplifies the handling and movement of products throughout the supply chain. 

Products of different characteristics, from small to large can easily be stored and organized through it. There are different types of pallets based on the materials used to make them. It includes:

They are quite efficient to move products or store them inside or outside of the warehouse vicinity. Pallets are an effective way to use vertical space in a warehouse.

You can easily access the products of any rack by using forklift trucks. So, no worries about the stock-picking time.

Pallet storage systems are widely used in the e-commerce sector because of their cost-efficiency. Companies nowadays, don’t need to hire third-party logistic services to stock or organize products.

Moreover, the supply chain problem will be eased by a big margin. Pallet storage systems can offer smoother distribution of goods, giving more agility in the business. So, you won’t be having hassles even in the seasonal peaks.

There are many advantages of using the pallets storage system in a warehouse facility which we will discuss later.

If anyone looking for a cost-effective way to organize and store goods in an efficient manner, pallet storage is the answer.

Manual Storage

Manual storage is a storage system used in the warehouse industry where almost everything is operated by humans.

In this storage system, human works instead of machines for placing goods on a pallet. This storage system is not controlled by any automatic system.

The physical characteristic of a warehouse should be modified before selecting a storage system. We can see this type of storage system in narrow aisle warehouses.

When the storage capacity in your warehouse is low, the manual pallet storage system is the preferred one. Also, when there is a limited budget for warehouses, manual storage is the best option.

So, in countries where you can get cheap labor, manual storage can be an ideal choice. Setting up manual storage is a relatively easy task and it doesn’t take much time.

There are some disadvantages related to the manual storage system.

  • As a manual storage system is controlled by humans, this storage system has a lot of chances of error compared to an automatic storage system.
  • In the manual storage system, everything is supposed to be done manually. Likewise, the entry of products has to be recorded in a book. Tasks like these take a lot of time.
  • The productivity of workers decreases in this system.
  • In this system, the goods and the workers have less safety compared to automatic storage.
  • Manual storage is not possible for large volume and weight goods.

Semi-Automatic Storage

A semi-automated storage system is a great choice for companies that are looking to increase the material handling process. This one is a great option If you don’t have the budget to choose full automated storage.

This system is a great combination of human labor and technology. This allows a company to leverage the most benefits from both human-performed tasks and an automated system.

The semi-automatic storage system can solve a great number of issues in your warehouse. So, if you are in need of a particular application or solving any problem, semi-automatic can be the best option. Semi-automatic pallet storage can solve the following problems:

  • Vertical height limitation
  • Problems in the pallet flow rack
  • High safety risk
  • FIFO system (First in, First out)

Semi-automated storage system offers flexibility in terms of pallet retrieval even if you have multiple SKU locations. You don’t even need to drive into the system for that.

The semi-automated pallet system can be involved if there is any assembly of goods are too difficult to be performed manually.

There are some advantages to using this pallet system, which is given below:

  • A great choice for high volume specially SKU locations
  • Automation reduces labor costs and increases productivity
  • Improved safety system
  • Lower maintenance
  • Higher capacity

There are also some disadvantages of using a semi-automated storage system, which are as follows:

  • Setting up semi-automatic storage is difficult compared to a manual storage system.
  • The initial cost is higher in the semi-automatic storage system.

Automatic Storage

The automatic storage system can provide speed and efficiency while storing or throughput goods. An automatic storage system is a system that is operated through a software-controlled system.

This system totally replaces the manual storage and retrieval process. It is the most advanced method to store or organize goods on a pallet.

Here, the rack system, the pallets, and the software all need to interact with each other perfectly in order to provide the utmost efficiency. The automated pallet storage system has several components, that includes:

  • A racking system
  • Infeed and outfeed conveyors
  • Various workstation
  • Total software control
  • No manual interception
  • One or more rack aisles

Automatic storage is a great option when there is a big number of goods to be stored, organized, and handled.

As the picking and storing time becomes significantly less and the throughput time decreases considerably. Moreover, this storage system doesn’t require much floor space. It is a suitable pick for a freezing warehouse or standard warehouse facility.

Automated storage can save a lot of time in the logistic process which will increase business agility. If compared with manual storage, you will see big differences in terms of financial advantages. Apart from this, automatic storage has several pros,

  • Perfect for storing and transporting bulk goods
  • Most efficient usage of available space
  • Racks are installed closer, making higher-density storage
  • Low storing and picking error rates.
  • Unauthorized access can be kept under check
  • Improved workflow
  • Reduced labor and material handling cost
  • Reduced risk of product damage
  • Provides safe environment
  • For achieving constant item availability

There are some other disadvantages of an automated storage system. For instance-

  • Setting up an automatic storage system is very expensive. That’s why only very few companies in the world can afford them.
  • He requires a high level of operator skills and requires workers with some experience to be competent.

Pallet Storage’s Cost And How It Is Calculated?

Pallet storage cost depends on a certain number of factors. Those factors can be insurance, product labeling, product distribution, ETC. Apart from that, to calculate the cost per pallet, you need to know the square foot of your warehouse facility.

As we have seen, the pallet storage rates can vary significantly depending on some factors,

  • Warehouse location
  • Number of pallets you want to store
  • Pallet’s dimensions- height and weight
  • Number of SKUs
  • Any special requirements
  • Containing hazardous or fragile products
  • Ability to store freestanding goods

Apart from this, there are other methods that can grant you lower pallet storage rates, those are given below,

  • If the products are stored for a long- term, the warehouse storage rates might be cheaper.
  • Check for temporary short-term deals if there is any space vacant. Also, check the prices which include material handling in and out of the warehouse.

Advantages Of Pallet Storage.

There are several advantages or benefits of a pallet storage system, which are as follows:

Increase In Productivity

By using a pallet racking system for your products, business profit can increase. You will be able to save on space, increase storage capacity, and keep your warehouse fully organized (which saves time when looking for a specific item).

Pallet storage helps us to organize every item easily. So staff can find the product spontaneously and time is saved. We can freely add more and more products and quickly increase productivity.

Reduces Damage To Merchandise

With the use of pallet racks as storage systems, staff can keep goods safe and reduce unnecessary transportation. Pallet storage is very organized to arrange the product properly. So the damage of product reduces easily.

Compared to earlier models, racking systems are substantially more resilient to lift truck accidents. The pallets also protect your products from dust, dirt, and moisture.

Long-Term Investment

Nowadays pallet racks are very common. It has a good market worldwide because people use pallets for the long term. Pallet storage is a cost-effective storage solution that can save businesses money on storage and labor costs.

Customize Racks With Different Systems

These racks are sturdy and may be configured in a variety of ways, including drive-in racking, selective pallet racking, pushback pallet racking, carton flow rack setups, etc

Easier Transportation

Palletization makes it easier to ship and move products. Palletization streamlines simplify and expedite the transportation of products by enabling many items to be transported simultaneously in various unit loads.

As it is easy to transport, it saves more time.

Space Efficiency

Pallet storage maximizes the use of warehouse space since it allows the storage of large items in a compact format. Pallets can be stacked and stored in tight spaces, making them ideal for warehouses with limited space.

Pallet racking systems provide you the option to stack pallets on top of one another and store them vertically, allowing you to make the most of available space. Racking systems may be constructed at various heights and can accommodate pallets of any common size.

Enhance Durability

Pallets are designed to last, and they are usually made from strong and durable materials that can handle the weight of the product stored on top of them.

Don’t be concerned about your pallet racks becoming damaged if you want to employ forklifts or other equipment.

They are built to endure any kind of warehouse’s routine wear and tear as well as a significant impact. The racking system’s frame could probably be fixed if something serious happened.

Easy To Manage

Pallets can be easily tracked and managed, making them ideal for automated warehouse systems. This allows businesses to efficiently store and move goods without having to manually track them.

Among various types of warehouse storage solutions, pallet storage is one of the most famous types of warehouse storage solutions. Due to its low cost and easy-to-use system, the pallet storage system is used worldwide.

The consumer may choose manual storage, semi-automatic storage, or fully automatic pallet storage system depending on his business needs. In countries where labor cost is low, a manual storage solution is a great way to store goods in the warehouse.

Where labor cost is higher, like in Europe and America, semi-automatic and automatic storage is a great option for them.

While a semi-automatic or automatic storage system initially costs a lot of money, it gives long-term benefits to a business.

If you are looking for pallet storage for your warehouse facility, Mracking can be the perfect place to buy it. They offer various types of pallet storage racks which include selective pallet racking, teardrop pallet racking, drive-in pallet racking, very narrow aisle pallet racking, shuttle pallet racking, and double deep pallet racking.

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