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Top 10 Heavy Duty Rack Manufacturers in China.

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Having the most suitable storage system in your warehouse floor or industry is as important as the production of goods. Further, across different sectors whether retail, manufacturing, textile, and many others, you need to have a storage system that can hold all the materials you need to store. Not only does that keep your materials safe and prevent any hazardous situations, it also gives you more floor space in your building.

heavy duty pallet racking
heavy duty pallet racking

Every day, the need for heavy duty racks arises in a warehouse. When you have to store dense metal products such as steel coils, press plates or any other heavy duty load, then you certainly need a racking system that fits exactly what you need. The problem lies that heavy duty materials require a specialized kind of heavy duty racking or shelving. Also, these heavy duty racks need to be sturdy enough to hold your loads and are durable. Finding this heavy duty suitable for you can be a daunting challenge. This article will guide you to the top 10 heavy duty racks manufacturers that you can select from and get the best heavy duty racks suitable for your warehouse, industry, manufacturing firms, factory or retail stores.

Before we go to our lists of top heavy duty racks manufacturers, let us know what heavy duty racking is about. This knowledge will inform you on what heavy duty rack is good for you and the manufacturer that you should choose.

Heavy duty racking is a type of storage system that frees up large warehouse floors by moving heavy materials or loads to more specialized heavy duty racks. These racks are stronger than regular racks and each rack shelf can hold about 1000-3000 kg of materials.

Heavy duty racks are customizable to fit exactly the type of materials you want to store and the load capacity of the material. For example, if you are storing boxed products, then the shape of the heavy duty rack will be different if you are storing palletized materials. 

Also, most heavy duty racks are customized to hold exactly the amount of load you want to store. If you want to store 1500 kg of load, then the manufacturer will make the heavy duty rack to hold exactly that amount. This ensures that you use the rack to serve its intended purpose optimally. This also minimizes easier damage to the racking system.

Most heavy duty racks are made from steel. Manufacturers use cold-rolled steel which is the type of steel for sturdy structure and higher load capacity. This steel guarantees that you can store up to 3000 kg of materials without any damage. 

Further, heavy duty racks have multiple load-bearing beams and frames. Since you can easily customize heavy duty racking, you can add more frames or beams to have more storage space and increase the capacity of the rack.

Now that you know what heavy duty racking is about and its components, let us now look at the top manufacturers of heavy duty racks. This article will serve as your guide to choosing a manufacturer as your best bet to getting the best heavy duty rack that you need.


Mracking is the go-to manufacturer when it comes to getting high quality heavy duty racks for competitive prices. The manufacturer does not compromise on the integrity and quality of their products but still ensures that customers get better prices then their competitors for their racks.

Mracking ensures that they satisfy the warehouse rack needs of their customers by manufacturing heavy duty racks that meet the exact needs of their customers regardless of their country. They do this by ensuring that their racks are appropriate for different international markets. Mracking has over 20 years of engineering experience and has been in the rack producing business since 2008. 

They are the first Chinese firms to have 3A credit and ISO 9001 certification. This goes far to show the quality of their products even though they still offer them at a very competitive price. Their products are coated with an anti-corrosion formula which means that the heavy duty racks you get from them will not get damaged or rusty from repeated use.

They also offer door-to-door delivery, so you don’t have to worry about transportation even if you are continents away. Even if you can’t install the heavy duty racks, you do not need to worry too much about that. This is because they provide technical support for installation and on-site guidance if you want that.

What more? If you are the type that is big on health safety and environmental wellbeing, Mracking pays attention to that. Their production process aligns itself with occupational safety protocols and they ensure that their process does not put the environment in any jeopardy. To show how big they are on environmental safety, they are the first Chinese company to pass the occupational health and safety management system and environmental management system certification.

Asides from heavy duty racks, Mracking also manufactures other types of racking and shelving such as cantilever racking, double deep pallet racks, selective pallet racks, mezzanine floors, mold racks, drive in pallet racks, and many others.

nova rack
nova rack

NOVA is a storage racking systems manufacturing company in China. They produce and supply mezzanine racking, AS/RS system, heavy duty racking and other types of racking and shelvings. NOVA is dedicated to professional design, accurate production process, strict quality controlling and comprehensive after-sale service, it enjoys a high reputation and praise in both domestic and overseas markets with the product of high quality and reasonable price. 

To show how good their products are, NOVA has exported its products to more than 120 countries which are distributed all over the 5 continents. NOVA has built a technology R & D center in Nanjing and owns some national patents, at the same time, it’s certified with ISO 9001, 14001, and CE which signposts the quality of their products.


Jiangsu Kingmore is a storage equipment manufacturing company in Nanjing, China since 2011. If you are looking for quality racking equipment, they are your go to supplier. They are a global supplier in heavy duty racks which are made of quality steel. They have the ability to produce around 100,000tons of products which means that they produce many different products and designs which you can readily select from.

Whether you are running a large or medium enterprise, Jiangsu Kingmore products fit into your need for heavy duty racks. Their products are not just designed for warehouses or industries in China. Their racks are also tailored to fit in for foreign warehouses or industrial use. For example, their heavy duty racks comply with the AS4084-2012 standard, which is an American RMI and FMI standard for rackings. 

Further, in China, they have passed the ISO9001:2008 certificate which puts the quality of their products beyond any reasonable doubt. If your industry is based in Europe, then you don’t have to worry. They are also your ideal supplier. They are CE certified which means the European Union regulatory body has deemed their products quality for use in Europe.

This supplier also manufactures heavy duty racks that fit the needs of different markets. They make American teardrop racking, Asian teardrop racking and general teardrop rack which is versatile for any type of warehouse in any country.


Guanghong Shelf is a storage equipment manufacturer based in Guangdong, China. Not only do they produce the heavy duty racks you need, they design it to suit your taste and help with the installation. Guanghong Shelf recognizes that every warehouse and industry have their own special needs and so they design their products to fit into their customer’s respective needs. 

One of the reasons why they are top manufacturers of heavy duty racks is because their products are known to be durable and sturdy. 

They are made of hot rolled steel which allows them to hold a high number of heavy duty materials. Their designs are also flexible. Which means you can adjust them according to your warehouse floor space in order to maximize the space, store your heavy duty materials and still don’t compromise on the quality of the product. You can customize their heavy duty racks according to your needs. They are also sturdy enough for each rack shelf to hold at least 500kg of heavy duty materials.

Since 2005 when Guanghong Shelf was founded, their commitment has been towards optimization of warehouse space and organizational efficiency. They also use innovative approaches in production of their heavy duty racks. They use advanced modern technology in designing and producing their products which guarantees durability and quality. The Chinese regulatory body certified their products. Their heavy duty racks are also suitable for international warehouse needs. 


IRACKING is a manufacturing and delivery company that produces different kinds of racking, shelving and warehouse storage equipment that is suitable for any warehouse or industrial use. They are based in Nanjing, China.

IRACKING is a manufacturer committed to maximizing the storage space of their customers through the production and delivery of quality heavy duty racks that keep heavy duty materials off the warehouse floor. Their heavy duty racks have different support bars which you can choose from according to your storage needs. They are CE certified and have the AS4084-2012, ISO 9001:2008, SGS certificates which go further in proving the quality of their heavy duty products.

With IRACKING, you are basically in charge of how you want your heavy duty rack to turn out. They have different safety pins and bolts that suit different warehouse storage options, different box beam sizes and different uprights that suit exactly your storage needs.


They are a manufacturing company based in Nanjing Jiangsu, China. They produce different kinds of rack storage systems. They have a production capacity of 2000 tons of every duty rack per month. You can rest assured that you will get enough heavy duty racks supply that you require for your warehouse.

Their heavy duty racks are made of steel which guarantees that their products are sturdy. Evidence of this is that each rack can hold 2000 kg of materials. Their products are also adjustable which means you can easily customize the product to suit your needs. You can also easily move the racks to any space on your warehouse floor. They are CE certified which means their products are quality enough and suitable for international markets.

a-plus rack
a-plus rack

A plus is a manufacturing firm based in China. They deal in different kinds of storage equipment which includes racking and shelving. They specialize in layout, design, manufacturing and installation. Their heavy duty racks are made of steel which makes them sturdy enough to hold a high rate of heavy duty materials. 

One of the reasons why A-Plus is fitted for your warehouse storage needs is because of their engineering. Their products are tensile tested. They are certified by the Chinese regulatory body and this proves the quality of their products. Their racks are customizable to suit your warehouse needs and they are strong enough to hold 4500kg of heavy duty materials. 

In selecting an ideal manufacturer, if what you consider is their area of specialization, then Aplus fits into the category of your go-to manufacturer for double deep heavy duty racks. This is because they specialize in the manufacturing of double deep heavy duty storage.


Calin is a storage equipment manufacturing company located in Shanghai, China. They produce all kinds of racking and shelving for warehouse storage systems and logistics equipment. They do not only manufacture racking, but also deal with planning storage systems suited for warehouse floors and also sales servicing. Calin also primarily focuses on manufacturing heavy duty racks which serve as high density storage systems especially for heavy duty materials.

What’s more, their products are versatile. You are suited for the desired purpose irrespective of the type of warehouse you run or the type of industry. You can use their products in manufacturing industries, logistics firms, retail stores, food companies and many others.

They have the capacity to produce 1000 tons of heavy duty racks per month which means they can guarantee to meet your order. Also, they have the ISO9001 certification which proves the quality of their racks.


JustBest is a young industrial racking manufacturing company founded in 2015 in Guangzhou, China. They specialize in R&D design, manufacturing, installation, and after sale service of warehouse equipment. They provide quality products at competitive prices to ensure that you do not have to empty your pockets just to get a sturdy high duty rack structure. 

They provide warehouse space measurement service in order to design the perfect fit heavy duty rack for your warehouse floor space. Before you buy a product, you can opt to get sketches of your design which they will provide in CAD and 3D sketches. Their heavy duty racks are made from high quality cold rolled steel strong enough to take a high amount of heavy duty materials. Using cold rolled steel ensures that their heavy duty rack products are not too expensive but because they are quality, they are still strong enough for heavy duty materials. 

Other than heavy duty racks, they produce high-density shelving, warehouse drawer, light duty racking, heavy duty cantilever shelves and many other racking and shelving structures.

jracking rack
jracking rack

Jracking is a warehouse racking manufacturing company based in China and Vietnam with a production capacity of 50,000 tons annually. They specialize in manufacturing and supplying warehouse storage equipment to ensure that you can maximize your warehouse floor space and fix your need to find the suitable racking for your long, bulky and awkward heavy duty materials. Their products are cost effective and of high quality.

Further, they produce US-standard teardrop pallets to fit into international market warehouse storage needs. Their products are also designed to fit into Australia standard, and European Union standard. Thus, regardless of your location, you can be sure that you will get a heavy duty rack that can fix your warehouse storage needs.

You can use their cantilever and pallet racks products for heavy duty both indoor and outdoor as they are designed to withstand any hard weather. Their racks are also customizable which means you will get products that are specifically tailored to your warehouse needs. Other than heavy duty storage racks their other products include push back racking, drive in racking, electric mobile racking, mezzanine, platform, long span shelving and many others.

1. Warehouse floor space: Heavy duty racks are customizable to fit precisely into your warehouse storage space. That means you can tailor the rack toe precisely to fit the floor space you want it to fit and then use the other space for other purposes. This means that you have to know your warehouse floor space for the manufacturer to design your heavy duty rack to fit into it.

2. Load density: it is important for you to know the storage capacity that you require. Each heavy duty rack/shelves can hold about 1000kg heavy duty materials depending on the type of steel used and how sturdy the structure is. However, the general theme behind heavy duty rack is that they are customisable to meet your exact need. Thus, you do not need to get a heavy duty rack of 2000kg storage capacity if all you need is a 1000kg storage capacity.

3. Type of product: heavy duty racks are suitable for use across every type of industry, manufacturing companies, logistics companies and even retail stores. This means that each of these companies will have different types of product they want to store. Thus, you need to know if the product you want to store is boxed or palletized or long or round so that the heavy duty rack can be customized to fit in exactly what you need.
4. Budget: Heavy duty racks are made from steel. Manufactures use either cold rolled steel or hot rolled steel. Generally, hot rolled steel is sturdier than cold rolled and has a larger storage capacity. However, with a larger storage capacity comes a slightly bigger budget. Thus, if a cold rolled steel product is enough for the materials you want to store, then you do not need to spend more money to get hot rolled steel. Moreover, quality cold rolled steel is strong enough to hold heavy duty materials.

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