How do you protect warehouse storage racks from moisture?

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In many large storage and freight centers, storage racks are a necessity in every warehouse, with racks to make more effective use of the limited space to store more items. However, because the area of each warehouse in the storage center is too large, can not effectively do dehumidification work on the stored items. Therefore, it is inevitable that the stored products will commit moisture or even mold.

boltless storage rack for warehouse
boltless storage rack for warehouse

Many times, we all think that the surface of the rack is processed, not afraid of water, and there is no need to prevent moisture and humidity. Indeed, the racks occasionally account for some water do not have any impact, but the racks that have been wet will certainly have some impact, especially some racks with a long time, its surface protection layer may be slack, or even off, which is very easy to rust in the humid air for a long time. In this way, the storage and freight center racks moisture-proof work is particularly important. Next we’ll take a look at some moisture-proofing tips for storage freight center racks.

Warehouse generally from the following aspects of moisture:

A. Warehouse site selection should be reasonable.

Warehouse site as the first step in the management of the enterprise warehouse directly affects the management and maintenance of the latter, to maximize the value of market development and marketing ahead, the initial site selection must be careful, the budget, business operating strategy, traffic conditions, natural conditions, plumbing and HVAC, etc. should be prudent comparison.

1, The budget, companies want to find the best warehouse within the budget, but it is not recommended to choose the old plant for the sake of the savings of the moment, the old plant facilities are aging, and the ability to withstand disasters is also very weak, the subsequent loss of items resulting in capital investment will make you scream. Leasing, field visits, pay attention to the actual use of the warehouse area and the ratio between the rent calculation area, if the rent shares the common area, invariably increase the cost, and secondly, do not count in the rental area of the usable area, such as the platform, can increase the warehouse utilization space.

2, The business operation strategy to determine the size and location of the warehouse area. Clearly their own volume of goods and the amount of future development, looking for a warehouse that matches their size and future expectations can avoid frequent replacement of warehouses, temporary space shortages and other problems.

3, Traffic conditions are crucial, traffic congestion transport speed will be reduced. Both access to the city fast lane, and to connect with the highway network out of the city, the convenience of traffic in and out of the city is conducive to the transportation of goods between the manufacturer and the next level of agents.

4, In the natural environment, humidity, salt, rainfall, typhoons, earthquake zones, rivers and other natural conditions, are important factors that affect the location of the warehouse. Avoid high humidity, rugged terrain, typhoons and earthquake-prone zones. The flood also warned us that the warehouse location can not be too low in elevation, once the rainstorm comes, the floodwaters flow to the low ground, the warehouse is hardly spared.

5, the warehouse staff quarters, goods storage place need water, electricity, heating, an inspection of the warehouse must choose a full range of water, electricity and heating.

teardrop warehouse pallet rack
teardrop warehouse pallet rack

B.The warehouse is divided into functional areas.

Must be the functional design of the warehouse, to avoid confusion because the functional areas lead to bring difficulties in the subsequent management. Functional area design can follow two principles: the principle of singularity and not crossing the principle.

1, The so-called single principle, refers to the warehouse function of a single, the warehouse can not be used as staff quarters and garage, the three should have their own functions to avoid the warehouse resources being occupied.

2, The principle of non-crossing, that is, the warehouse does not cross each different area. Planning within the warehouse includes product areas, handling channels, loading and unloading areas, and manufacturers of promotional materials area. Product storage arrangements should also not cross, fast-moving, in and out of the warehouse near the warehouse door, on the contrary, slow-moving, in and out of the small amount of stacking; outer packaging is not strong or irregular categories avoid stacking too high. Commodities into the warehouse are best according to the production date of the pile, when conditions do not allow the rules of the mixed pile is the date of the new in the next, the date early in the upper; at the same time, the warehouse must be set up separately returned temporary storage area and damaged goods area, can facilitate the timely processing of these two types of goods. Loading and unloading area reserved for the location, convenient for personnel access and temporary storage of goods.

mezzanine rack
mezzanine rack

C. The warehouse manager is to be diligent.

The warehouse can be said to be the largest real estate of the enterprises, which is stored in millions, tens of millions or even greater value of goods, so the warehouse managers are not neglected management focus.

D. Strengthen control.

Improve the location of the warehouse, product management, personnel management and other issues, we must consider a variety of natural and non-natural disasters on the warehouse goods brought about by the damage, such as fire, theft, rodent prevention and other basic safety precautions in the warehouse.

1, Warehouse managers need to strictly comply with the safety procedures and safety and security system, strengthen fire prevention, waterproof, anti-theft, anti-rodent and other disaster prevention education, popularization of technical knowledge of fire prevention, strengthen the sense of responsibility, overcome paralysis, eliminate all kinds of safety hazards, to eliminate all kinds of non-natural disasters.

2, The warehouse should be strictly managed by fire, fire, power and other sources of disaster. The warehouse area is prohibited to bring inflammable materials, smoking is strictly prohibited, the signage of no fire and smoke should be hung in a conspicuous place, the implementation of safety precautions, and send a person responsible for supervision.

3, All kinds of electrical equipment, fire-fighting equipment, anti-theft equipment, waterproof equipment, etc., the product must meet the safety requirements.

4, The warehouse area should be isolated from the staff living area to avoid accidents.

5, Warehouse custodians should be familiar with the classification of stored items, nature, custodial business knowledge and fire safety system, master the operation and use of fire-fighting equipment and maintenance methods.

6, Establish and strictly enforce the night duty and patrol system, and the staff in charge should check and supervise the implementation, especially in extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain and windstorm, we should always pay attention to the weather changes and arrange the staff on duty to inspect and deal with any problems in time to ensure the safety of the warehouse.

7, The emergence of more serious water wet, wet phenomenon timely report.

warehouse mold storage rack
warehouse mold storage rack

E. Strengthen the warehouse inspection.

1, Check all warehouse roof, loading and unloading awnings in the past whether the leak has been effectively sealed.

2, Check whether the warehouse doors and windows are closed after the seal is complete.

3, Check whether the warehouse ventilation equipment operation is normal.

4, Check whether the warehouse drainage facilities are intact, or blocked.

5, Check whether the warehouse rags, mops, dehumidification materials, rainproof film and other tools are ready.

6, To the warehouse all staff open rain and moisture mobilization conference, the warehouse rain and moisture measures to prevent the method of training.

7, The emergence of more serious water wet, wet phenomenon timely report.

8, The warehouse in charge of the specific circumstances of the warehouse to develop a targeted “warehouse rain and moisture checklist”, the daily regular arrangements for personnel inspection.

drive in pallet rack system
drive in pallet rack system

F. Pay attention to the placement of racks and goods.

1, The importance of warehouse storage racks placement program warehouse storage program determines the placement of storage racks, different storage racks placed in relation to the pattern of different warehouses, rainy season ventilation is also an important part of the moisture, good warehouse racks placement can have good ventilation, which can make the warehouse have better ventilation conditions to avoid warehouse mold. When the outdoor humidity is greater than the indoor humidity, close the doors and windows, and vice versa open the doors and windows, and record the humidity and temperature changes, if the wet season indoor relative humidity ≥ 80%. Should install the appropriate dehumidification equipment to reduce the risk of moisture and mold products.

2, The placement of goods in the warehouse is used to place a variety of different goods, the placement of goods is also related to the warehouse moisture, the conventional racks are laminated these goods are placed on the racks of the laminate. Heavy-duty beam racks are required to use the laminate, which needs to be placed neatly when placing goods, and the bottom layer also needs to use the beam, which cannot be placed directly on the ground. Various goods in the warehouse are also required to different degrees of moisture, some goods may be better moisture resistance, but some goods may be susceptible to moisture and need to be packaged and placed in the time required to avoid contact with moisture in the air, easy to moisture goods placed as far as possible to the upper rack position, can not be placed directly on the ground.

warehouse mezzanine
warehouse mezzanine

Warehouse moisture means:

1, Because the air is humid, anything is very difficult to dry, so should be reduced according to the situation with wet rags, and wet mop to clean the warehouse, but should use more dry rags, dry mop.

2, Because the air moisture encountered tiny particles easy to condense into water droplets, so should keep the goods, the ground clean, no more dust, reduce the formation of water droplets on the surface.

3, The humidity should be observed outside the warehouse, when the humidity inside the warehouse is higher than the humidity outside the warehouse by more than 15 degrees, when the ventilation window, ventilation trough, etc. should be opened in time for ventilation, and vice versa, the warehouse must be tightly closed. 4, Lime is an adsorbent, 1 kg of lime can adsorb about 0.3 kg of moisture in the air. On rainy days, you can use cloth or sack to wrap lime and place it in various places in the warehouse to keep the indoor air dry.

5, For small warehouses, you can turn on strong fans to strengthen the air convection in the warehouse and reduce the condensation of water droplets.

6, Do not cover with film to prevent water beads, because it can not be completely sealed, there will still be a lot of moisture under the film, after the water beads are covered by the film, it is difficult to evaporate, and it is easy to appear moldy quality.

7, The warehouse with exhaust fans should keep the fan on.

8, Carton goods stacked not too dense, should be as loose as possible, if too close, air convection will be severely restricted, humid air gathered for a long time is not easy to produce mold.

9, For boxed heavy goods, should be as far as possible to reduce the height of stacking, such as stacking higher, the outer box moisture softened, the gravity of the decline, it is easy to cause the outer box corner rupture due to heavy pressure.

10, Check the goods should be carefully checked when the goods are outside the box sealing tape, the surface of the goods moisture will first appear sealing tape condensation of very small beads of water, once found, must organize staff to wipe and other dehumidification measures.

11, The goods must be placed on the mezzanine floor, not directly on the ground-stacked, for goods that do not need to be placed on the mezzanine for a short period of time, must regularly turn the pile, because the ground contact with the goods because of ground moisture penetration can not evaporate, condensation into the water, a long time, the outer box of goods will appear serious mold rot.

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