A complete guide to the purchase and use of mold racks

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Mold racks, also called mould racks and drawer mold racks, mainly store various mold items and are divided into light duty mold racks and heavy duty mold racks according to the requirements of layer loading capacity. The top of the rack can be equipped with mobile crane to facilitate the access of molds.

  1. The layer load of light drawer racks is 200-800kg/level. Heavy duty drawer racks have a layer load of 800-3000kg/drawer.
  2. Mould storage systems occupy less space, have high load capacity, clear classification, simple operation and high safety.
  3. Widely used in the storage mode of crane storage and forklift access. Forklift can freely access the goods in any position.
  4. Mold racks can also make drawer plates on the crossbeam of the cargo bay type racks, which is more cost-saving and more stable in structure.
standard mold rack
standard mold rack

Steel mold rack composition structure mainly consists of column piece, guide slot, drawer layer, tie rod, positioning pin, etc., using bolts, stable structure, safe and reliable, generally used in rows.

Drawer panel is mainly composed of slide rail and drawer panel. The drawer panel is made up of frame and steel plate welded by rectangular tube plus bending parts. Each slide rail is fixed by two bearings, which can roll freely in the guiding groove with little resistance and can be easily pulled out of the drawer.

The drawer panel of the drawer mold rack is designed with positioning pins and limit pins for safety reasons to ensure the safety of the drawer panel when it is pulled out.

The main functions of the steel mold rack are as follows:

  1. Mold storage rack has high load capacity, is not easy to deformation, splicing type assembly, and easy to disassemble.

     2. To meet the modern enterprise low cost, low loss, high efficiency of the logistics supply chain management needs.

     3. Convenient access to goods, first-in-first-out, 100% selection capacity, smooth inventory turnover.

     4. Can make full use of warehouse space, improve warehouse capacity utilization, and expand warehouse storage capacity.

warehouse mold storage rack
warehouse mold storage rack

     5. The goods in the mold storage systems, at a glance, easy to inventory, division, measurement and other very important management work.

     6. The goods deposited in the racks are not extruded from each other, and the loss of materials is small, which can guarantee the function of the materials themselves and reduce the loss of goods in the storage link.

     7. To meet the needs of storage and centralized management of large quantities of goods, a wide variety of goods, with mechanical handling tools, the same can achieve orderly storage and handling work.

5 questions you may want to know about mold storage racks:

(1) What kind of role does mold storage systems play in the warehouse?

A: We have 2 types of mold storage racks. Mold rack systems are generally used to store various molds and other items, and the top can be equipped with a crane for easy access to the goods for lifting molds. It is recommended to use this kind of mould storage rack for storing molds in the warehouse, otherwise the staff will be very hard to access the molds.

(2) Why are you using mold storage racks? What advantages does it have?

A: First of all, as a rack, die storage rack system has more space to store molds, in addition using mold rack system is more conducive to selection, inspection and filing, which is very necessary for warehouse management.

(3) Your company has 2 types of steel mold racks, can you give us a brief introduction?

A: As I mentioned earlier, our company has 2 types of steel mold racks, which are standard mold rack and full-open mold rack, standard mold rack drawer can be extended outward for half. Full-open mold rack, the panel of the drawer can be pulled out 100%, also the three columns, this structure is quite stable, generally we use it to store large and medium-sized molds.

mold rack
mold rack

(4) As a professional manufacturer can you give us some advice on buying mold storage racks? What are the standard mold rack specifications?

A: At present, there are many rack manufacturers in Guangdong, China, and each has its own level in the production of racks. We recommend choosing a rack factory with certain qualifications and years of experience like Xinmiao. Our standard mold rack specification is 1000mm long, 615mm deep and 2000mm high. The standard mold rack is four layers, each layer is divided into 3 compartments, the layer height is generally 415mm, the total height is 2 meters, which is convenient for manual mode to hang the mold. From the usual mold rack design is the upper layer height is lower than the lower layer height, therefore, the following mainly put some larger molds, the upper mainly put small molds.

(5) What is the material of the mould rack column? Can I choose the color? There is a crane called what is used for?

A: Our company’s mold frame column is generally made of channel steel, its color is generally blue or green, a total of it can also be customized color. The crane is mainly to lift the heavier mold. To play a more labor-saving role.

Matters that must be noted when purchasing mold rack:

    1, in the purchase of mold rack system, do not only pay attention to the price, to look at the quality first, the quality is the most important. Because the items put in the mold racking are relatively heavy, so for safety reasons, the price difference is too big, but also needs to choose carefully.

     2, if you need to buy the mold racking is not standard products, but also need to find a professional mold rack manufacturer like Mracking to customize it, it is so safe and secure.

full open mold rack
full open mold rack

The use of drawer type mold rack safety precautions:

1, the use of drawer type mold racking to prevent the top heavy: should do the principle of putting light goods on the top, heavy goods on the bottom.

2, drawer type mold rack use to prevent overload: the weight of each layer of goods stored shall not exceed the maximum load of the rack design.

3, drawer type mold rack use to prevent super high super wide: rack layer height, layer width has been restricted, the size of the pallet and goods should be slightly less than the net space 100mm.

4, rack used to prevent impact: forklift in the process of operation, should try to take lightly.

5, drawer type mould rack use to be racks above there are placed goods, the operator should try not to enter the bottom of the rack directly.

6, use to prevent the use of non-standard pallets on the racks.

Drawer type mold rack with adjustable layer height, with various types of forklifts and stacker cranes, heavy duty storage racks can achieve a variety of pallets of quick access, unit cargo compartment up to 3000KG, is the most commonly used storage methods in various industries. Each pallet can be deposited or moved individually without moving other pallets. It can be adapted to various types of racks. Heavy duty storage racks can adjust the height of the beams according to the requirements of cargo size. The goods circulation is large and the loading and unloading are rapid. The easiest and least expensive equipment to equip, and can be installed quickly.

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