Do different pallet sizes affect the planning of warehouse racking?

Do you want to know if the situation of multiple pallets specifications will directly affect the planning of warehouse storage rack? This article will help you. Finally, we’ve also added some FAQs and maintenance tips. 

Do different pallet sizes affect the planning of warehouse racking?

Xinmiao storage rack customer service department often receives calls from customers. Most of them ask: the warehouse currently has multiple specifications of pallets, but there is a demand for space utilization and storage capacity. It is necessary to re-plan the warehouse racking. Will this multi pallet situation directly affect the planning of warehouse racking system? Will it affect the space and storage capacity of the warehouse? Do you need to consider the size of racks and pallets when designing and planning warehouse racks? In this regard, Xinmiao storage rack manufacturer focuses on these problems raised by customers to help customers solve the problems and doubts related to multi pallet storage racks!

When designing storage racks, the dimensions of a group of storage racks are the same, that is, a group of racks can only be used to store pallets of one size. But now many enterprises have a wide variety of goods and different sizes, which brings a problem to the warehouse storage. How to store these pallets with different sizes. If you use multiple sizes of storage racks, it can naturally solve this problem, but this will undoubtedly increase the cost of the warehouse for enterprises. So is there any better way to solve the problem of different pallet sizes?

heavy duty rack
heavy duty rack

Relatively speaking, when designing and planning the warehouse, rack manufacturers will design the rack size according to the size of the existing pallets in the warehouse. When there are multiple specifications of pallets, they will design the storage rack according to the existing maximum size of the warehouse, and then add mesh laminates, pallet supports and other accessories on the rack to place pallets with relatively small specifications. On the one hand, they can unify the storage racking size of the warehouse, Reasonable planning of increasing warehouse; On the other hand, adding accessories can enhance the safety during operation; Moreover, if the warehouse shelf users are not very concerned about these two sides, they can also ask the rack system manufacturers to design the size of the rack according to the pallets of different sizes. However, this state usually occurs in a small number. Of course, the rack system manufacturers are not very willing to adopt this scheme.

Why is the extra clearance left between pallets on the racks 100mm?

To answer a question: the gap between pallets, the gap between pallets and columns is 100, and the gap between the height of goods on the pallet and the beam is 100. Why should the gap be 100? Can we keep it bigger? Or we want to save space. Can we keep it smaller?

In fact, different rack manufacturers have different standards for extra reserved clearance. In the long-term production planning process, Xinmiao storage rack manufacturer finds that 100 is a relatively safe clearance. The clearance of 100 is not very strict for forklift operators but provides a certain safety clearance.  And racks in the pallet may be out of the pallet, so considering the above two points, Xinmiao storage rack in the storage racking planning standard normal for 100, but it is not the only standard clearance, 100 if you feel that your forklift master level does not need to worry, that you can when rack system manufacturers to design put forward this request,  Clearance can be reduced, but as a manufacturer, Xinmiao does not recommend clearance less than 50, and the height standard between cargo and beam is also based on this.  

pallet storage racking
pallet storage racking

The whole set of shelves and storage cabinets can be customized according to the needs of customers, and the whole set of shelves can meet the needs of customers; The company has long been committed to the R & D, production, sales and service of shelf series products.

What types of warehouse racks are there?

Honestly, there’s a lot more variety, Heavy duty rack, Medium duty rack, Light duty rack. Pallet Rack, Mezzanine with Pallet Rack Combination, Cantilever Rack, Mold shelves, Push-back Rack, Gravity Rack, Drive-in Rack…….It can basically meet the needs of most warehouses storage.

What should we pay attention to when communicating with storage rack manufacturers?

When communicating with the manufacturer, it is best to send the data of the required products to the manufacturer, or report the parameters of the required goods, so that the manufacturer can judge whether the product can be produced according to the data.

Why are rack product prices different?

Because of the material, size and type, the manufacturing difficulty and material price will vary, Generally speaking, the price of products with greater bearing capacity on each floor will be higher.

Teardrop Beam
Teardrop Beam

Final Words.

If you have a need to buy and want to manage the warehouse or mall in an orderly manner, you will certainly like warehouse storage rack. These metal creations will bring you an unprecedented sense of relaxation. I’m Richard, the author of this article. If you need to buy warehouse rack products, please contact us.

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