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Types of Outdoor Pallet Racking, Advantages and Precautions for Use.

outdoor storage racking

Industrial warehouse requires outdoor pallet racking systems to save some storage within the industrial facility. The purpose of exterior pallet racking is to provide storage capacity in open-air facilities.

This racking is established according to the company’s logistics needs. For instance, what sort of goods they deal in and in what condition they must be stored.

Before we know more about the outdoor pallet racking system, I would like to give you some useful information about industrial warehouses. So that we can have a better understanding of the outdoor pallet racking and why they are being used in such conditions.

So, let’s get started!

outdoor pallet racking
outdoor pallet racking

Outdoor Pallet Racking for Uncovered Warehouses.

The outdoor pallet racking can be made in semi-covered warehouses or uncovered or you can say outdoor warehouses. Some goods are sensitive and must be handled carefully. Therefore they cannot be stored outside. They can be harmed due to the weather conditions like rain, storms, excessive sunlight, or too high or too low temperatures.

Sometimes companies do not require extra protection for their products before their further usage. Such products can conveniently be stored in uncovered warehouses.

There are no walls and roofs required for such warehouses. Therefore, the pallet racking that is specifically designed for outdoor purposes should be used.

Who Uses Outdoor Pallet Racking for Uncovered Warehouses?

Uncovered warehouses are commonly used by those companies that house materials that do not damage due to weather conditions. Outdoor pallet racking is used in the construction and steel sectors.

Following are the materials or products that are stored in outdoor warehouses and do not suffer in harsh and constantly changing climates:

Outdoor Pallet Racking for Partially Covered Warehouses.

Some warehouses are designed in such a way that they are partially covered. The items stored in these warehouses need some protection. The products are usually protected from direct rain, sunlight, or snow. These warehouses are ideal for the products that may suffer from these weather conditions.

Also, partially covered warehouses can be covered with a roof or maybe a roof and walls.

Who Uses Outdoor Pallet Racking for Partially Covered Warehouses?

Typically, these warehouses are used to store delicate products (as compared to fully uncovered warehouses). The items that are stored here can be any delicate machinery or vehicle item.

Partially covered warehouses are normally used by various businesses that include:

outdoor pallet storage rack

Why Do We Use Outdoor Pallet Racking?

Benefits of Outdoor Pallet Racking.

Companies are now switching towards smart solutions that save them costs and also serve benefits in various ways. Outdoor pallet racking is one of the racking solutions that keeps many advantages.

I have compiled the following list of benefits that companies get by using outdoor pallet racking.

  1. Cost-effective

Outdoor pallet racking is a cost-effective way of organizing the goods. Industrial warehouses find this versatile racking system very beneficial because it saves you money.

This racking system is ideal for businesses to quickly store items for a longer time. You will not require additional costs for maintenance and installation.

  1. Durable Material

The outdoor pallet racking is made up of sturdy and durable material. It is designed in such a way that it can withstand harsh weather conditions. These racks are constructed from heavy-duty materials like steel, aluminum, or sometimes plastic.

Being the outdoor racking system, these racks are built rust-resistant. So that you can easily use them during humid, damp, and other worrisome weather conditions.

  1. Easy Installation and Maintenance

Outdoor pallet racking requires minimum maintenance because of its durable material. This racking system is easy to install. Usually, companies provide complete guidance so that the user can easily assemble the racks and adjust them as per their requirements.

You might not need experts and tools for its installation. That is why this quick and easy outdoor pallet racking is a complete solution for industrial warehouses. It will accommodate your storage requirements to help you save labor and other incurred costs.

outdoor industrial racking
  1. Efficient Storage Solution

A complete storage solution that can save you space and energy to find things. This will help to improve operational efficiency. So that you can streamline the processes that will enhance productivity and eventually make more profits.

  1. Adaptability

Adaptability is the main benefit you can get by using this racking system. You can custom-make your outdoor pallet racking in different sizes, styles, and other configurations available. Also, you can order the best solution as per your requirements to manage your storage system well.

  1. Environment-Friendly Solution

Outdoor pallet racking is an environment-friendly solution where you can implement sustainable practices. These include recycling and reducing energy consumption.

Finally, along with optimizing storage space, you can reduce waste and eliminate those factors that concern the environment.

  1. Safety and Security

Outdoor pallet racking is designed to meet safety standards and regulations. This should be designed in such a manner that these racks get stability and security racks that protect items from falling and damage. The loading and unloading of the items should be comfortable whether they are loaded using pallet shuttle or with manpower.

Outdoor Pallet Racking for Industrial Warehouses.

There are different types of outdoor pallet racking to store palletized goods securely and efficiently. Storage racks are designed in many customizable ways to fit the specific requirements of the firm.  

The material used for the outdoor racking system must be weather resistant and durable. Because the racking system has to last longer and bear the climatic changes. 

Therefore, if you want outdoor racks then specify it to your manufacturer and get your desired products. 

Following are the several types of outdoor pallet racking:

1.  VNA Pallet Racking

Things to Consider for Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Pallet Racking

2.  Teardrop Pallet Rack

Things to Consider for Teardrop Pallet Racking 

outdoor pallet rack

3.  Selective Pallet Racking System

Things to Consider for Selective Pallet Racking 

4.  Adjustable Storage Racking System

Things to Consider for Adjustable Pallet Racking 

Who Can Use an Adjustable Racking System?

Adjustable racking systems can be used by various industries to store items according to their estimated sizes and height. As these racking systems can easily be adjustable, therefore, these racks can be used to store any sort of item. 

Items might include machinery, small parts, electricity supplier warehousing, cross-border electricity supplier distribution centers, and many other fields. But all these items require extra protection when keeping them in outdoor warehouses. 

5.  Drive-in Rack

outdoor drive in racking

Things to Consider for Drive-in Pallet Racking 

6.  Shuttle Rack

o   Rails or racks

o   Shuttle cars

o   Forklift

Things to Consider for Shuttle Pallet Racking 

7.  Push-Back Rack

Things to Consider for Push-Back Pallet Racking 

What Are Beams, Uprights, and Pallet Levels in a Pallet Racking System?

Characteristics That Outdoor Pallet Racking for Industrial Warehouses Should Meet.

The outdoor pallet racking for the industrial warehouse must meet all the conditions that can affect due to weather. For this purpose, a galvanized racking system is recommended.

outdoor heavy duty rack

Particularly, a hot-dip galvanized process is recommended. It is a process in which metal surfaces are protected from corrosion by coating them with a layer of zinc.

The zinc coating acts as a barrier to resist rust and corrosion. Zinc is also cathodic to metal which states that it will protect it from damage.

Also, these are affordable and efficient storage systems. Additionally, there are protective paints available for outdoor steel structures.

Compliance with Safety Regulations

Industrial warehouses require trusted companies that religiously follow safety rules while manufacturing. These industry specifications rules should be as per the stated standards of the industry. This is a basic requirement that should be met while buying outdoor pallet racking. 


Companies tend to change their storage capacity to meet the sizes and heights of the item. These frequent changes require the standard of adjustment and module in racks so that the storage capacity can be enhanced and changed.

Tips You Need to Know Before Buying Outdoor Pallet Racking.

However, pallet racking is an inexpensive and easily available product but this needs protection and a guide about how you can use it for a longer time. So, here are some tips that you can follow and save your outdoor pallet racks for the long run.


Outdoor pallet racking is an ideal solution for industrial storage. You can store as many items as you like in an organized, efficient, effective, and sustainable manner. There are several benefits that make its usage effective. It is versatile, durable, easy to install, requires low maintenance, easy access, and can take heavy load items to utilize maximum capacity.

Outdoor pallet racking can improve the overall performance of a company in an effective way. These racks can be ordered in a customizable way according to the requirement of the user. The company you are ordering from should also be considered. Quality and better storage solutions can only be provided by quality assurance companies.

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