How do storage racks prevent static electricity?

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Why storage racks should be anti-static? Because in some electronic products workshops cleanrooms or warehouses, static electricity will not only cause harm to the human body in some cases but also burn the circuit board of the electronics industry, causing incalculable losses.

static electricity

So what are the hazards of static electricity in the electronics industry?

1. Cause electronic equipment failure or wrong action, resulting in electromagnetic interference.

2. Integrated circuits and precision electronic components failure, or to promote component aging and reduce yield.

3. High-voltage electrostatic discharge can cause electric shock and endanger personal safety.

4. In production sites where there is more flammable and explosive products or more dust and oil mist, it is very easy to cause explosions and fires.

5. Static electricity generates gravitational force to attract dust, resulting in contamination of integrated circuits and semiconductor components, which will also reduce the yield.

adjustable boltless rack
adjustable boltless rack

Features of anti-static racks:

1. Adopt carbon steel chrome-plated mesh and upright combination structure with handle.

2. Layer height and pitch can be adjusted in any combination.

3. Sturdy carbon steel chrome-plated mesh promotes air circulation, making storage and transportation simple and light.

4. It has the advantages of unique structure, wide use and easy loading and unloading.

5. Easy to disassemble, transparent product structure, no dust accumulation, easy to clean, clear storage and easy to manage.

6. It has a strong loading capacity, can be extended horizontally and vertically as needed, and can be freely combined, making the space utilization rate much higher.

Philippines Heavy duty pallet rack3
Heavy duty pallet rack

Anti-static racks are made of anti-static materials, designed with full consideration of the grounding effect, using ABS resin with full consideration of every detail, and the surface of the racks is sprayed with anti-static powder.

Electrostatic spraying is an essential part of the rack production process. After the warehouse racks are welded and shaped, electrostatic spraying is required to form a layer of baking paint on the surface of the pallet racks, which has stronger adhesion and prevents the racks from being exposed to rust and rust in the air. The cost of the electrostatic spraying process will also directly affect the cost of the racking system, which affects the price.

When electrostatically spraying warehouse racking system, pay attention to whether the powder recovery system needs to be added or modified.

1. It is necessary to add a powder recovery system. If not equipped with a powder recovery system, the increased amount of spraying will seriously pollute the shop and cause serious waste of powder.

2. Improve the performance of the recovery system. If a poorly performing recovery system is used (such as the old bag type recovery system), its performance will continue to decline after a long period of use, and the recovery system will no longer function as it should during a long period of use.

3. If the scale of rack production is expanded, new workstations will need to be added to increase spraying and production capacity. For this situation, many equipment manufacturers offer a set of “pulse backwash powder recovery systems” in different sizes. The parameters of the recovery system are mainly determined by the size and shape of the spray booth. The size and shape depend on the size of the sprayed material.

mezzanine rack1
mezzanine rack

Warehouse racking electrostatic treatment:

For storage of some precision instruments or flammable items, the warehouse racks need to be treated with anti-static. But the best way is to ask the manufacturer when customizing warehouse racks, and the manufacturer will produce the right racks according to your requirements. The following is the main way to explain the electrostatic treatment of warehouse racks.

1. Ground wire. The ground wire is usually on the installed chassis, but it will eventually need to be treated for static electricity. By installing a copper wire on the chassis to connect to the ground, if the chassis has static electricity, it will be led to the ground through the copper wire. This method is simple, but not very reliable, and accidents can easily occur if the screw rusts or the copper wire breaks.

2. Install anti-static rubber. Installing anti-static rubber is also a common anti-static method for warehouse racks, which is safe and reliable. However, this method is best proposed to the manufacturer at the time of racking production. If the chassis has already been installed, it is troublesome to reinstall it.

3. Use anti-static warehouse racking. There is an anti-static warehouse racking that is made of stainless steel mesh and galvanized pipe. This rack is highly conductive. If the rack generates static electricity, it will be introduced directly into the ground through the uprights, which is very safe. However, it has the disadvantage of being much more expensive than regular racking.

cantilever racking system
cantilever racking system

Anti-static storage racks can effectively increase the safety of our warehouse, but a good product must be used in a good way. For example, anti-static footwear is essential when staff is operating, and a range of grounding and conduction work needs to be done.

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