Top 10 Best Cold Storage Companies In Dubai.

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Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in today’s world. Iconic skyscraper like Burj Khalifa is located in Dubai. As there is a huge tourism industry in Dubai, and its hot weather; in Dubai, there is a significant need for cold storage warehouses.

A form of storage building used to keep perishable products is known as cold storage. Temperatures below 46 degrees Fahrenheit are usually maintained in cold storage buildings. In today’s market, many businesses require cold storage to operate. Today we will discuss in great detail cold storage Dubai.

Top 10 Best Cold Storage Companies In Dubai.

The top cold storage warehouses in Dubai are as follows:

  • Al Khair Cold Stores & Warehouses.
  • Global Shipping & Logistics LLC
  • GRE Galadari Cold Storage
  • Cantek Group
  • Transworld Group
  • Maersk
  • Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics
  • Triburg Freight Services LLC
  • Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group
  • The Fresh Market

Al Khair Cold Stores & Warehouses

Al Khair Cold Stores
Al Khair Cold Stores

Al Khair Cold Store is committed to delivering high-quality services that meet the needs of its customers. They are close to major ports and airports. This makes them more viable to importers, exporters, and businesses involved in the distribution of perishable goods.

Al Khair Cold Store provides a wide range of temperature-controlled storage. Whether you require cold storage, blast storage, or refrigerated transport they can help your business with that.

Some of the features of choosing Al Khair Cold Stores & Warehouses are:

  • They have high-capacity blast freezers, and modern loading docks, ensuring the safety and quality of stored products.
  • Al Khair Cold Store offers spacious storage areas that can accommodate a wide range of perishable products.
  • Al Khair Cold Store takes customer satisfaction seriously. They investigate any complaints to ensure they are resolved efficiently and effectively.
  • Al Khair Cold Store operates under strict standards.
  •  Al Khair Cold Store offers key and lock deals for customers. The security and confidentiality of their stored products remain intact.
  • Al Khair Cold Store offers plug-in facilities for customers who require temperature-controlled transportation services.
  • Al Khair Cold Store utilizes an automated inventory management system. They monitor goods in storage accurately and in real time.

Al Khair Cold Store makes use of cutting-edge technology and industry standards to guarantee effective operations.

Storage and shipping time and expenses are included here. You will gain a lot from choosing them for your company, including time and financial savings and quality assurance.

By focusing on quality, Al Khair Refrigerated Store stands out from other refrigerated storage spaces in Dubai. To get more information on them and employ their services visit their website.

Global Shipping & Logistics LLC

Global Shipping
Global Shipping

Global Shipping & Logistics offers a range of high-quality solutions to meet the needs of its customers including cold storage. If your business requires the safe and secure storage of temperature-sensitive products then GSL can benefit you.

The company has extensive experience in operating cold storage facilities to meet the unique needs of each customer. Some of the benefits your business will receive from using their cold storage services are:

  • The company provides temperature-controlled storage solutions for a wide range of products. They can accommodate any kind of products your business needs such as food, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • GSL’s commitment to quality control ensures that each product is stored and handled with the utmost care.
  • The company provides inventory management services to help customers keep track of their products.
  • They also provide services to ensure that products are transported and delivered safely and efficiently.
  • They adhere to strict standards of cleanliness.

Global Shipping & Logistics is well-positioned to meet the unique needs of each customer. To contact them about their services and prices visit their website.

GRE Galadari Cold Storage

GRE Galadari Cold Storage
GRE Galadari Cold Storage

GRE cold storage & Warehousing is a Dubai-based company that offers a range of services. Their cold storage facility is 180,000 sq, ft area. The company’s state-of-the-art cold storage facilities are strategically located in AL Quoz.

The building is strategically situated close to important transit corridors, enabling quick and effective product supply and distribution. They feature cutting-edge technology and can hold a variety of temperature-controlled products, including refrigerated and frozen items.

Some of the benefits your business would acquire from employing their services are as follows:

  • The company offers a large and spacious facility to ensure that clients can store their products with ease.
  • The business offers storage options for both chilled and frozen goods. It is possible to keep a variety of temperature-sensitive goods efficiently.
  • The business offers routine upkeep services to keep the building in top shape. This ensures the quality of the products to stay in good quality.
  • The business complies with the rules established by the U.A.E. Health Authority. Galadari cold storage has HACCP approval. It complies with global norms for sanitation and food safety.
  • Customers who need to keep refrigerated vehicles or containers can use the company’s plug-in facility.
  • The business offers technological assistance around-the-clock to make sure that any problems are resolved right away. They take a customer-centered stance.

These factors make this particular cold storage company the most preferred choice amongst its clients. To employ their services and contact them visit their website.

Transworld Group

Transworld Group
Transworld Group

Transworld Group’s cold chain warehouse services cater to the needs of clients who require specialized storage solutions. The company offers refrigerated warehousing facilities that are equipped with advanced technologies.

They have the equipment to ensure that the client’s products are kept at the right temperature and humidity levels.

Some of their features that might benefit your business are:

  • Transworld’s cold storage warehouse in Dubai offers regulated temperatures. They want to ensure your products are stored at the ideal temperature and humidity levels.
  • The facility is equipped with technology like temperature monitoring systems, advanced fire suppression systems, and CCTV surveillance. They guarantee the safety of your products.
  • Transworld offers flexible storage options to cater to the specific needs of your business. This includes pallet, bulk, and rack storage solutions.
  • By not having to construct and run your facility, you can save money. You can accomplish this by contracting Transworld to handle your cold chain transportation and storage.
  • Transworld’s cold storages are compliant with cold storage warehouse requirements.
  • For a market advantage, you can benefit from their experience and sector understanding by partnering with them.

These features benefit businesses by providing them with a reliable and efficient solution. The strict quality control procedures and 24/7 monitoring ensure that all products are stored and transported safely. To know about their pricing and policies visit their website.

Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics

Royal Gulf Shipping
Royal Gulf Shipping

Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics is a leading logistics company in Dubai. They offer a reliable and efficient cold storage solution that can be customized to the needs of your businesses in Dubai.

Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics only choose locations that are easily accessible. They think of your business first and are vigilant about customer service. Some of the features of their cold storage are:

  • Their facilities are equipped to handle a wide range of temperature requirements.
  • They have the ability to hold bulk quantities of your goods. The company wants to make sure that you never have to worry about running out of space.
  • Royal Gulf Shipping & Logistics warehouses are designed to provide the highest levels of quality control inspection.
  • Their cold storage is staffed with skilled labor and advanced machinery support. You can be sure your goods are handled with care and precision.
  • They have implemented a temperature monitoring system to ensure that your products are always stored at the optimal temperature.

They have everything you need to keep your perishable goods safe, secure, and in the best possible condition. Contact them today on their website and they can help your business grow.

Triburg Freight Services LLC

Triburg Freight Services LLC
Triburg Freight Services LLC

TriBurg Freight Services offer temperature-controlled storage and warehousing. They have one of Dubai’s most advanced and modern cold storage facilities. They understand cold storages are important for many businesses.

Triburg’s cold storage facilities feature a unique design and infrastructure. These designs help the products be kept at the required temperatures.

Their up-to-date technology makes them a preferred choice for businesses in need of cold storage solutions. You can visit their website for their policies and pricing.

Some of Triburg’s features and benefits are:

  • The cold storage rooms at Triburg can be tailored to each client’s specific needs. They provide adaptable options for a range of goods for both small and large businesses.
  • Their cold storage facilities are equipped with advanced security systems, including 24/7 CCTV monitoring and access control systems.
  • Their cold storage facilities are strategically located in Dubai, providing easy access to major ports and transportation networks.
  • Triburg’s cold storage facilities are equipped with quality control systems. They want your products to remain intact and of the highest quality.

Triburg’s cold storage Dubai is designed to hold a wide range of perishable goods.  The extensive range of temperature-sensitive storage facilities. They are a recognized business in Dubai for their cold storage services.

Cantek Group

Cantek Group
Cantek Group

Cantek Group provides different types of cold storage solutions for various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

The types of cold storage they provide include blast freezers, blast chillers, walk-in freezers, walk-in coolers, and refrigerated containers.

The cold storage options from Cantek Group are made to offer the best possible storage conditions for various goods. Some of the benefits your business can reap from their cold storage solutions are:

  • Their cold storages help in maintaining the quality and freshness of the products, which increases their shelf life.
  • The use of cold storage solutions helps in reducing wastage by maintaining the quality of the products. It reduces the need for frequent transportation and reduces the risk of spoilage. This way your company can minimize upkeep and grow more.
  • Cantek group’s cold storage can offer your business a secure and sanitary setting for the keeping of goods.

The refrigeration technology created by Cantek Group is environmentally sustainable. They make use of ozone-safe, minimal global warming potential refrigerants. Your business can lessen its carbon footprint in this manner.

Businesses can handle and keep their cold storage facilities with the help of Cantek Group’s cold storage control systems.

The management devices have alarm and alert messaging capabilities. When the temperature or humidity levels stray from the intended range, this device can alert your business.

They provide regular maintenance services to keep the cold storage facilities running smoothly. To know more about their services visit their website.



Maersk is a leading provider of cold storage solutions based in Dubai. Their cold storage options are created to specifically address the requirements of different industries. You can contact them via their website.

The adaptability of Maersk’s cold storage options is one of their main advantages. They provide choices for both long-term and short-term storage. Some of the benefits of choosing Maersk for your business are:

  • At each step of the supply chain, they properly watch, test, and inspect temperature-sensitive goods. They can guarantee the quality of your products stays intact.
  • The danger of product loss, contamination, and deterioration is lower thanks to Maersk’s cold chain solutions. Their advanced monitoring systems ensure your products don’t spoil and your business doesn’t lose money.
  • They have a global network of temperature-controlled facilities and transportation options. You can trust Maersk to offer these services if your company needs to keep and ship products internationally.
  • Maersk’s cold chain products assist companies in increasing productivity and lowering expenses. They have improved supply chain monitoring, inventory administration, and transportation paths. This gives you the option to decide to spend in other areas of your company.

Maersk offers end-to-end integrated solutions for cold chain logistics, coordinating across the cold supply chain for clients. You can benefit from this by protecting the privacy of your business.

Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group


Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Cold Stores was established in 1999 and specializes in providing temperature-sensitive storage facilities.

Their cold storages ensure the longevity and freshness of products. A 100,000-square-foot storage with 30 temperature-controlled chambers is owned by the business.

Some of the benefits that this company provides your business are:

  • The location of IMG Cold Store in Al Quoz Industrial Area 2 is strategically chosen. This is for the smooth distribution process across the UAE. Being centrally situated will make it simpler for your company to transport its products and distribute them effectively.
  • IMG Cold Store is equipped with modern amenities that are designed to facilitate multi-client and public warehousing. This means you can customize storage to your needs.
  • IMG Cold Store provides time-sensitive monitoring to keep track of crucial expiry dates and shelf-life specifications. They adhere to the rules and regulations of cold storage in Dubai.

To know more about their pricing and services you can visit their website.

The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market
The Fresh Market

Fresh Market Dubai offers innovative, well-equipped refrigerated storage rooms. Each unit has a designated loading port, parking spaces, a trading area, and a reception area. The 750m3 refrigerated storage room is quite sizable, and double-deep racking is currently available.

Some of the features The Fresh Market can provide your business with are:

  • Tenants have 100% ownership of their businesses.
  • There is full maintenance support available on-site, and 24/7 security in a gated and fenced independent area. You won’t need to worry about the safety of your products.
  • Cold storage Dubai rules and regulations are strictly followed by them so you don’t have disruptions in your operations.
  • Rental prices are very reasonable for all kinds of units, and the area is completely landscaped with amenities offered. Cost-effective pricing can help your company save money and expand.

The Fresh Market has a website where you can visit and employ their services.

How To Buy Cheap And Affordable Cold Storage In Dubai.

The living cost in Dubai is very high. So, for any warehouse that is set up in Dubai, the operational cost of the warehouse is high too. Likewise, they will also have to pay for the high labor cost.

So, by default, the manufacturing cost of any product that is produced in Dubai is very high. So, the cold storage facilities’ equipment such as drive-in racking is also very high.

So, if you want to buy cheap and affordable cold storage in Dubai, the best way is to manufacture it overseas and transport it into Dubai.

China is a great place where you can buy necessary things for cold storage like pallet racking at a very affordable price.

The main reason for this is the cheap labor cost and the huge domestic market. This lower labor cost and huge domestic market help China to lower the price of most of the products it sells, including pallet racking parts.

How To Effectively Use The Space Of Cold Storage.

It takes a huge amount of money to build cold storage. But if you stack your product on top of one another in cold storage in Dubai, it is not an efficient way.

You can use the pallet racking system to effectively use the space of cold storage. By using the pallet racking system, you can ensure the proper use of the already available cold storage space. You can also easily store the products in the pallet racks safely.

So, having a pallet rack installed in the cold storage is the best way to effectively use the space of cold storage. Although there are other types of warehouse storage solutions such as mezzanine floors; it is rarely used in cold storage.

If you are thinking to buy pallet racks for your cold storage, you can contact Mracking. Mracking offers cold storage racks in Dubai too as they offer to ship pallet racks worldwide.

  • Moreover, as Mracking is located in China, the pallet racking cost of Mracking is also much lower than most of the factories in Dubai.
  • Mracking offers various types of pallet racks according to your needs. They also offer customized pallet racks too.

So, this is what you should know about cold storage in Dubai. Dubai’s strategic position as a significant center for trade and business makes cold storage a very important industry there.

The hot and humid climate in Dubai makes it challenging to preserve perishable goods. Cold storage warehouses in Dubai are essential to maintain the quality and safety of these products.

Check our other blogs to have an idea about the pallet racking system. If you are thinking to install pallet racking system in the cold storage warehouse, don’t forget to contact Mracking!

Looking For a Warehouse Racking Supplier For Your Projects?

Mracking is a leading racking manufacturer in China. We provide a one-stop solution for warehouse storage racking and warehouse mezzanine projects. Ask for a quote now!

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