How to use the drive-in rack correctly?

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Drive-in racks are assembled racks in which forklifts drive in and out of the racks to store goods in pallet units. Drive-in racks, also known as through-type racks, are mainly composed of uprights, cross braces, diagonal braces, odd brackets, even brackets, bracket beams, top beams, top cross beams, ground rails. At the same time, it is also a rack structure in which the multi-door and pallet unitized goods are connected by the lattice-type upright edge-continuation method and are stored one by one on the cantilever beam in the depth direction. This kind of storage rack structure can share the forklift operation channel and the goods storage space, which greatly improves the utilization rate of warehouse space and site area. The goods in the operation channel flow together to the same customer’s goods store, such as beverages, dairy products, tobacco, low-temperature refrigerated storage, standard specifications of home appliances, chemicals, clothing and other industries. According to statistics, drive-in racks can achieve the maximum storage density, the effective space utilization rate can be increased to 90% at most, and the site area utilization rate can reach more than 60%!

drive in pallet rack system
drive in pallet rack system

At the same time, drive-in racking system design is the most critical factor in determining the quality of the rack. In addition, the material, production process, production equipment, fixtures and electrostatic spraying of the rack will directly affect the quality and grade of the rack. The main structure of the rack is a multi-statically indeterminate space steel structure. It is quite cumbersome to calculate its strength, stiffness and stability by traditional classical mechanical methods or dynamic methods. Simplified calculation models can be used and combined with domestic and foreign standard specifications and test data. Perform analysis and optimize the design. At present, most of the structural strength analyses and stability analyses of the finite elements are used for auxiliary design and full-scale load test verification. And now, Guangdong Mracking storage racks have been verified, not only the choice of the warehouse racks of many domestic enterprises but also exported to many overseas enterprises!

Precautions for the use of drive-in racks:

1. Requirements for forklift equipment: The drive-in racks have restrictions on the choice of forklifts. Generally, the width of the forklift is required to be small and the vertical stability of walking is good;
2. Rack depth: The total depth of the racks in the wall area can be designed to be within 7 pallet depths, and the total depth of the racks entering and exiting on both sides of the middle area is usually within 9 pallet depths, which is mainly used to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift access. The main function of Mracking’s drive-in rack design is to manage new and old goods more efficiently, and it also helps to display the goods on the racks of the retail store, so as to avoid the slow circulation of the goods in the retail store and the warehouse. Excessive inventory overstock occurs. All in all, clearance and shipping discounts help reduce inventory;
3. Drive-in racks have higher requirements for first-in-first-out, and at the same time, they are not suitable for small batches and many varieties of goods;
4. The single pallet cargo should not be too large or heavy, and the weight is usually controlled within 1500KG; the pallet span should not be greater than 1.5M;
5. The stability of the drive-in rack system is relatively weak among all types of racks. When designing the drive-in rack, the height of the rack should not be too high, generally within 10m. In addition, the system needs to be added. pulling device;

drive in rack system
drive in rack system

The correct use of drive-in racks:

1. In order to make better use of drive-in racks, it should be noted that when designing a new warehouse or retrofitting an existing warehouse, it is necessary to investigate and study the system characteristics applied in the warehouse. To maximize the storage capacity in the smallest space, it is necessary to choose a reasonable and economical logistics solution;
2. The first choice is to ensure that the pallet is placed on the rear rack to safely bear the load;
3. When using the drive-in rack, it needs to be loaded and unloaded from one side. This cargo access mode can effectively improve the time efficiency and work efficiency; at the same time, pay attention to the storage of goods from the highest layer to the lower layer of the rack layer by layer;
4. The drive-in rack is a continuous integral rack without channel division, which needs to store pallet goods in the depth direction on the support rail, which can realize high-density storage;
5. When using drive-in racks, the single load should not be too large or too heavy, the weight is generally controlled within 1500KG, and the pallet span should not be greater than 1.5m;
6. Drive-in racks can be divided into one-way and two-way arrangements according to the picking direction. The total depth of one-way racks is best controlled within 6 pallets, and the total depth of two-way racks is best controlled within 12 pallets, which can improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift access (in this type of racking system, forklifts In order to continue the operation method of “holding high and hitting high”, the forklift is easy to shake and hit the rack, so it is very important to consider whether the stability is sufficient);
7. For heavy duty drive-in racks, the stability of the storage system is weak, and the racks should not be too high, and should be controlled within 10m. In order to strengthen the stability of the entire racking system, in addition to the larger selection of specifications and models, it is also necessary to add a fixture;
8. Due to the intensive storage of goods, drive-in racks require extremely high stability. For this reason, there are many rack accessories. Generally speaking, by connecting the accessories to the rack uprights, the goods can be safely and densely stored in the brackets. To maximize the use of space, it also ensures that the storage of goods does not exceed the bracket load beam, and moreover, it is necessary to ensure that there is at least 5 cm area on both sides of the pallet to be stored on the bracket rack. The accessories of the drive-in rack include: The main connecting parts of the bracket and the rack upright, divided into single-sided and double-sided), the bracket beam (the main supporting rack for goods storage), the top beam (the connecting and stable parts of the rack upright), upright protector (rack front protector), guard rail (rack protector when forklift enters the roadway), etc.

drive in pallet rack
drive in pallet rack

Forklift Operation Precautions:

Here, Mracking warehouse racking system service providers should also remind the precautions for forklift operation. Due to the characteristics of drive-in racks, forklifts need to drive into the rack lanes to operate. Forklift operators have relatively high requirements, as follows:
1. Ensure that the width of the gantry and body of the forklift can safely enter and exit the rack lane;
2. Before the forklift enters the racking aisle, it must be ensured that the forklift drives to the front of the racking aisle to avoid deviation and hitting the rack;
3. Raise the fork to an appropriate height above the bracket beam, and then enter the rack lane;
4. The forklift drives into the rack corridor to pick up the goods;
5. After taking the goods, keep the same height and exit the rack corridor;
6. After exiting the rack lane, lower the goods and then carry out turnover.

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