How to maintain the warehouse storage racks?

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Believe that many companies will consider various aspects when purchasing warehouse racks in China, and will also ask a question, that is, what is the service life of the warehouse racks in your factory? In fact, the racks used in warehouses are like cars. If you don’t care for or take care of them, they’ll be obsolete, aged, and obsolete very quickly. The time limit set by our rack manufacturer is irrelevant, because the time limit set by the rack manufacturer is confirmed according to the correct use. Therefore, your correct use is related to the interests of your warehouse storage. Let’s have a look at how to prevent the deformation of storage racks and how to maintain the life of warehouse racks, so as to bring greater benefits to the warehouse.

Warehouse rack maintenance precautions:

There are many factors that affect the service life of warehouse racks, such as temperature, humidity, light, and ventilation conditions of the warehouse. If the humidity in the warehouse is too high, it will cause the racks to rust, reduce the carrying capacity of the racks, and reduce the service life.

1. Regularly apply protective paint to reduce rust, check daily, repair whether the screws are loose, and ventilate in time to prevent excessive moisture in the warehouse.

2. Avoid too much sunlight, the racks are properly ventilated, prevent damp items from being placed on the racks, and try to drain and dehumidify.

3. Equipped with a set of anti-collision uprights according to different racks, aisle widths and conveying tools. Install crash barriers at passages.

Warehouse workers
Warehouse workers

4. The weight of the goods placed on the rack must be within the loading capacity of the rack. Making loading and load-limiting signs on the racks is beneficial to warehouse cargo loading and unloading personnel. The bottom of the rack should follow the principle of light weight, that is, put heavy goods on the bottom and light goods on the top.

5. Heavy and high-rise warehouses must be equipped with electric push-up carts, and the use and operation of push-up carts must be operated by licensed personnel. The deformation of the warehouse rack upright is mostly caused by the use of trolleys by non-designated personnel.

6. Prescribe the rack usage system. Different warehouses, different commodities, and the racks in each warehouse are used in different ways. Warehouse managers must formulate a rack usage system, and let every rack user learn and follow it. This is the ultimate way to achieve the goal.

What is the reason for the deformation of the rack?

1. The placement of goods weight exceeds the layer load of the rack.
When purchasing racks, the warehouse storage rack manufacturer will select the corresponding material according to the layer of goods loaded, if the weight of the goods on the rack exceeds the weight of the selected material in actual use, the warehouse rack will be deformed.

2. Uneven distribution of cargos will cause deformation.
For example, when placing goods, the weight of each layer of goods will be concentrated in the central part, and there is no placed weight of goods at both ends, which will definitely cause deformation of the racks.

warehouse pallet racking
warehouse pallet racking

3. Illegal use of handling equipment to carry.
Sometimes when a user uses a forklift and other handling equipment to transport goods, the forklift will hit the rack due to the driver’s reasons, thereby causing the rack to deform.

4. The selection of materials is not good.
When customers buy racks, they will inevitably encounter some bad rack manufacturers, cut corners, make up for them, and then deform the racks.

How to prevent deformation of warehouse racks:

Warehouse racks are an important part of current rack consumption. Many people complain that warehouse racks are easily damaged and deformed. In fact, did you follow the instructions on the manual when using the rack?

1. When designing the warehouse rack structure, factors such as use requirements, equipment conditions, load characteristics, material supply and installation conditions should be comprehensively considered, and the structural form, structural measures and production materials should be reasonably selected to achieve technical, economical, reasonable, safe and applicable. Quality assurance.

2. The dimensional tolerance, deformation and clearance of warehouse racks should meet relevant standards.

3. Strict design procedures. Whether the warehouse racks are designed in the durability limit state or the large load limit state, they must meet the relevant standards and have a calculation book. For major projects, finite element calculation must be carried out, the strength, stiffness and stability of Dongguan warehouse racks must be combined, and the safety under earthquake action must be comprehensively evaluated. For standard warehouse racks to be reused, there must be a general calculation book.

Warehouse racking system
Warehouse racking system

4. It is often difficult to theoretically analyze the structure of warehouse racks in Dongguan. It is necessary to determine the parameters required in the design through the corresponding tests, and the structure of the warehouse rack or the loading capacity of a certain component can also be directly determined through the test. The test shall be reported and the test equipment shall be calibrated and inspected by a qualified metrology department.

5. For warehouse racks, both ends of each beam must be equipped with locking devices, or fastened with screws and nuts, so that the beam can be stably fixed on the upright and prevent the upright from falling off due to upward external force. In order to ensure the connection between the beam and its locking device (or screws, nuts), the normal operation of the beam locking device or the tightening of screws and nuts should be regularly checked during use, and the damaged device should be replaced in time.

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