What Is Pallet Rack Decking And How To Choose The Right Decking?

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A wide range of pallet racking systems has been used in many industries. Pallet rack decking is an add-on to pallet racking when you want to make your items to be safely stored in the pallet racking system. But what exactly is pallet rack decking? Let’s find out all about pallet rack decking used in pallet racking and how it is useful for you.

What Is Pallet Rack Decking?

Pallet rack decking refers to a shelving material that is designed to support palletized products on a pallet rack system. It is installed on the horizontal load beams to create a stable surface for storing goods. Common pallet rack decking is wire mesh decking, plywood decking, and steel decking.

Pallet rack decking is primarily used in pallet rack systems to provide additional support for large loads. As well as it prevents products from sliding or dropping between the beams. Pallet rack decking can help increase system safety by reducing the buildup of dust and debris. Wire mesh decking is used in warehouse and industrial settings over steel decking or plywood decking because of its greater ventilation, visibility, and fire safety.

Purpose of Pallet Racking Decking in Racking Systems.

A simple racking system may not be sufficient for storing items. Because pallet racks consist of rear and front beams which are not enough to carry items directly onto them. If the balance is not maintained there might be a chance that pallets could fall between the beams.

Now, many industries are using pallet rack decking which includes, including the food industry, retail industry, and warehousing, for their warehouse and storage operations. Here are several purposes for using the pallet rack decking in your warehouse:

  • The basic purpose of using pallet rack decking is to protect the products from falling and spilling on the floor. So that you can avoid product damage and mess in your warehouse.
  • Those industries that have pallet racking installed already can also benefit from pallet rack decking. Because decking provides better support, air filtering between the beams and light keeps the products fresh and safe.
  • Wire mesh decking, when installed for food items, can provide safety and be more sanitary. It allows better airflow which prevents the bacteria from growing.
  • The pallet rack wire decking does not allow dust to accumulate.
  • Pests cannot easily crawl or reach food items with pallet rack decking installed.

Pallet rack decking serves many purposes with which you can convince yourself to install it right away to your pallet racking system.

Benefits of Pallet Rack Decking.

In addition to the various useful purposes pallet rack decking serves, there are many benefits that you can get by using it with your pallet racks. 

Improved Safety in the Workplace

Pallet rack decking helps to prevent goods from falling or sliding between the beams of the pallet racking. The risk of accidents and injuries is reduced which might cause chaos in the workplace. Installing pallet rack decking will benefit you in various ways. So, keep your warehouse updated and safe.

Increased Airflow

A pallet rack wire deck helps the items to breathe. With the help of holes and space in the wire deck, air can pass easily which keeps the interior at the right temperature. In the summer, the inside storage facility builds heat which might cause damage to the items or employees working in that facility. A good ventilation system is needed to replace the hot air with fresh air at least three times a day. Wire decking will allow even distribution of airflow between the pallets and items.

Less Risk of Fire

The happy news is that wire decking is resistant to fire. The metal wires are designed in such a manner that they protect the items from heating up and catching fire. So, keep yourself at ease because in any emergency wire decking can save you from huge losses.

Easy to Install

The installation of a pallet rack decking typically requires minimal training as it can easily be installable using a manual.  To attach the support bars to the beams, Tek screws are commonly utilized. It is a simple process of dropping them into place and securing them with a screwdriver, henceforth allowing an easy installation. Pallet rack decking is customizable which makes it fit any size or configure to pallet racking.

Versatile Storage

Pallet rack decking is used to store items on a large scale. A wide range of items and containers can be stored in such a facility. Pallet rack decking provides you the option of storing the items directly on the shelves. This wide storing space allows you to fit as many products as you can manage.

Increased Structural Integrity of the Pallet Racking System

Pallet rack decking enhances the structural integrity of pallet racking systems by providing a stable and secure platform for storing goods. This helps distribute the weight of the load evenly across the system, reducing the risk of collapse and ensuring stability.

Pallet rack decking also prevents pallets from tipping or falling through gaps in the pallet racking beams, which helps improve safety and protects inventory from damage. It can be customized to fit any size or configuration of pallet racking system, making it a versatile solution for a variety of applications.

The high-quality steel construction of wire decking ensures its durability and longevity. It requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean, making it a cost-effective option for improving the safety and efficiency of pallet racking systems over time.

Durable, Cost-Effective, and Requires Low Maintenance

Wire mesh decking is a highly durable solution for pallet rack storage systems, as it is made from strong, high-quality steel that can support heavy loads. It is also easy to maintain and clean and can last for many years with minimal upkeep. As a cost-effective option, wire mesh decking can greatly improve the safety and efficiency of pallet rack storage by preventing accidents and providing a stable surface for storing large and heavy items.

Protection of Products and Equipment from Damage

The deck on the shelving extends across the entire area between the beams, providing added reassurance when placing containers on the shelf. Your team can position containers without the need to ensure they are touching multiple 2 x 4s or pallet supports which minimizes potential risks. Additionally, this design helps to reduce the possibility of packages or containers falling on workers.

By using the pallet rack decking on your shelving, you can also enhance the strength of your wooden or plastic pallets. The mesh evenly distributes the weight of the pallets, providing greater stability throughout your facility.

Improved Visibility and Accessibility to Products

Wire mesh decking can enhance the accessibility and visibility of products stored in pallet racking systems. The wire mesh design allows for easy identification and retrieval of specific items. It reduces the time and effort that is required for inventory management and improves overall efficiency.

The clear view of the lower levels provided by wire decking makes it easier to access products stored there without excessive bending, reaching, or climbing. Therefore, it helps to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Furthermore, pallet rack decking can be combined with other pallet racking accessories, such as dividers which can create designated storage spaces for different products. This can help improve organization and accessibility which as a result reduces the risk of damage to goods during storage.

Types of Pallet Rack Decking.

Pallet rack decking comes in a variety of sizes and styles. But selecting the right style and size can be challenging at times. We have compiled types of pallet rack decking for you, so you can easily sort your required ones. You can also contact your favorite pallet rack deck manufacturer and supplier for more accurate information.

Wire Mesh Decking (The most widely used pallet rack decking)

Wire mesh decking provides additional safety to your pallet’s applications. This decking is the popular option that will help you improve the safety and efficiency of your warehouse.

Wire mesh decking for pallet racks is a superior alternative to wood decking because of its robustness and safety features. It provides exceptional strength and versatility which makes it suitable for loading full pallets or hand-stacking small cartons. Also, it complies with local fire code regulations. With wire mesh decking, you can easily adapt to changing applications and ensure maximum safety for your warehouse operations. The safety of pallet rack wire decking should be considered as per the safety rules and regulations.

Standard Features of Wire Mesh Decking

  • We have a nationwide stock of over 100,000 pieces.
  • It can withstand an evenly distributed load of up to 2,500 lbs.
  • We offer both light and heavy-duty options.
  • It promotes safety.
  • It helps to increase storage capacity.
  • It is easy to install and maintain.
  • It provides high visibility for inventory inspection.
  • It minimizes dirt accumulation and enhances air circulation.
  • It complies with fire code standards and improves overhead sprinkler efficiency.


  • 46″
  • 52”
  • 58


  • 36”
  • 42”
  • 44”
  • 48”
  • 60”


  • 1,000
  • 1,500
  • 2,000

Plywood Decking for Pallet Racks (More affordable pallet rack decking)

Plywood decking is used to store lightweight items. (2 x 6s) and (2 x 4s) are budget-friendly options for your warehouse storage installation.  But if you need to store heavy items then you can go for other alternatives as well. Plywood decking can be custom made too. Moreover, the fire marshal may raise concerns about flammable wood decking, which could lead to inspection failure.

Standard Features of Plywood Decking

  • We provide a flat top and bottom with squared or slightly rounded edge corners.
  • The appearance generally used for framing depends on the grade you want to choose from.
  • It has more square cut edges for a smoother and more solid look.
  • The weight of plywood decking is usually 2.36 lbs. per linear foot.
  • It might cost you $2.31 to $2. 44 per linear foot (for pressure-treated SPF).
  • The material used for plywood decking can be:
    • Redwoods
    • Cedar
    • Cypress
    • Pressure-treated pine
    • Spruce and fir
    • Hardwoods like mahogany
    • Teak
    • LPE and oak
    • PVC
    • Composite
    • Fiberglass

Pallet Supports or Pallet Rack Cross Bars

Pallet support bars are steel bars that run parallel to the beams of your pallet racking system. They are typically secured to the beams using a method similar to wire mesh decks.

Pallet support bars, despite being pricier than plywood, provide a higher level of long-lasting sturdiness. Additionally, it’s possible to add extra reinforcement by positioning pallet supports beneath the wire mesh decking.

The cross bars are designed with flanges on both ends to provide a secure resting place on the beams. A screw hole in each flange enables the use of a Tek screw to prevent any movement. Made from galvanized steel, they are resistant to corrosion. The open-bottom design of the cross bars prevents water accumulation, which helps to comply with fire safety codes.

Standard Features of Pallet Support

  • The reinforcement of pallet racking and enhancement of safety is made possible by pallet support crossbars which prop up the pallet’s bottom.
  • We provide fast shipping.
  • The width can be 3’’.
  • We provide cross bars with a steel thickness of 14 gauge.
  • Height 1.5’’ to fit on standard 1 5/8’’ step beams
  • The capacity standard is 2,000 lbs.
  • The crossbars are constructed from galvanized steel and come in varying depths of 24″, 36″, 42″, 44″, 48″, and 60″.
  • With a flanged design that rests on beams, they can handle up to 2,000 lbs. per pair.

Bar Grading Pallet Rack Decking

Bar Grating pallet rack decking is the most robust option available which makes it perfect for storing heavy molds, dies, and point loads that are centered on the shelf. The open design of this metal grate decking permits the penetration of air, light, and water from sprinkler systems. Through this, you can potentially eliminate the need to install sprinklers on every level.

There are various styles of bar grating available that include heavy-welded steel grating. It is suitable for heavy rolling or static loads, aluminum I-bar or rectangular mill-finished grating, aluminum extruded plank flooring that can be punched or unpunched, serrated diamond-shaped metal deck span, United interlock flooring, and expanded metal grating.

Standard Features of Bar Grating Pallet Rack Decking

For 42″ deep uprights and 96″ long beams, the following points describe the heavy-duty carbon steel press lock bar grate pallet rack decking:

  • The dimensions of the decking are 42″ deep and 47″ wide.
  • This is a new product with a loading capacity of 4,000 lbs. each, based on a standard uniform load.
  • Bar grating is an expensive decking option but at the same time, it is the best storage option for high-capacity loads.
  • The bar grating is slip resistant.
  • It is easy to customize the bar grates
  • It lasts longer compared to the other grating products.
  • The finish of bar grating is a powder coat of medium gray, and each piece weighs 65 lbs.
  • This decking is designed to be used with 42″ deep uprights and 96″ or 144″ beams.
  • For 96″ beam levels, two 47″ wide pieces are required, while for 144″ beam levels, three 47″ wide pieces are needed.

Punch Deck

Punch deck is a metal decking that is used to store a large number of items. It provides good capacity options while offering a wide range of styles.

The use of a Punch Deck results in a level and even storage surface, while simultaneously ensuring compliance with modern fire safety codes by enabling the flow of air, light, and sprinkler water.

Standard features of Punch Deck

  • Punch deck is designed to conform to current fire codes and standards, with a 50% open area for fire protection.
  • Punch deck provides a smooth, box-friendly surface that allows for easy sliding on and off of boxes, without any damage caused.
  • The uniform strength of the punch deck extends across the entire surface while still allowing for plenty of airflow and light penetration.
  • It provides up to three times more square footage that can be shipped on a single truck than standard wire decks and results in lower shipping costs.
  • It is available in three thicknesses.
  • Punch Deck is priced competitively compared to similar products.

Steel Decking

If you’re in need of a smooth surface for your workstation, you might want to consider using steel decking. Solid steel decking can be manufactured with multiple supports welded to the bottom, offering a sturdy and smooth storage surface with high capacity.

However, if you’re looking for a decking option that also enhances fire safety, you might want to consider a similar type of decking that features holes to allow water to flow through. This drainage helps to improve fire safety, as it prevents water from pooling on the surface in case of fire. However, this type of decking tends to be more expensive due to the added drainage feature.

How to Determine Which Type of Decking You Need for the Pallet Rack?

There are two ways in which you can determine the type of pallet rack decking required for you. The first is through the length of your beams and the depth of your uprights.

Determine the Length of Your Beam

To determine the length of your beam, it is important to ascertain the appropriate length for the beams. To accomplish this, measure the interior edge of the beam connector, where it would sit firmly against the upright frame’s side. 

It is vital to take into account the measurement that corresponds to the preferred width of the pallet racking bay. For instance, a beam that measures 96 inches will typically have a measurement from the inside edges of the beam connectors that are almost identical, within approximately 1/16 inch, to the intended bay dimension. 

It is crucial not to measure the distance between the farthest exterior edges of the beam connectors, as this will result in a measurement that is too lengthy. After you understand the width of pallet rack beams, there is a chart that you can follow to understand the depth and quantity of the pallet rack deck for each shelf level.

  • 96” beams require Two (2) 46” wide wire decks
  • 108” beams require Two (2) 52” wide wire decks
  • 120” beams require Two (2) 58” wide wire decks
  • 144” beams require Three (3) 46” wide wire decks

Determine the Depth of Your Upright

Now that you have determined the number of wire decks you require for your shelf level, the other step is to determine the depth of your upright. Start measuring the pallet rack upright posts from the outside edge to the other outside edge. The standard sizes of it are 36’’ D, 42’’ D, and 48’’ D.

Pallet Rack Decking Accessories

To enhance storage and picking capabilities on wire decking shelves, there are various options available. Incorporating organized SKUs can improve the efficiency and accuracy of put-away and picking processes.

  • Hanging dividers that hook to the deck above
  • Freestanding dividers that clip to the deck and protrude upward
  • Carton stops create a divide between cartons.


Pallet rack decking is a crucial component of warehouse storage systems. Its purpose is to provide a stable and safe platform for storing items on pallet racks, preventing damage to both products and personnel. The advantages of wire mesh decking include increased storage capacity, better airflow, visibility, and access to products. It is an efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to optimize their warehouse operations. In summary, pallet rack decking is a valuable investment for any business seeking to improve its storage and organization of warehouse inventory.

Pallet Rack Decking Information and Services.

Mracking has been a professional pallet rack decking manufacturer and supplier for years now. You can get new and second-hand pallet rack decking in any size and shape.  Feel free to contact our sales team and customer service team to order, install, or repair your pallet rack decking.

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