Learn What High-Density Storage Is: The Most Complete Guide.

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High density storage racks offer a means of storing high volumes of products. This type of storage offers the utilization of multiple innovative methods which is very important in different environments. 

The high density racks offer an efficient solution for storage and they are ideally suitable in situations where scalability is expected. Spaces like warehouses can make the most of such storage and enjoy cost-effectiveness. These storage racks are equipped with a lot of aspects which are highlighted in this guide below. So let’s read.

The traditional storage methods differ from high density storage in various ways and some of the major differences are discussed below:

Traditional Storage Methods

Traditional storage methods use static shelving for strong inventory. The traditional storage methods are meant to be accessed manually and hence they do not utilize the space properly. 

The initial investment in these systems is quite low but the long-term costs are high due to lack of efficiency in space utilization. These storage methods are suitable for smaller businesses that have less inventory to manage.

High density Storage Methods

High density storage methods on the other hand use the advanced methods of racking. They consist of push-back racks, mobile racks, and pallet flow racks which help to maximize the space usage. 

gravity flow rack manufacturer
gravity flow rack manufacturer

These racks are designed to use space with efficiency and hence they are also suitable for integration with automated systems. They offer better management of inventory. Although the high density storage systems are expensive, with time due to their efficiency they make the overall investment a cost-effective one.

When it comes to looking at the different types of high-density storage shelving some of these may include the following:

Pallet racking systems are designed to maximize the vertical space by holding the palletized materials and help in improving inventory management. 

These racking systems are commonly used in warehouses where inventory management is improved and systematic storage is possible.  Some of the common types of pallet racking systems are as follows:

  • Selective pallet racking offers a very flexible system of racking and ensures direct access to each pallet. It is suitable for warehouses that have a versatile product range and turnover rates are low.
  • Drive-in or drive-thru racking is also a high density storage system that is accessed with the help of forklifts, they have entry and exit points and are suitable for operating in FIFO and LIFO inventory systems.
  • The push-back racking system comprises pallets that are loaded on nested carts and these carts move along the inclined rails. The new pallet pushes the previous one back. It is suitable for such spaces where storage space is limited and the LIFO inventory system is followed.
  • Pallet flow racking comprises a gravity-fed system in which the pallets are loaded on one end and with the help of rollers are moved to the other. These racking systems are ideal for  FIFO inventory systems and in businesses where there is a high product turnover. This racking system is commonly used in the food and beverage industry where the inventory needs regular rotation.
drive through racking
drive through racking

Cantilever racks are storage racks that consist of horizontal arms that are extended from the vertical column. This type of racking system is designed to store bulky and log items. These racks are open from the front side and hence the items can easily be accessed.

Cantilever racks are high density racks that can be suitable for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and lumber yards where heavy and long items require storage. The racks offer easy accessibility and hence the heavy goods can be organized properly with a flexible storage solution.

cantilever rack
cantilever rack

Mezzanine racks are platforms that have some elevation and they are conducted to create additional storage space in a warehouse. The mezzanine racks are constructed above the storage which is already present and hence the floor area usage is doubled and tripled. 

These storage racks help to increase the storage capacity significantly and can be used for multiple applications. Apart from just storage, they can also offer additional space for offices and production areas. They are highly cost-effective and maximize the use of space.

mezzanine rack
mezzanine rack

Mobile racking systems offer high density racks that are moveable. These racks are installed on the wheeled carriages and are compact in layout. They offer excellent versatility and can be used with different racking systems like cantilevers and pallet racks.

When choosing high density storage system some of the features to consider are as follows:

  • Load capacity and weight limits

The structural integrity of the racking system needs a proper analysis to ensure that the racking system is capable of holding the weight and load which is your requirement. A robust construction is needed which is durable enough to stay intact in the longer run.

So, when choosing a racking system make sure to analyze the load capacity and weight limits of your products before you choose the rack.

  • Material and durability

The construction of the storage rack must be durable and for this materials used in its manufacturing should be robust like steel. Opting for the right material-based storage racks ensures a long-term and resistive solution that can handle the load capacity and weight varying according to the requirement.

  • Flexibility and adjustability

The design of the racking system you are choosing must be flexible and adaptable to the changes in storage needs. As time passes versatility is needed for the storage process and the selected racking system must be capable of adjusting to it.

  • Safety features

Safety is one of the major concerns when it comes to racking systems. When you choose a racking system make sure it has guardrails and locks or any other safety mechanism as needed. It helps to ensure safety in the workplace helping to avoid any type of accidents and also the inventory is stored safely.

  • Ease of installation and maintenance

The high density racks must be simple to install and should have easy to maintain layout. The ease of maintenance and installation helps to ensure that the system management is up to the mark and there are no operational disruptions.

selective pallet racking
selective pallet racking

There are multiple benefits offered by high density storage racks and some of these are as follows:

  • Maximizing storage space

The high density storage racks increase the storage capacity of any space as it can easily make the best use of vertical and horizontal space.  The right type of racking system eliminates the need to have multiple shelves and you can have compact storage which helps you free up the floor space.

  • Improving organization and accessibility

The racking system helps with better organization and ease of access to the items that are stored. The high density storage racks offer a systematic solution for storage which makes it easier to locate items when needed.

  • Enhancing warehouse efficiency

The warehouse efficiency can be enhanced with the help of storage racks, they offer better organization and accessibility. The workers can easily navigate the area of storage and the time to restock and pick up the stuff reduces.

  • Reducing operational costs

The space utilization is maximized with the help of high density storage systems and hence the need for additional space in the warehouse can be reduced. Moreover, the inventory turnover rate also improves and the time and labor costs involved in managing the inventory also drop. These storage systems result in operational cost savings.

  • Scalability for future growth

The high density storage systems are designed keeping in mind their ability to accommodate growth in the future. Hence, they are highly flexible and the storage capacity can be expanded as needed. The scalability features have helped the business grow without any further investment required in the storage facilities.

shuttle rack
shuttle rack

When it comes to choosing the high density storage rack some of the factors to consider in order to make the right choice are discussed below:

  • Assessing storage needs and space

When choosing the right high density storage rack the most important thing at first is the assessment of your storage requirement. While conducting this assessment make sure to consider the current as well as the future storage needs that you may have.

It is suggested to work out an efficient layout for the overall storage system which helps to maximize the storage capacity without impacting the flow of work.

  • Considering inventory type and turnover rate

The type of inventory and the turnover rate are also the two most important factors that you must consider when choosing high density racks

You must select the storage system that suits your inventory for instance if you have a high turnover rate then you must invest in a pallet racking system whereas if you have a low turnover rate the push-back system is a suitable option.

  • Budget considerations

High density storage racks price are also considerable, you must have a budget established which comprises a breakup of purchase costs followed by installation, maintenance, and future upgrade costs.

It is very important to match the cost with the functionality and quality of the racks, an efficient and durable system offers long-term savings.

  • Evaluating supplier options

Looking for a racking system will make you come across multiple suppliers, but selecting them carefully is what plays an important role. You can conduct thorough research on the suppliers and make comparisons to assess their reputation, the quality of the products they offer, support, and customer services.

Make sure to select a supplier that offers positive feedback, has warranties to offer, and also is known for good after-sales support.

  • Customization possibilities

In various instances, you may need customized high density storage shelving so that if there are specific requirements for storage solutions, these can be met. You can choose a supplier who is ready to offer you a tailor-made storage system so that it fits in your inventory management system without any hindrance.

VNA racking
VNA racking

When it comes to evaluating whether or not high density storage is suitable for business, a lot of factors must be assessed in the first place. 

The major consideration that you must have is the consideration of space. If you are looking forward to making the most of the limited space that you have and the inventory has a high volume then high density storage could be one of the most important needs for your business.

The volume of your inventory and its rate of turnover also need attention, the best part about high density storage shelves is that they are suitable for high as well as low turnover rates. Moreover, they are suitable for storing products that are heavy and large or have irregular shapes. Hence, if you have such items in your inventory then a high density storage can be the right choice.

High density storage systems can streamline business operations and hence the efficiency of the business increases. Moreover, these storage systems are scalable, and in the future if the volume of your inventory increases, the storage can easily be scaled up. 

There are multiple factors that you must look into when choosing a storage system for your application, after an assessment of these factors you can decide if a high density storage system is suitable for your business or not.

Once you have decided to invest in a high density storage system, the next most important thing is choosing the right supplier. Mracking offers the finest quality storage systems among which the high density storage system is a commendable option. 
The storage systems manufactured by Mracking are equipped with high-quality and durable materials, robust structures, and value-adding safety features. The best part is that you can even have the storage system customized according to your storage needs. So, get in touch with us today to get a quote.

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