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With the vigorous development of the modern high-tech process, all walks of life have broken through the qualitative leap, especially in the logistics and warehousing industry, the demand for racks is more extensive. Especially in modern warehousing in the high consumption of cold storage room, more need to configure high-quality racks, and intelligent shuttle racks are the high-end storage equipment. The following Mracking all-round for everyone to introduce the high-density intelligent shuttle rack.

Mracking shuttle racks features and their technical parameters.

The shuttle racking system is intensive storage equipment consisting of a pallet shuttle, rack, and forklift. Pallet shuttle can carry pallets of goods on the rail by radio remote control, with high storage density, convenient storage, high access efficiency, low maintenance costs, high-security features. It does not need to use forklift access, only shuttle racks and pallets together can effectively increase space utilization and reduce the collision of racks and forklifts.

The working principle of Mracking shuttle racking, which we introduce separately from three steps, is as follows:

Stocking: The goods will be placed by forklift at the front of the racking aisle rail, and the mobile shuttle will be operated by radio remote control to run the pallet carrying the goods on the rail.

Pick-up: The shuttle will move the pallets deep in the racks to the very front of the racks, and then the pallets of goods will be taken off the racks by the forklift.

Pallet shuttle: The forklift can place the pallet shuttle in different aisles, and several aisles can share one pallet shuttle. The number of shuttles is determined by the total amount of goods, the volume of shipments, the depth of the aisle, the frequency of shipments, and other comprehensive conditions; and such a warehouse solution is formed by a certain number of shuttle pallet racking and the shuttle to perform pallet warehousing, transportation, and storage system. Its space utilization can be up to 80% or more!

shuttle racking system

The shuttle is an intelligent robot that can be programmed to pick up, deliver and place goods, and can communicate with a host computer or WMS system, combining RFID, barcode, and other identification technologies to achieve automated identification, access, and other functions.

Mracking shuttle racking systems compared to other manufacturers’ shuttle racking systems accounted for the following advantages.

1. Because Mracking has a professional team and experienced mechanical engineers, the shuttle storage racks can be designed to a wider and more intensive depth, but also according to customer demand for different degrees of design, installation, and commissioning.

2. Mracking not only produces and manufactures warehouse storage racks but also provides storage equipment that is needed by most companies today, such as forklifts for storage equipment used with shuttle shelves.

3. the shuttle racking system is composed of three parts: beam racks, battery-operated pallet shuttles, and forklifts.

4. the racks manufactured by Mracking are more reasonable and stable in structure, plus its most important feature is that the seismic safety performance meets the standard requirements of most countries in the world.

5. Because of its automated high-tech design, the shuttle storage racks can be operated without forklifts and with high efficiency, which can greatly save space and labor costs.

Mracking shuttle racks technical parameters.

Load: The rated load range is 1000kg~1500kg

Operating speed: Max0.7-0.9m/s for no-load speed

Running speed: Max0.6-0.8m/s for full load speed

Power unit: lithium-manganese battery or lithium battery

Rated voltage: 24V battery life: normal use time is more than 8 hours

Control mode: wireless remote control

Sensing range: remote control sensing range of 50 meters (theoretically 100 meters, up to 200 meters, but depends on the site environment)

Ambient temperature: -25℃-60℃

Mracking shuttle storage rack product advantages: 

1. the structure of Mracking shuttle storage racks, which are designed to be more precise, such a precision factor ensures smooth access to goods at high levels, and also enables high-density storage of pallet goods, significantly reducing depot construction costs.

2. Intelligent warning module design, automatic self-exclusion of common faults, and warning of dangerous work environment, so that the storage system works stably.

3. Mracking shuttle racking products can be carried out to freely select the order of goods batch in and out; while simple operation.

4. The single remote control used during the operation of the shuttle rack can control multiple shuttles separately; this remote control device can also be real-time two-way remote control, while a variety of pallet shuttle statuses can be monitored (i.e., motor temperature, battery power, alarm content, etc.)

5. The pallets used with the shuttle racks, the spacing between them can be set, the depth between the pallets can also be changed, and the pallets can be automatically counted and stocked.

6. After the use of shuttle storage racks, the safety factor and stability of the operation will be comprehensively improved, and the probability of collision between racks and forklifts will be reduced when using shuttle shelves to access goods, which also ensures the safety of staff and equipment.

7. In Mracking shuttle racking, also has a reliable safety protection design: anti-earthquake, anti-collision, anti-object damage.

8. relatively low lighting requirements and a higher return on investment compared to other types of racking.

9. Because the pallet shuttle racks only need to use pallet shuttles to work operations, so one operator can do to control several pallet shuttles, so greatly reducing the warehouse labor, and thus also saving the cost of enterprises.

The pallet shuttle mechanical safety devices of Mracking shuttle racks.

(1) At each end of Mracking’s pallet shuttle are polyurethane bumper strips, which slow down the impulse of an accidental impact.

2) wherein Mracking also has limited wheels for the shuttle racks, which serve to prevent the side of the pallet shuttle from rubbing against the side of the track.

3) at the bottom of the Mracking pallet shuttle, there is also a forklift fork stopper, which prevents the pallet shuttle from slipping when forking (where the fork forking surface and the cargo loading surface both use anti-skid plates).

(4) Rescue device: The Mracking shuttle rack is equipped with a rescue device, which can be used to drag out the shuttle when it stops on the track in case of malfunction.

Electrical safety devices for pallet shuttle in Mracking shuttle racks.

(1) The shuttle rack is also equipped with an anti-collision sensor, which provides an emergency stop and alarm when the pallet shuttle detects an obstruction in front of it.

(2) The shuttle racks are equipped with laser limit switches at each end of the rails, which prevent the pallet shuttle from crashing into the rails at high speed.

(3) The battery in the pallet shuttle is equipped with an overcurrent protection circuit, which can avoid the phenomenon of battery damage due to excessive current.

(4) The shuttle can also automatically measure the length of the pallet, and constant testing can ensure that the shuttle lifts the entire pallet.

5) Automatic detection of the correct position of the pallet to prevent the pallet from tilting and causing the product to fall off.

6) when the motor temperature rises to a certain level, the shuttle will automatically stop, playing a role in protecting the motor.

shuttle rack project case

Shuttle racks are suitable for a large number of goods with few samples, such as food, beverage, chemical, tobacco, and other single species of large quantities, items relatively single industry, and in cold storage is also quite popular, while it is also the right choice for enterprises with limited storage space and smaller warehouses. At the same time, Mracking storage racks center also wants to remind each enterprise: pallet shuttle only on the track can run, in the forklift shuttle car is unable to run.

Extended applications of pallet shuttle.

Multi-directional shuttle: the biggest advantage of the multi-directional shuttle is that it can run on horizontal and vertical tracks, while access to goods and horizontal movement can be done independently by a shuttle, thus greatly improving the system’s all-around automation.

Child and mother cars: The mother car runs on the transverse track and can automatically identify the working lane, then the child car carries out the access operation.

Cooperation with stacker crane: the stacker crane automatically identifies the pallet shuttle and assigns the operation lane, it is the pallet shuttle that accesses the goods in the lane, and then the stacker crane completes the in/out operation, thus realizing fully automatic in/out and system management, which can improve the utilization rate of storage.

Pallet shuttle access system: it is not difficult to understand, it is an integral part of the automated warehouse system, by the rail-type cart to complete the goods access operation, and then with the stacker crane to complete the warehousing operations.

Intelligent cold storage shuttle rack fully automatic access: 

1. cold storage (cold storage): it is the use of cooling facilities to create suitable humidity and low-temperature conditions in the warehouse, so it is also known as refrigerated storage, which is the processing, storage of products. Such cold storage can not only get rid of the impact of climate but also extend the storage period of various goods, to regulate the market supply needs.

2. Cold storage racks: generally will use high-rise racks, also known as three-dimensional racks, the temperature is generally below minus 16 °, so the warehouse insulation performance and rack design rationality are very critical, in which the cold storage has certain requirements for materials and anti-rust coating, which in the choice of materials, you can choose the Chinese standard Q235, but it is best to choose small stress, good toughness of the material, as far as possible Close to the theoretical performance of Q235, while the need for double protection on the surface of the racks, that is, the rust-proof layer and the freezing layer, which can reduce the cost of electricity, while also increasing the number of spaces and improve the efficiency of access to the inventory.

Intelligent cold storage shuttle pallet racks are a very good choice for the cold storage industry or cold storage room, because of the dense storage, storage capacity, and automated access to goods, for the high operating costs of cold storage, are very suitable.

Warehouse Shuttle Racking

Mracking intelligent cold storage shuttle rack application recommendations and suggestions are as follows.

1. Specialty racks: Cold storage racks are racks specifically placed in cold storage to store goods, generally shuttle racks and press-in racks as a prototype, and then built according to the characteristics of cold storage. Must be able to withstand the low temperature, and wet environment, which is a relatively harsh environment for steel products, so the cold storage racks are a class of professional special racks.

2. Surface treatment: parts surface treatment with spray powder using high-quality polyester epoxy powder material, its corrosion resistance, cold resistance than the national standard (GB1771-91, GB1740-79) indicators, the surface of the parts after treatment, smooth, strong adhesion of the coating, beautiful appearance.

3. Cold storage rack requirements: cold storage racks should have a large load, high density, high-security requirements, and most importantly, be able to resist cold, maximize warehouse utilization, and reduce the cost of cold storage.

At the same time, Mracking has carried out a series of advanced processes and treatments, whether for racks or equipment. In particular, the anti-corrosion coating, it adds Al, Mg, Ni, Cr, and other alloys of special steel, and a certain range of Al, Mg, Ni, and Cr content increases so that the steel plate than the general plate corrosion resistance increases by several times to more than ten times. Furthermore, the surface treatment of anti-corrosion racks plays a pivotal role in the whole production process, Mracking anti-corrosion racks in the pre-processing treatment, processing equipment debugging, post-processing treatment, surface passivation treatment, coating methods, etc. are after layers of strict control, the coating thickness can reach 100 to 200 microns, to ensure the anti-corrosion performance of the racks, and for the sealing of the coating The problem of sealing the coating, but also the use of high corrosion-resistant paint secondary coating process, which greatly improved the sealing of the coating. Mracking anti-corrosion racks are available in various types, including beam racks, shuttle pallet racks, drive-in racks, etc. The racks with this anti-corrosion raw material not only have better corrosion resistance but also play a special role in the hazardous waste treatment industry. It can greatly reduce the investment cost of fixed assets of hazardous waste enterprises, and also reduce the management and time cost brought by the replacement of racks to enterprises.

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