Galvanized Pallet Racking VS Stainless Steel Pallet Racking.

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Pallet racking offers storage of inventory and other items in multiple applications. This racking system is equipped with different types of materials and contains various types of coating on them.

If you are also looking forward to learning about galvanized pallet racking and steel pallet racking followed by the differences they possess, this guide is a must-read. You will learn about the two types of pallet racking in detail and also will be able to differentiate between them. So, let’s read below.

Galvanized pallet racks are the pallet racks which are made using steel. The steel used in making galvanized pallet racks has a coating of zinc, this coating helps protect the racks against corrosion and rust. 

Galvanized Pallet Rack

Sometimes pallet racks are exposed to harsh conditions of weather, they might come in contact with hazardous chemicals or moisture that leads to corrosion. When coated with zinc, the pallet racks stay the same in the long run.

Structural steel pallet racks are made using heavy-duty steel which is in the welded form. Such racks are very strong and hence offer resistance against damage. Therefore, such pallet racks are suitable for handling heavy loads which may be around 2 to 5 tons.

Galvanized structural steel pallet racks are usually opted to cater the outdoor storage as it helps to protect the racking system from rusting.

Roll-formed steel pallet rack:

Roll-formed steel pallet rack systems are made using continuous steel. This steel is not welded and is bent. The manufacturing process of such racks doesn’t make them suitable for heavy-duty storage, hence, they are used for lightweight inventory storage. 

These racks offer mobility as they are light in weight. Apart from this, these racks are also affordable and flexible.

The galvanized pallet racking system is widely used in multiple applications and some of these are as follows:

Galvanized pallet racking is suitable for chemical storage as it can withstand corrosive chemicals and due to the zinc coating, they do not rust or corrode. Moreover, their structural integrity is also high, it offers a safe storage means in chemical environments which are harsh.

Fertilizers are highly corrosive. The storage of fertilizers in galvanized racking systems is very suitable as they help protect against rust. Moreover, when stored in bulk, the weight of the fertilizer can be held firmly by galvanized pallet racks.

The galvanized coating makes it possible to wash and clean and hence in an environment where cleaning is a part of the routine, the galvanized pallet racks are suitable as they resist damage against water.

Outdoor pallet racks are exposed to outdoor environments where multiple weather conditions occur including rain, snow, and even sunlight exposure which wears out the racks. However, the galvanized pallet racks due to their protective zinc coating may withstand this condition very well.

A galvanized pallet rack offers great ease to store food and beverages as it meets health and safety standards and is suitable for areas that are refrigerated.

Galvanized pallet racks are suitable for warehouses as they are robust and hence may handle heavy loads without any damage.

In manufacturing setups, the heavy materials are manufactured and require storage, in this case, galvanized pallet racks prove to be a suitable option as they handle weight and help in organizing.

Construction materials and equipment can also be stored in galvanized pallet racks which offer stability and strength.

Galvanized Racking Manufacturer
Galvanized Racking Manufacturer

The galvanized pallet racking offers many benefits compared to traditional pallet racking and some of these are as follows:

  • The galvanized pallet racking offers corrosion resistance. It is equipped with a zinc coating which protects the steel from different environmental factors like humidity, moisture, and even chemicals. Hence, the galvanized pallet racks are suitable for outdoor use.
  • Galvanized pallet racks are even highly durable, they have a robust structure and the coating on the top adds structural integrity. They do not easily bend and hence can store heavy items.
  • These racks are even low maintenance, compared to the traditional ones, however it is suggested to have timely inspections.
  • Galvanized pallet racking systems offer versatility as they can be used in various applications from warehousing to agriculture.
  • The galvanized racking system is suitable for outdoor use, as they do not rust or corrode due to the coating they have on the top. 

Galvanized steel pallet racking offers a lot of benefits, however, following these benefits, there are some drawbacks too which must be considered. Some of these are as follows:

Galvanized pallet racking systems are expensive and need a high initial investment. Moreover, the racking system is highly durable but it requires maintenance and that also adds to the cost.

Some galvanized racking systems use different designs and materials and hence their load-handling capacity may vary. Every galvanized racking system is not heavy duty and hence the strength varies.

The galvanization process uses a lot of energy which leads to an impact on the environment. Moreover, the process also releases waste which includes some hazardous chemicals and this also requires a safe disposal which is usually not possible. Hence, the overall process of galvanizing leaves behind a massive carbon footprint. 

The process of galvanization is equipped with various stages and these are discussed below:

The first step of galvanization is the preparation of the surface where the surface is cleaned and any contaminants, oil, and dirt are removed.

The cleaned surface is then dipped in sulfuric acid to remove oxidation from the surface of the steel.

The steel bar is rinsed and bathed in a flux solution which enhances the adhesion of zinc coating.

The fluxed steel is then dipped into a kettle that contains the molten zinc which has a temperature of 850 degrees Fahrenheit.

The steel is then gradually removed from the zinc allowing the excessive zinc to be drained.

The zinc-dipped steel is left for air cooling and is also dampened in water to make the process of coating fast.

Once the process is complete, the galvanized steel is inspected to check if the coating is done properly and if there is no irregularity on the surface.

 The galvanized steel is then further processed based on requirements like drilling, cutting, welding, and assembling in the pallet rack form.

Stainless steel pallet racking, as the name suggests is a racking system made using stainless steel. The material stainless steel is also a corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant material. Stainless steel is highly durable and lasts longer. It also caters to multiple applications that are subjected to corrosive environments or moisture-oriented areas.

The stainless steel pallet racking requires efficiency and specialized equipment which helps in shaping and bending the stainless steel as it is of a high-grade strength. 

stainless steel Racking
stainless steel Racking

There are multiple applications of steel pallet racking and some of these are as follows:

  • Steel pallet racking is ideal for warehouses where bulk and high-density storage is held.
  • In retail environments, these racking systems offer a means to organize inventory.
  • Stainless steel pallet racking is also suitable for cold storage due to its anti-rust nature.
  • It is also used in the automobile sector for holding heavy components during the storage process.
  • Raw materials and finished goods in the manufacturing industry make use of stainless steel pallet racking.
  • Offers secure storage for the healthcare sector.

The stainless steel pallet racking system offers multiple benefits and some of these are as follows:

It offers seamless durability and can support heavy loads.

It is a low-maintenance pallet racking system that offers high durability hence in the longer run helps you save costs.

It is suitable for different types of environments which include commercial, industrial, and hygienic setups and caters to each of these very well.

There are various drawbacks associated with the stainless steel pallet racking system and some of these are as follows:

Stainless steel is claimed to be an anti-corrosive material but in some cases, it still ends up corroding.

It needs timely maintenance to ensure that the condition of the racking system is preserved.

The production process of steel is not very environmentally friendly and hence contributes to causing environmental damage.

 The comparison between galvanized steel and stainless steel is featured in the chart below.

CharacteristicGalvanized Steel Pallet RackingStainless Steel Pallet Racking
Composition of MaterialSteel covered in zinc coatingStainless steel alloy
Resistance Against CorrosionZinc coating makes it highly resistant to corrosionSuitable for harsh environments offers excellent corrosion resistance
StrengthOffers high strength but offers limitations for very heavy loadsCapable of handling bulk and heavy loads.
MaintenanceLow maintenance but needs inspection for coatingLow maintenance and doesn’t need any coating
CostAffordableHigh initial investment
AestheticsZinc coating offers an industrial lookOffers a modern and sleek appearance

The selection between galvanized and steel pallet racking is dependent on some important factors. 

A few of these considerations that you must keep in mind when choosing between the two types include the environment of storage, application requirements, the budget you may have, and the preference for the aesthetic look you need. 

Apart from this the resistance against corrosion is also a factor to consider when choosing between steel and galvanized pallet racking.

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